Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 02

Big Dicks

Roughly over the next two months, I worked regularly on inciting my body to produce milk, at first simply massaging and kneading my breasts for multiple 15- or 20-minute sessions daily. Raquel was very helpful and seemed eager to share the joys of feeding with another member of our rapidly solidifying quartet of close friends. I also got some advice from Melanie and even Heather, the short but curvy girl Dani and I had seen nursing her friend in the kitchen on our first night as official members. It was from them that I learned that, regardless of the intent behind it or the person being fed, breastfeeding can cause some erotic response in a certain percentage of women. “It’s possible that you could feel something down there when you do it,” said Melanie. “If that happens, it doesn’t mean you’re attracted to the suckler and you need to re-evaluate your orientation or anything. Some women just seem to be born with some sort of a hotline from the boobs to the nether regions. For most of the feeders that we’ve had so far, it either hasn’t been erogenous at all, or to the extent that it has been, it’s been quite overshadowed by the more general sensation of bonding and nurturing.”

I easily accepted that. If anything, as a biology nerd, I found this nuance interesting rather than potentially awkward. So I proceeded to continue the process, and I had soon passed the physical that the sorority requires to screen feeders for transmissible infections. Eventually, after about two weeks, Raquel suggested that a breast pump might help the process along by really giving my mammaries some actual suction to respond to, so I bought one and used it semi-regularly in addition to my regular stimulation techniques. After about a month, my bras were starting to feel a bit tighter than usual, which I at first thought was the reason for my breasts also getting tender, until Raquel informed me that soreness was an expected stage of inducing lactation and that it was actually a good sign. On top of that, my nipples also seemed to be thickening.

In the meantime, classes began almost immediately after our first weekend in our new home, and it didn’t take long for a loose routine to establish itself. Although few if any nursing partners had any set schedules specifically for feeding, certain patterns did emerge out of convenience among various class and part-time work schedules. Nicole, Heather’s roommate, had an early class and often skipped breakfast entirely just to sleep in a little later than she otherwise would be able to. Heather herself usually woke up much later, just as Nicole returned. One time, as Nicole later recounted, she apparently arrived after class desperate for the bathroom, and so her growling stomach had to wait for a bit. Unfortunately, the downstairs bathrooms were both occupied, so she ran up to her and Heather’s suite and promptly relieved herself. When she emerged into the bedroom, she saw her groggy roommate laying on her back in bed with the covers laid across her abdomen coming up to just below her bust. Nicole suddenly saw no reason not to gently straddle Heather, pull her tank top out of the way, lean down, and seize a breast in her mouth.

Heather opened her eyes in surprise only to smile and close them again as she let Nicole suckle eagerly. Nicole remembered suckling more voraciously than usual, for a while unable to get enough of the sweet and filling milk. At the time, she barely noticed the amusedly curious look Heather gave her as she finally withdrew from the breast that she had by then emptied only to promptly begin draining the other one, sucking deeply and gulping bursa otele gelen eskort frequently. When she finally finished after what she estimated to be about twenty minutes, she just sighed in satisfaction and wiped her mouth to find that Heather, who was anything but a morning person and notoriously slow to fully wake up, was now wide awake and content. Such morning sessions soon became a semi-regular occurrence, to the point that Heather started sleeping topless to spare a step. As it turned out, she always woke up much more easily with Nicole feeding from her, especially when it was with the urgency of a truly empty stomach. Nicole, of course, always walked away with a sated appetite.

Wendy rarely bothered to leave her bedroom for breakfast, lazily choosing to feast on Raquel’s morning milk supply. The few times I happened to visit them at the right time to observe it, the readhead was sitting on her desk chair as the Latina sat on her lap with her camisole apparently discarded on the bed. While Raquel stroked her hair and let out a moan or two of contentment, Wendy held an areola firmly in her mouth, confidently sucking and swallowing the warm elixir from the round and perky reservoirs with gusto. Once, I even saw Wendy apparently empty one breast only for Raquel to instantly guide the other one gently into her waiting mouth, which wasted no time in seizing the nipple and resuming its eager suction. “I almost never leave our bedroom in the morning with more than a few drops left, if even that!” she once told me with a hearty laugh.

It was a good thing Raquel’s body didn’t waste time rebuilding its supply, because that would not remain the only time or place that she breastfed on a quasi-daily basis, if indeed it ever was. Our bedrooms were all arranged into blocks of two, with each one sharing a large adjoining bathroom and a central miniature living room with a futon, a couple of bean bag chairs, and a small table against the wall. I soon learned that my roommate Dani was a really focused worker. Once she slid into concentration mode, which happened quite easily with any kind of schoolwork, nothing short of being knocked off her chair or the room bursting into flames would break her out of it. This included at least some of her bodily needs. So one late afternoon, after quite a long block of classes, Wendy and I were lounging on the couch in our suite’s common area, using the bean bag chairs as makeshift footrests as Raquel was perched atop the table. We were talking idly about how we liked a particular professor when Dani emerged from our bedroom after having spent a couple of hours working on her organic chemistry. Her initially distant gaze fell on Raquel, and she strode up to her. “You’ve got milk, right?” she asked.

“Of course,” said Raquel as she gladly pulled her T-shirt off to reveal her naked breasts.

With a grateful smile, Dani wordlessly stepped between Raquel’s legs, hooked her fingers into the loops of the topless girl’s jeans, and immediately took the left areola between her lips. She moaned in satisfaction as she began suckling deeply, her jaws expertly massaging the breast around the nipple.

“Oh, wow!” Raquel said amusedly as Dani bucked her head a couple of times against the supple mound from which she was feeding with relish. “You must have been really hungry!”

Our famished friend actually managed to mumble an emphatic, “Mm-hmm!” without pausing her impromptu snack. Raquel breastfed Dani for about fifteen minutes or so, emitting her usual purrs of pleasure, and by the time the bursa eve gelen escort bayan latter’s stomach was finally full, both of the former’s breasts were empty again.

It wouldn’t be the last time Dani would feed from Raquel after letting her hunger accumulate while she worked doggedly on her homework. One time, Raquel even marveled at Dani as she nursed hungrily, “Geez! Between you and Wendy, I’m gonna end up moving up another cup size to keep up with the demand!” I probably didn’t help by occasionally partaking in a milky snack myself. It tended to happen just after a joint study session for a class that we shared. We’d be sitting next to each other on the bed as Raquel closed the textbook with finality, and I would idly realize that some nourishment sounded good to me at the moment. I found myself agreeing with Vicky. If your lactating friend is right there not really doing anything, why take the extra effort to get something else?

The first time, I asked for it, and she was slightly surprised but quite happily pulled down the straps and bust of her top so that I could lean in sideways and suckle. The second time, I just reached over and pulled her T-shirt up. She immediately helped to clear the way for me to lean in, lightly cup the nearest breast, and press my lips to her areola. I sighed as her delicious milk cyclically pooled in my mouth before I swallowed it, filling my stomach with soothing warmth. Of course, that was all in addition to the familiar sense of intense bonding with someone who was by then a very close friend. More-or-less the same thing happened another three or four more times throughout the first month or so of school, and her milk somehow seemed to taste better and better with each session.

About six weeks into the semester was when my inducement efforts paid of at last. I was about to begin another stimulation session in front of the bathroom mirror just after a shower, and on the very first round of cupping each breast and squeezing gently around both areolae, a visible morsel of milk emerged from each nipple. I gasped and tried again for verification, and indeed, I actually squirted a couple of thin jets from each boob. I chuckled in awe, threw on the panties I’d brought with me, and hurried topless into my and Dani’s bedroom to fetch my breast pump. My ever-nerdy roommate was so focused on her organic chemistry lab that I’m not sure she even noticed me. Anyway, figuring I’d reached the tipping point, I applied suction to both of my breasts in order to really encourage my body to keep it up. I pumped for about fifteen minutes that night and did so every day for another week or so. I slyly decided not to tell anyone just yet, because I somehow thought it would be more satisfying to wait until I had built up a sizable and stable supply.

After that incident, it didn’t take long before I was actually filling up a good portion of the plastic jars that came with my pump, and I finally decided to stop using it and let my supply build up for the first time. The next day, I came home from class to find Wendy, Raquel, and Dani gathered in our room. I let my backpack slide off my shoulder onto the floor. “What’s up, guys?” I asked with a smile.

“Well, as you know, we have an unusually homework-free weekend coming up,” replied Wendy, “so we were discussing how to make the most of it, and the best idea so far is a trip to the mall to see the new Superman movie and maybe have lunch in the awesome food court they have there. Are you game?”

I flopped onto the couch next to Raquel. “Absolutely! bayan eskort bursa I need to go shopping for some new bras anyway. The ones I have are getting rather tight on me.”

Raquel chuckled. “I’ve been there, sis. If that’s become an issue, though, you should have at least a bit of milk in there somewhere. Have you noticed anything?”

I smirked and decided it was time to share my success. “Actually, I got a few drops about a week ago, and now, I’m actually getting about six ounces as of yesterday.”


I laughed at her surprised and mildly indignant reaction. “I didn’t want to say anything until I had more than a few measly squirts, which apparently I do now.”

“Not bad, bestie!” Wendy said with a gaping grin as I high-fived her.

“Not bad at all!” Raquel concurred. “Especially for a beginner.”

I shrugged. “I just hope it tastes as good as Raquel’s does when the time comes.”

“I could be your Guinea pig, if you want,” Dani volunteered with a gentle smirk.

Raquel rolled her eyes at Dani’s opportunism but then nodded, her curiosity piqued. “Not a bad idea,” she admitted. Wendy agreed with a shrug of her own and an encouraging smile.

I was suddenly a bit nervous but at the same time excited at the prospect of feeding for the first time and seeing how it would feel as well as how good I’d be at it. So I only paused for a second before shrugging once more. “Ah, what the hell.” I giggled a bit as I peeled off my tank top and unclasped my bra while Dani kneeled between my legs. I sighed in anticipation as I brought my arms to my sides with my hands perched on the edge of the couch, giving her direct access to my naked bosom. “Here goes,” Dani said cheekily before she gently cupped my left breast, leaned forward, and took nearly the entire areola into her mouth. “Mm,” she intoned as I felt the milk start flowing.

My breasts tingled, and I shivered as it quickly diffused into a warm and cozy feeling that spread throughout my entire torso. I wasn’t exactly turned on sexually at all, but I did feel a deeply satisfying sensation of intimacy with Dani, much like what I’d felt with Raquel when I nursed from her, but perhaps even better. It was as if an intractable desire to nurture her had been awakened simply so that I could revel in how good it felt as it was immediately sated. I moaned as my roommate gnawed slowly and toothlessly on my areola, easily pressing out a fairly steady stream of milk, and I think I actually frowned for a second when she withdrew.

“Yep, Raquel’s definitely got some competition,” Dani reported with a genuine smile. “The letdown’s not quite as strong, but it’s certainly better than I thought it would be, and it’ll most likely get even better with time.”

“Thanks,” I breathed, genuinely pleased as she licked her lips and promptly latched onto my nipple again. I briefly closed my eyes and purred as I felt Dani resume suckling, and I could tell that it was purely for her own indulgence this time, now that our experiment had proven successful. “Yeah, I could get used to this,” I decided with a contented smile as I instinctively began to stroke Dani’s hair. “I even get why most sucklers don’t even bother asking. I can’t imagine saying no to this unless I happen to be too busy with something in front of me.

“In that case,” Wendy said as she knelt beside me, “I think I’ll have a taste too.”

I nodded and actually helped guide my free breast into her mouth. She took my nipple between her lips and squeaked as she began drawing milk out. Raquel and I giggled as she settled into an easy rhythm of sucking and gulping. She sent me a knowing smile from her perch next to me on the couch. I responded with a grateful grin of my own and emitted another soft moan as I continued to literally breastfeed two of my three closest friends, one old and one new.

As it turned out when I subsequently shopped for new bras, my new best-fitting size was a D-cup.

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