Dad is a Body Builder Ch. 02


Reuben Hinojosa was a 26 year old body builder training for the state championships when he hired Doug as his coach. Mark had just started his last semester in public school when Reuben moved into their house to become a student-in-residence of his father’s.

Returning from school one day, Mark found a stranger in his house talking with his dad. Even though the newcomer was wearing gym shorts and a tight t-shirt, which emphasized his sculpted chest and stomach, it was the deep brown eyes that captured Mark when they were introduced. When they shook hands, the man had also flashed a brilliant white smile, and the younger man could feel his stomach fluttering with excitement. Unconsciously he had continued clasping the newcomer’s palm long after their greeting had ended.

Noticing his father’s expression caused Mark to finally release his grasp. During this exchange, the grin on Reuben’s face had only increased.

“Well,” Doug had stammered, apparently at a loss for words from what had just transpired between the new man and his son, “Reuben will, ah,” he hesitated, “be will be staying in the room next to yours for a few weeks. You’ll have to share the hall bathroom.” He directed the comment to Mark then added with a inquiring look on his face, “I hope that’s okay with you, son.”

Mark found himself breaking into a wide smile as he continued to look at Reuben while responding to his father, “Yeah, excellent,” he paused before adding, “It’ll be fine with me.” A sudden wave of self-consciousness swept over him and he felt certain that he had just made an idiot out of himself.

After a prolonged awkwardness between the three men, Doug broke the silence by saying, “Reuben, let’s show you the gym where you’ll work out and discuss the schedule you’ll be on.” He turned and began walking through the house toward the gum.

In the process of following Doug, Reuben paused slightly to take a long glance backward at the young man, punctuated by another of his brilliant smiles. He was greeted by a blushing red face. “We’ll be talking again soon.” Then he added in a whisper, “It’s really nice meeting you,” before he pursed his lips to blow a slight kiss towards Mark. .

The young body builder walked away leaving Mark engulfed in a torrid sea of shock and unexpected feelings. He realized that he was shaking both internally and externally.

Over the next days, school activities kept Mark busy and away from home. He also worked part-time at this father’s gym, so he saw Reuben infrequently and never when they were alone. His father’s regime for the body builder was strict and thorough.

On the following weekend, as Mark returned home after a morning at work, the men had their next encounter. Wanting to use the bathroom, Mark entered his house and proceeded to the hallway where the bathroom that had been his alone was located. Momentarily forgetting that there was someone else in the house, he abruptly bursa otele gelen escort opened the door and was greeted by a masculine, “Hey.”

Standing in the room, bent over with his foot on the edge of the tub, Reuben was in the act of drying one of his feet after a shower. Mark couldn’t utter an apology for the interruption as he was so stunned by the sight of a very naked Reuben in all of his grandeur, his pale olive skin glistening. “Wow,” he heard himself mutter, “You’re looking good.”

Reuben stood upright while dropping the hand holding the towel to his side. The same smile that had stunned Mark on their first meeting erupted across his face. “My goodness, Mark,” he spoke in a low, soft voice, “you do have a way of entering a room.”

Mark attempted to stammer an apology even though, with his eyes, he absorbed the sight of Reuben’s stunning, muscular body, completely shaved except for the hair on his head. Though he had seen other men nude, including the many times he’d seen his father, he had never seen a man who was so beautiful and who was also making no attempt to cover himself from Mark’s intense gaze.

Below a massive neck, the man’s bulging deltoids and pectorals stood out like sculpted marble. Down his abdominal muscle a six pack of muscle rippled like waves on a smooth sea. Massive thighs defined his sculpted legs. Reuben, who was accustomed to the appreciative looks of others, stood impassive. After a minute of standing exposed to the younger man, Reuben began to laugh. Glancing downward at his body, the upward lift of his cock was becoming obvious. With this sight, Mark felt an explosion within his chest followed by a strong filling in his cock, which was now pressing outward on the legs of his jeans.

“Well Mark,” Reuben said while dropping the towel and reaching with the now free hand to lightly touch the swollen head of his penis, “it looks like we do have something in common.” Stepping toward Mark he reached past the young man’s shoulder to close the bathroom door. “We wouldn’t want your Dad to find us like this would we?”

“He…he’s at the gym,” Mark stumbled, “I just left him there. He’ll be home later tonight.”

Reuben now stood so close to Mark that the gasping from their hard breathing collided in the space between their mouths. Though he was the taller of the two, Mark felt Reuben’s cock press against his crotch. He was exhilarated by the feel; however, he could only continue to stand speechless waiting for Reuben to take the lead.

“I haven’t done much like this,” he said finally, to be greeted by the press of the older man’s full, soft lips against his. Abruptly wrapped in an embrace by the muscled arms of the man, Mark stood leading against the door attempting to respond to his kisses while his breath raggedly raged in his chest.

Reuben stepped backwards and began lifting Mark’s t-shirt upward, bursa eve gelen eskort pulling it over his head and free from his arms. He looked with admiration at the smooth, developing chest of the young man. “You are something else, Mark,” he uttered. He allowed his fingers to linger over the protruding nipples, giving them a slight twist. The teenager responded with a visible tremble.

Then reaching for the boy’s belt, he added “Let’s see what else you’ve got here,” and with that he unbuttoned the Mark’s jeans, stooping as he pulled them down his legs followed by the underwear. Freed of his clothing, Mark’s raging pole sprang upward along his body.

“Whew,” Reuben said accompanied by a faint whistle, “take a look at the size of that.” He began lightly running his fingers over the hard erection. With the man’s touch Mark had to struggle to resist the collapse he felt in his trembling knees.

Reuben helped him step form his pants and underwear and then out of his shoes and socks. Standing, he pressed his naked body against Mark’s and their lips met again. Mark felt Reuben’s tongue begin to dart between his lips and flutter against his own. Strong hands grabbed at his buttocks as the two men ground their hips into each other’s. Hard cocks rubbed back and forth. Mark felt fingers press into his fleshy butt cheeks. He felt as though he was about to be pressed through the door.

“Wait,” he said, pushing Reuben away from his body. “Let’s go into my room; we can be more comfortable in a bed.”

Opening the bathroom door, the two men, their bodies naked and now slick with sweat from their passion, quickly crossed the hall and dove into Mark’s bed Their arms wrapped around each other.

Rolling to get on top, Reuben pinned Mark’s arms back on the bed while he ground his cock into the teenager’s stomach. “You’ve got a big piece of meat boy,” Reuben whispered. “I think I’m going to have to do some sucking on it for a while.”

Then he slid down Mark’s body to take hold of the swollen rod. Lifting it vertical from Mark’s flat stomach, the muscular man began to lick upward along the blood filled shaft until reaching the purple swollen head. With his tongue he began tracing around the ridge of the head as Mark twisted and moaned beneath him.

After several minutes of this stimulation Reuben abruptly took the cock head into his mouth and began sucking. Soon he had the entire shaft into his mouth cavity.

“Oh god,” Mark shouted in response.

Assaulting the younger man’s inflated penis with his mouth, Reuben lifted Mark’s legs upward until they could rest on his shoulders. Using his thumb from his right hand, he began gently rubbing against the young man’s now exposed anus while continuing to suck harder on the cock.

“Oh please, Reuben, please, I don’t know how long I can stand this,” Mark shouted.

Removing his mouth from the throbbing bayan escort bursa cock, Reuben dove lower with his tongue to begin licking over the younger man’s scrotum, gently sucking the skin between his lips. He moved to the balls, taking each one at a time into his mouth to gently suck on like a prized egg. At the same time his thumb pressed firmly against Mark’s puckered hole, pressing downward against the sphincter muscle.

Mark began twisting his body agonizingly in response to the stimulations. With his fingers wrapped through Reuben’s hair, he arched his back in an effort to spread the intensity throughout his body.

“Reuben,” he soon gasped, “Let me suck your cock; I never have done that before.”

With a sudden switch of his body, Reuben reversed over Mark without taking his mouth from the stiff pole. Reuben’s own swollen prick was now pointed downward over Mark’s face. Without hesitancy, the younger man opened his mouth to clasp on the big cock.

Both men vigorously sucked on each other, their moans muffled in each other’s crotch. Reuben’s head thrust up and down on Marks rod vigorously until the young man beneath him began to groan aloud.

Reuben’s cock plunged down into Mark’s mouth intensely, matching the rigor of the young man’s sucking. Mark clutched Reuben’s buttocks, pressing them downward to force the cock deeper into his mouth.

Reuben felt Mark’s body stiffen and he held his breath in anticipation of the flood to come. Suddenly, with muffled screams from the teen, projectiles of semen began pulsated through Mark’s cock erupting into Reuben’s mouth. With his tongue, the man began savoreng the strong, salty taste.

Reuben rode his hips downward feeling Mark’s lips close tight around his thrusting cock. Once cum began shooting into Mark’s mouth, he could hear Reuben moaning with each discharge of the thick fluid. Both men lay writing on the bed, their mouths attached to each other’s hard cocks, as in a mid-air fuel exchange.

Eventually they each slowed their sucking and slowly broke apart. Each began placing tender kissed over the other’s deflating gentiles.

Reuben spoke first. “Are you sure that was your first time? You were doing some expert sucking down there.”

Mark gave an embarrassed laugh. “Yeah,” he began, “it was the first time with someone older,” he paused, unsure of how to explain himself. “A couple of friends from school and I have messed around, you know. But never anything like what we just did.”

Curious for more explanation, Reuben pressed to boy to tell him more.

“What did you do with them?’ he asked.

“Well,” Mark answered slowly, “you know, we stroked each other and played around a bit,” hesitating he added, “I guess.”

“You mean nobody has sucked you off before,” the body builder bluntly asked. The younger man nodded and added, “I haven’t sucked anyone either.” Then he added, “I guess I need more practice.”

As he lay staring at Reuben’s penis and balls, now hanging from his crotch soft, Mark reached with his hand to take the limp dick in his fingers. He watched with fascination as it began to slowly inflate.

Reuben leaned up on one arm and looked downward toward Mark and said with a smile, “It looks like we have some more practice for you.”

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