They Share Justice Ch. 03


He removes his robe hanging it on the back of the door, grabbing his coat; he looks at her and smiles. He stands aside and lets her walk out before him, being a perfect gentleman. As the entered into the parking garage, getting into his SUV they talked for a few minutes and agreed on where to eat. Arriving at the quaint and out of the way little restaurant, he again being the perfect gentleman extended his hand to her offering to help her out of his vehicle. For a moment she just sat there and looked into his hazel eyes; those same gorgeous eyes that she had just a little while ago stared into only this time the look she saw in them was completely different. She saw a look of a soft, loving and gentle man, where when in the court room or in his chambers earlier today she saw a strong, very determined kind of man who wouldn’t settle for anything in any way other than the way he wanted it.

Her heart suddenly began to beat faster as the look in his eyes became almost seductive, and the tone in his voice became soft, almost a whisper, so soft and sexy perhaps that to her ears could stop time. As she takes his hand accepting his generous offer of help, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. It was almost like their eyes were glued as one. As she now stood before him, as she tried to release his hand, his grip got stronger, his fingers were interlacing into hers. She didn’t quite know what to make of it; here she is a small town attorney, now holding hands with the prominent judge. He smiled that very seductive smile and winked at her as he closed her door. In an instant without a word, she felt his arm wrap around her; pulling her in close to him; close to the point that her back rests now against his chest. Slowly moving her long burgundy hair aside he kisses the side of her neck lightly. She moans softly as her head leans to one side.

“Oh god please not my…” was all she could manage to let escaper her lips as he gently nibbled on her neck, as she could feel his hardness pressing against her. His lips soft and yet strong worked diligently on her senses as he could feel her beginning to slowly succumb to his touch.

Reaching behind her, she instinctively grabbed onto his shaft gently through his pants, his body jumped as her fingertips pawed over its length. Turning her around so they now faced the vehicle, slowly he took hold of her skirt once again, lifting it up her thighs as his hand slipped between her legs feeling of her wetness.

“Oh you are such a naughty girl, you are already so wet.” He whispers in her ear.

“I am sorry I just can’t help it.” She replies in a whimper as he pulls her thong aside, his fingers slide slowly over her glistening pussy lips. The feel of his fingers touching her like this again causes her to push back against his now throbbing shaft that she so badly wants to have back inside her.

“Geez girl, now look what we have caused, my cock is so hard, and wanting to be buried inside you again, and you are so wet, we can’t possibly go into the restaurant being all bothered like this.” He whispers again in that very sexy tone as his fingers delve deep inside her most precious gate.

“Oh god honey, I just can’t take anymore…please I beg you please take me now…” hearing those words from her caused his cock to throb even harder.

” Alright back up a minute please.” Doing as he asked, she backs up he opens the back door and helps her back inside. Closing xslot the door behind him, quickly he takes a hold of her, and suddenly stops and stares at her.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you want me?” she asks in concern.

“Oh baby of course I want you, but the question is, do we just do it here in a heated rush, or do we skip dinner, go back to my place, and then spend the evening really being able to enjoy each other and worry about eating dinner later?”

“But I thought you liked to do it in a rushed situation, or am I wrong, and what I had with you today was just a fluke?”

“No I have to admit, most of the women that I have been with, It’s pretty much been the rushed situation, and I know that with you today in my chambers, and in the courtroom it probably seemed like that with you today, but tonight I would really like to be able to enjoy you…all of you, I love the way you feel, the way you move, and the way that you make me feel, I don’t think I’ve ever been with a woman that has ever made me feel the way that you did today.” She didn’t say a word, she just smiled and leaned in and kissed him.

“Let’s get out of here baby, we can eat later. The only thing that I am really hungry for right now is you, and to be with you.” Agreeing they gathered their wits about them, got back into the front seats and headed off to his place.

As they arrived he helped her out of the truck again, took her hand back into his holding it tighter this time, and lead her inside. Taking her back into his arms, pulling her into him, her breasts now pressing into his chest, their hands begin slow cascades over each other’s bodies. Slowly she unbuttons his shirt, opening it she stopped suddenly as this man has the most gorgeous chest she has ever seen. Her hands aching so badly to touch him but she hesitated, realizing of nervousness he placed a finger under her chin raising it up slightly he looked deep into her brown eyes.

“Go ahead baby, it’s alright go ahead and touch me.”

“But I’ve never…”

“SSShhh its alright you can do.”

“Oh god I want to.”

“Just trust me alright I will help you.” Taking her hands into his, slowly he moves her hands in closer to his chest, when suddenly he felt her trying to resist and pulling away. “Come on baby, let me help you, don’t fight me just relax and let me show you how it really feels.” sliding her hands still inside his inside his shirt placing them directly onto his chest, she was finally being able to do the one thing that she hasn’t ever had the pleasure of doing; feeling a mans chest hair under her palms. She shuttered as she touched him like this for the very first time.

“Isn’t that better baby?”

“Oh so much better, you feel so good.” She replied in a now soft, sexy voice as her fingers begin to slowly explore his chest without the help of his hands. Her fingers slide slowly down his love trail, his body tenses as he can feel his shaft beginning to harden again. Removing her suit jacket from her, he unbuttons her blouse, her nipples so erect he could see them pressing hard against her bra. He couldn’t resist them, cupping both breasts she gasped softly as he began to massage them. Unhooking the front clasp on her bra, her breasts fall free. He stood there for a moment and just stared at them. Looking deep into her eyes he just smiled.

“You are absolutely beautiful, I found you to be quite attractive in my xslot Giriş court room several times, but your beautiful when your not playing attorney.” Leaning in he suckled her right nipple into his mouth. She let out with a high pitched screech as her right nipple is extremely sensitive and turns her on so quickly even when she is the one who touches it. Placing one hand into the back of his hair, she holds him to her breast as her other hand paws over his shaft. His tongue flicking over the tip of her nipple as he sucks it in and out of his mouth, his hand finding her wetness once again, fingers parting her lips, as he pushes two of them inside her gently.

Slowly her hips begin to gyrate against his fingers as he finds her g-spot and sends her straight into Xanadu. The faster she gyrated against his fingers, the faster and deeper his fingers worked inside her. He wanted to take her right then and there and just bury his throbbing cock deep inside her, but right now it was about her and what she needed, and he knew somehow that he was what she needed right now. Pulling his mouth off her nipple, she looks down, deep into his eyes, his fingers still deep inside her.

“I want you baby, I want you now.” Standing before her she slowly opened his pants, lowering them down over his hips his thick, rigid, throbbing shaft now sprang free, standing completely erect. Taking it into her hand slowly she began to stroke his length. Kissing her way down his chest, down his love trail, and over his belly, until her lips came to meet her hand. Now kneeling before him, his cock even with her lips, her lips opening, leaning in closer her tongue extends running up and down the length of his shaft. He gasps softly as her lips envelope the head, slowly feeling his shaft sliding deep into the back of her throat, his hands rest on the back of her head, encouraging her, helping her as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft.

Feeling and enjoying the length and girth of his shaft, feeling every detail of the veins with her tongue, she feels her wetness beginning once again. As the first drops of pre-cum come to the tip of his shaft, the taste of him causes her to suck faster, hungry for more; she wanted to feel his eruption of warm seed into her throat. Pummeling his shaft faster in and out of her mouth, she ached to feel him buried deep inside her pussy filling her completely. Cupping his balls, her long red nails run along them, feeling his knees trembling and weakening as the magic of her warm lips, wet velvety tongue, and gentle hands push him into total submission for her, at this very moment he isn’t the hard-assed prominent who reigns over this courtroom each day, he is in fact falling into her trap of seduction, which is exactly where she wants him, causing his need to for her to be stronger than her actual need for him. Looking up at him with an innocent look in her eyes, just as she had him almost to the point of no return, his cock aching, and throbbing, in her mouth, begging for relief, she pulls her lips from his shaft; an instant look of confusion comes over his face.

“What are …?” he whispers…she stands in front of him, placing her index finger onto his lips.

“SSShhh…come with me”. He knew at that point when she took his hand back into hers just where she wanted to head. He led her into his other chamber (his bedroom). Leading him over to the bed, she asked him to lie on his back. Now xslot Güncel Giriş doing just as she asked she made her way onto the bed with him coming on top of him straddling over his cock.

Pressing her wetness down onto his shaft, dripping onto it. She lies on top of him, her soft breasts pressing into his manly chest, his senses now taken over by her slow sexual advances, he moans softly when suddenly her body slithered up over his stomach, leaving a trail of her wetness up his body. Moving further up his body, her legs pressing down over his shoulders, her pussy hovering over his mouth. Extending his tongue to taste her, she lowers herself accepting his offer. As he gets that first taste of her his tongue hungrily rolls up and down along her glistening pussy lips. She shrieks and moans enjoying the pleasure of his touch. Lifting his head intending to flick his tongue over her now engorged clit she wiggles so he could find her target. Leaning forward she braces herself with her arms against the headboard as the loud sounds that were coming from her, let him know just what he’s causing for her. Holding her thighs his hands kneed her soft skin; he is still restrained below her by her legs on his shoulders.

Taking his right hand, somehow without him realizing it, she composed herself for a moment as she applied the soft restraint to his wrist, tying his right hand to the headboard, then the left. He is now totally at her mercy. Only for a few minutes did he have that illusion of his control. It was now time for her to regain control. Turning her back to him, leaning down taking hold of his shaft, slowly she begins stroking his length and obviously not paying attention to the very position that her body was in, with a sudden surprise she feels him trying to push his tongue back inside her. Lower her tongue over the head, licking she loves the taste of the droplets of pre-cum that are now formed on the head, and the way his shaft feels in her hand. Her tongue runs around the head, as she strokes him even more. His body racks and withers beneath her as she knows how badly she is in fact torturing him yet at the same time she can still feel his tongue licking at her slit. Now knowing full well what her own needs are as well as his, she lifts herself from his mouth, and straddles over his hips once again expertly guiding his shaft to the opening of her love tunnel. She gasps but in silence as her channel engulfs his entire shaft. She tries to squeeze herself around his girth, holding on for dear life as she rides him. Feeling his girth rubbing against her inner walls, although restrained he so wanted to reach out and take her, thrusting his hips with all his might to meet her as she rises and returns down onto his shaft.

Laying her body onto his, she feels herself giving into him as his shaft pushes deeper and deeper inside her. Her nails dig into his shoulders as screams of ecstasy escape her lips. Her muscles squeeze tightly around him, milking his cock in a way that only she seemed to ever be able to, wanting to feel his seed deep inside her once again. Feeling his shaft hardening more, his balls tightening, his back arches as with one last hard deep thrust, he explodes deep inside her. Her nails dig deeper into his shoulders, as her body racks from all the excitement. They lay spent together for a few minutes locked in a wonderful embrace her hips squirming as she could still feel his shaft with some life let to it still inside her. She lifts her head and looks at him. Leaning into him she kisses him.

“Are you hungry now baby?” he asks softly.

“No not now, all I want to do is stay right here with you… we can eat later.”

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