Danae Gets Spanked Ch.02


All characters in this fictional story are 18 years or older.
This is 100% fiction and in no way taken from a real life situation.

Chapter 2

Jake had left a confused Danae in her room alone, bottom smarting and pussy aching for something that no amount of rubbing would erase. She wasn’t sure what happened to make this spanking so different then the others. She knew Jake was acting strangely and it made her feel forlorn that he rushed out so quickly that they didn’t get a chance for their usual talk.

“Maybe he knows that I’m sick and went to go tell Mom.” She panicked at the thought of Tera inspecting her private parts.

“What if Jake never wants to touch me again.” That thought was even worse than the first. “Maybe I should run away? But where would I go? No money, no job. I don’t even know what the world is like beyond my mountain.”

Danae crawled under her covers too depressed to even rub away the ache in her pussy. Sleep took her away from her worries and delivered her to a dreamscape full of things that her life was missing and circumstances beyond her daytime imagination.

During dinner with Tera that night Jake could not stop thinking about his predicament. His wife droned on and on but he didn’t really follow what she was saying. He “Hmmm’d” and nodded often knowing that would be enough for her.

Jake tried to think logically about the situation. On the one hand Danae was not his biological daughter. Also he was closer in age to her than to his wife. Ten years was not an unreasonable age difference between partners. On the other hand Danae was a total innocent, sheltered to such an extreme that it bordered on abuse. How would she survive in the world? She could be taught, though. She was a bright girl who learned quickly and had a sharp wit and clever humor despite her lack of worldly knowledge. Of course there was the not so small matter that he was married to her mother. Oh no, not a small matter at all.

Theirs was not a love match but a marriage of convenience. Tera wanted a man around to take care of the house and be a father to Danae. She also expected him to fulfill his intimate husbandly duties. Tera was very clear in her expectations and expected obedience from him. Of course the only punishment he got was to be frozen out from her attention and sex. Most men would not be able to handle this kind of arrangement but it suited Jake fine…for now. He was broke and heavily in debt when he met Tera. She gave him a chance at a clean start. He filed bankruptcy and fled Las Vegas to live with her in the mountains. He was able to continue working as a writer while he slowly repaired his reputation and credit. Putting up with Tera was fairly easy for a mellow guy like Jake. His only major problem with her was how she treated Danae. She seemed to love her daughter but rarely showed it. He wished Tera would recognize that her daughter was an adult and start treating her as such.

That night Tera reaped the benefits of all of Jakes pent up sexual frustration. He fucked her with a passion she hadn’t felt from him since they first got together. Of course she didn’t know he was thinking if Danae the whole time. After experiencing at least three orgasms and being pounded into sexual submission by her handsome husband Tera fell into a heavy sleep.

Jake however did not have it so easy and he lay awake thinking about his situation. He knew there was no chance of being cured of his obsession. It wasn’t so bad when he thought it was one sided but now that he knew she felt something for him a door had been opened that could not be shut. He could try to get Tera to send her away to college, but even thinking that made his chest ache. He couldn’t send her out into the world alone and the thought of living here without her was terrible too. He would have to leave but as he strong enough?

Jake knew that Danae slept as heavily as her mother and he couldn’t resist taking a peek into her room. He walked down the hall and carefully opened the door. It made a low creaking sound but the body on the bed didn’t stir. Oh, what a body.

The bright moon shining into the window illuminated the sleeping girls form. She lay on her stomach with her hands tucked under her. Her sheet was pushed all the way down to her feet exposing her long strong legs. Jake couldn’t resist gently running the tips of his fingers up her leg until he reached her white panties. They rode high on her butt bearing her perfectly rounded cheeks. He traced each butt cheek and then ran his fingers up her inner thighs where her panties covered her pussy and rose bud. While caressing Danae he kept an eye on her face but she was clearly deeply asleep. Jake was emboldened by her lack of movement and gently pushed her tank top up until it was up to her shoulders. The sides of her breasts were exposed to his touch and he wasted no time allowing himself brush his fingers along the exposed breast. Unable to stop himself he tugged one of her breasts until the nipple was exposed, lowering his head he gently took Uzun porno the nipple into his mouth sucking lightly at first and then gradually with more intensity. Her moan startled him and he let the nipple pop out of his mouth.

Danae squirmed a little then rolled over onto her back. Jake ducked down as she rolled over but when she didn’t move after that he popped back up. Now that is a feast, he thought to himself. She had both breasts completely exposed and they seemed to beg him for more attention. Feeling insane and reckless he lowered his mouth and sucked on the previously unexposed nipple. At the same time he took the other in his fingers and gently pinched and pulled at it. Danae moans continued but she stayed asleep. He moved back and forth between each breast. His wet hot mouth sucked like he was trying to get milk and his fingers pulled and pinched hard enough that it should have been painful. At last he released the nipple currently in his mouth with a wet pop and Jakes exploration moved on from her breasts to her flat belly and then lower. Watching her face for any signs she might be waking up he tugged her panties down, rocking her slight to get them over her bottom and then down her legs. Her pussy lips were red and swollen, shiny with her fluids. Light caresses on her pussy lips was all it took for her to unconsciously open her legs to him. Still watching her sleeping face he teased her lower lips open and dipped his tongue in crevice. Hmmm, I knew she’d be sweet, Jake practically moaned in tandem with the sleeping Danae. Her moans grew loader as he pulled her clit into his mouth and lashed it with his tongue. Jake’s erection was begging to join the party. The boxers he wore couldn’t contain his cock and it poked out through the front slit and slapped against Danae’s leg leaving a slimy trail of pre-come. Jake reached down and tugged at his cock while tonguing in and out of her pussy. Danae’s moans got louder and she began to gyrate her hips mimicking sex. Knowing he wouldn’t last and not wanting to risk her waking up Jake replaced his tongue with his fingers and jerked his throbbing cock while rapidly circling her clit with his thumb and plunging two fingers in and out of her wet pussy. He came in a hot rush the spurted over Danae’s legs and pussy. As the last squirt came to land on her pussy Jake pinched her clit and she came, moaning and twitching. Jake couldn’t believe his luck that she was still asleep. As her orgasm subsided she rolled back over onto her stomach smearing all his semen into her sheets.

“Laundry day tomorrow”, Jake thought as he backed out of the room.

The next morning at breakfast Tera announced she needed to go back into town to pick up an important package. Jake quickly volunteered to get it for her since it would be torture to be alone with Danae all day but Tera threw out that idea saying she wanted to get her hair cut while she was in town and maybe run a few other errands. She would be gone most of the day but she suggested he spend the day with Danae working in their large vegetable garden.

“Danae should weed the entire garden since she did no chores yesterday.” Tera instructed Jake with a few other chores that could be done today as well.

Danae sighed thinking of the long hot day ahead of her spent on her knees in the rocks and dirt. On the bright side she would get to spend the day with Jake. She glanced up at him and the look on his face made her joy stop cold. He looked unhappy and like he would rather go to town instead of spend the day with her.

“What can I do to make it up to Jake. I need to find out what I did and fix it”, Danae thought. It was ok for her Mother to be mad at her, that was a fact of life but Jake was her friend, her only friend.

Her mother left right after breakfast reminding her as she went out the door to get all her chores done and school assignments completed. “Listen to Jake and do whatever he tells you to do.” She said in her firm voice. Danae didn’t understand what it was about that statement that made her pussy instantly grow wet and start to throb. She knew very little about her body and why she felt the things she felt. She knew even less about men.

Danae stood at the sink washing the breakfast dishes like she did each morning. The nightie she was wearing was old and thin from frequent washings. The stretched out spaghetti straps kept falling off her shoulder causing her to have to reach up with soapy hands and correct them. She felt Jakes stare on her back and wondered what he was thinking. She tried to think of something to say to break the tension she felt but could not think of the right words.

Jake felt glued to his seat as he watched Danae work at the sink. He tried to remember to drink his coffee or at least pretend to read his book. She was quite a sight standing there. He doubted she knew how see-through her gown was and how obvious it was that she was not wearing underwear. Her round pert butt pushed out the thin gown from which sprouted her firm legs seeming Öğrenci porno even tanner next to the white of the gown. Every minute or so Danae’s soapy fingers would push up her wayward straps causing the front of her gown to get wet. After silently watching for five minutes Jake rose and walked over to stand behind her.

“Let me help you with these,” he said quietly into her ear letting his hot breath wash over her. Pulling her right strap up he tied it into a knot making it short enough not to fall off her shoulder. Reaching across the front of her body he corrected the left strap as well. He let his arm brush against her wet front, her erect nipples rubbing along his forearm. He leaned forward and flush against her back. He knew he was affecting her and could not help brushing his hands gently down her arm feeling her shiver as he did it.

“I’m going outside to work on that wood pile. Come outside when your ready and we’ll work on the garden together before it gets too hot.” He leaned in some more giving her a chaste kiss to the side of her forehead.

Danae relished his every touch. She loved the way his breath in her ear made her shiver. She loved the way the heat from his chest felt pressed against her back. She found herself hoping her Mom punished her tonight because she really wanted to feel his big rough hands touching her naked back and butt so deliciously.

Danae came out of the house 20 minutes later ready to work in the garden. She found Jake still chopping wood. So she sat down in the shade of the house and watched the way his muscles rippled and bulged. She was entranced watching the sweat drip in the curves of his chest and down to his abs. Watching him caused all those feelings in her body to come roaring back.

Jake saw her from the corner of his eye but pretended not to notice her. She rubbed her thighs together and he got a perverse pleasure knowing he affected her that way.

Jake was only 10 years older than her and even though it seemed like a lot now he knew it mostly due to how sheltered and innocent she was but with time and experience 10 years would be nothing. Her mother was 11 years his senior but looked young for her age. He’d always liked older women for their knowledge and confidence.

He and Tera married after a yearlong long online romance and only two weeks of constant hot sex when she came to meet him. He knew many people would think he was crazy rushing into a marriage with someone he really didn’t know but the idea of secluded mountain living really appealed to him. He wanted a break from the rat race of mainstream society and was willing to risk marrying a stranger for the financial security she offered him. He knew after only a short time that it wouldn’t last. Tera was a hard woman to be around and he didn’t approve of her mothering skills. She was cold and detached with her daughter and she didn’t see Danae clearly. Her views on discipline and corporal punishment belonged in the Old Testament days. She was strangely anti-feminist for an educated woman, believing in clear male and female roles. Which was why Jake was expected to dish out the discipline to Danae. Jake tried to talk to her about it but she was firm and he didn’t want to rock the boat in his new situation.

He tried to keep focus on the things he loved about living here. He loved the wilderness and had endless fodder for his nature articles. He also liked the time he and Danae spent alone. Although she was quiet and reserved when around her mom, she was quite different when it was just the two of them. She would open up and her true personality would come out. She was funny and bright and endlessly curious about the world. He knew she was lonely and he wanted to fill her need for friends as best as he could. He was also a man and couldn’t help but notice her beautiful lush body. She was so unconscious of her sensuality that it made her even sexier.

Once the firewood was stacked Jake and Danae moved to the garden. They each took a square of cardboard to kneel on and settled in to pull weeds.

“Lets start in the carrots and work until we finish through the onions” Jake said.

“Sounds good,” murmured Danae.

As they worked Jake filled the awkward silence by telling Danae about his latest writing assignment for “Nature Times” magazine. He needed to find a particular plant and wondered it she’d seen it.

“It’s a rare type of ginseng known to grow on our mountain. Maybe you’ve seen. The flower…”. He went on to describe the flowers in detail.

“Ooh, I think I have seen that,” Danae said with excitement. She racked her brain trying to remember where.

“I’m not positive but it might be around the pond. I spend a lot of time wandering around that area.” Danae suggested, “We should go for a walk there later. Maybe go for a swim to cool off.”

“Excellent idea”, Jake said. “Lets hurry and finish before it gets too hot.”

Two hours later they both were drenched with sweat and overheated from the baking sun.

“Yes we’re finally done”. Jake declared.

Danae looked over the garden and saw weeds in the lettuce and kale but kept her mouth shut. She knew her mother would blame her but then Jake would have to spank her so it was ok with her. She saw Jake glance at the same weeds she was looking at but he said nothing. The two emptied their weed buckets into the compost and started off down the trail to the pond. Danae spent the walk scouring the land for his ginseng plant. She really wanted to find it for him. But they reached the dock and she had still not found it. It was then that she realized she had never been swimming with Jake and didn’t have a suit with her. Normally she would just strip naked but she didn’t want to get into that much trouble with her Mom. As she stood there wondering what to do a naked Jake ran past her lightly smacking her bottom and jumped into the lake.

“I’ll just leave my bra and panties on,” she decided and quickly stripped. She walked to the edge of the dock and looked for Jake but she didn’t see him anywhere. She jumped into the cold mountain water. When her head broke the surface she still didn’t see Jake. Concern filled her as she tread water and moved in a circle. All of a sudden she felt calloused hands around her waist and she was thrown up into the air only to land a few feet away arms and legs twisting ungracefully. Jake laughed at his own funny prank then leaned back to float on the surface. Danae saw his penis for the first time lying in the nest of dark pubic hair. She thought it looked so much smaller than it felt last night when Danae had hugged him after her spanking. She decided to float for a while too but could never really relax knowing a naked Jake was so close.

Jake thought it was funny that she left her bra and panties on since when they were wet they were totally see through. Feeling mischievous he swim under her and yanked off her panties. She was sputtering in surprise and watched as he wrung the water out of them and spread them out to dry in the sun.

Danae was feeling exposed but figured since he took off her panties he wasn’t going to tell her Mom. She unhooked her bar as well and gave it to him. While he was wringing out the water Danae dove under water and grabbed a handful of the clay like mud on the bottom. She swam up behind him and rubbed her muddy hands all through his hair and over his shoulders.

“Oh you brat!” Jake shouted with amusement clear in his voice. He tried to turn around and dunk her but she latched onto his backed wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She held on tight as he dove down and then popped up a few yards away. She stayed attached as he swam laps around the pond. Despite the chill of the water she could feel the heat from his back and was especially aware of where her pussy rubbed against him at the top of his butt. Her breasts were smooshed against his shoulder blades and her nipples were tingly from his shoulders moving up and down while swimming. They swam around like this for a while but when both of them started to shiver Jake suggested they get out.

“Lets get out and warm up in the sun.”

Despite the chill of the water, having her naked body plastered to his back was giving Jake a painful boner. Danae let herself slide off Jakes back and swam to the dock ladder. She climbed out and Jake watched the water stream off her lush tan body. Her pussy lips peeked out from between her legs and he couldn’t stop the groan that escaped him. Danae looked quickly back at him as he made the sound. She saw him watching her intently with the same look in his eyes as he had last night. Once she was standing on the deck Jake climbed up the ladder slowly and let her get an eyeful of his naked body. He knew he looked good and hoped she was enjoying the sight. His cock stood at half-mast pointing right at her.

They lie side by side on the warm deck, not touching but close enough to reach out and touch if they wanted to. Jake couldn’t stop himself from looking over at Danae and he noticed she had the same problem. Her eyes seemed to be drawn to his cock and he grew hard knowing she was looking at him.

After getting caught looking at him several times, Danae forced herself to keep her eyes focused on the trees overhead. She thought about how Jake seemed disappointed about not going into town this morning. Feeling brave she decided to ask.

“Jake, do you like spending time with me?”

“Of course I do, you are a delightful girl.” Danae was thrilled and felt encouraged to keep talking.

“My Mom doesn’t like me. I wonder sometimes if there’s something wrong with me. Why don’t I ever get to go into town?” Danae was on a roll now and couldn’t stop herself. “Why can’t I have friends? Why did she not let me go to school? Why can’t I go to college instead of taking online courses? I never do anything right. Moms always mad. Am I….stupid? I don’t feel stupid but then would I be able to know if I was.” She sighed but continued before he could respond. “My body feels weird lately and I’m worried that it’s not normal and that I might have a disease or something. I can’t ask my mom because she gets mad anytime I ask her questions.” Danae ended her questions with a big sigh.

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