Doctor, Who’s That?

Big Tits

This is a new story, and a new process for me.

A new online friend and Lit member, daylilygardener, suggested this storyline, and it intrigued me…so here it is.

I hope you enjoy it, and send me some feedback when you’re done, along with your votes.


Plainfield was a typical small, rural town, out in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by thousands of acres of farmland, and connected to the rest of the world by one four-lane strip of asphalt in each direction, it was a sleepy little town of perhaps 2000, and served maybe that many more in the area around ‘downtown’. Cute houses, in neat rows, radiated out from the main crossroad. It was the town that time forgot.

Still, the residents here didn’t like being considered hicks. They had a Home Depot, a McDonald’s, a KFC, and there was talk of a Walmart. With a Police force of four, a volunteer fire department, and a walk in clinic, the area was well served. They even had a small, family law office, for the days things got out of hand at one of the four local pubs.

When Richard Gardner was hired, four years ago, as the town’s one professional fire fighter, officially the Chief, his wife had been less than thrilled. Married for over thirty years, and city dwellers for all but the last few of it, she missed the hustle and bustle of city life, but it was a step up for her husband, and would ease her mind over his safety.

If the truth were told, however, the hustle and bustle were not what she missed most. Lilly and Richard had spent their married years together, safe in the knowledge that neither would stray behind the other’s back. Of course, in front of each other was another matter entirely. Call it an open marriage, or whatever you like, Richard found that he rather liked the idea of other men partaking in his wife’s charms. As long as she looked after his needs, and was honest about it, she was free to pursue physical relationships with other men, something she did with relish while in the city, where a ready supply of willing and energetic males took her up on the opportunity.

Being consigned to this rural vacuum had put a severe crimp in her social life. Since the community was pretty small, and everyone knew everyone else…or at least someone who knew someone, who knew everyone else…she had been reluctant to pursue her hobby. Reluctant, but horny as hell, and while she had cut back, she had hardly given up. There was a town, about ninety minutes away, slightly bigger and more urban, where Lilly could get her fix of cock. She made the trip about once every three months.

It wasn’t because she didn’t love her husband, nor because he didn’t meet her physical needs. It went a little deeper than that. She just enjoyed being… Bad. Naughty. A slut. She loved putting herself out there, and being taken, made to do things that these other housewives would never do. The thought made her wet.

Lilly had taken the job at the clinic when they moved here, partially for the money, and to occupy her time. She was a fully qualified nurse, and they had taken her in immediately. There were four doctors… a father and son team, with two others…but rarely was more than one in attendance. It was a quiet, routine distraction.

So, Lilly Gardner prepared for another day of her routine. She was standing in front of her full length mirror, naked, inspecting herself, and liking what she saw. Years of biking, hiking, and running had kept her body toned, and slender, with just the right amount of curves. Now in her mid fifties, she tried not to sound conceited, but, damn! She looked good. She turned, craning her head to look at her firm ass, and smiled. Now in profile, her hands slid up her smooth belly to cup her breasts. She moaned softly, and tweaked the nipples that crowned them like little gumdrops.

She was feeling naughty today, so rather than pantyhose, she pulled a pair of stay up thigh highs from the drawer, and slid them up her lean, strong legs. A white, lacey thong followed. It had a mesh panel down the middle, so she could feel the cool air on her lips all day. She would normally wear a regular bra to work…the bra stayed home when she was really horny…but today she felt like something different. She rummaged through her lingerie drawer.

“Ah, that’s the ticket,” she grinned, holding the white lace garment up like a trophy. The tag on it said ’36C’, just like all the others, but this one had cups so brief, they only covered the lower curves of her breasts, stopping well short of concealing her nipples. Slipping into it, she fastened it behind her back, and spent a few seconds adjusting her globes and the bra, getting everything just right.

“There. If they only knew what I’m wearing under my dress,” she giggled. Her brown eyes swept her reflection in the mirror, from her toes, up to her dark auburn hair, cascading over her shoulders. She picked up the white dress from the back of the chair, and stepped into it, zipping up the front. She could have worn scrubs, bursa escort as so many of the nursing sorority had come to do, but where’s the fun in that? The dress gave her many more options for teasing. She stepped into her shoes, a pretty but utilitarian pair of short heels. At 5′ 7″, she didn’t really need the lift, but she liked what they did for her legs.

She picked up her purse, grabbed her keys, and headed for her car, feeling her nipples grating with each jiggling step against the inside of the dress. She’d be wet all day with this stimulation, and she’d probably rip her husband’s clothes off as soon as he got home.


Work was…work. Boring. Routine. Scrapes and bruises, checkups for the area housewives, the occasional excitement of a minor traffic accident, or a farm injury. Today was no different. Dr. Phillips called her into his office.

“Lilly, I need your help. Next week is our party…” he began.

Oh shit… Is it that time already? she thought. Oh joy.

The ‘party’ in question, was the semi-annual get together between the medical clinic and the law office. Officially known as the ‘Professional Services Mingler’, she often wondered why the police weren’t included.

They had their own party, one to which her husband was invited out of courtesy. THEY went into the city, and visited a strip club, something she would have joined them doing in a heartbeat. THEY had fun. She had to go to the ‘party’.

Last year’s event was held at the lawyer’s office. The previous one was here at the clinic. She’d been to four of them, so far, and would rather have her nether regions waxed without wine, than go again. She tuned back in to his voice.

“…so I was hoping you could help me. I’m obviously not very good at planning a fun party, so I’ve put Olivia in charge of the food and drinks, and was hoping you’d take charge of the entertainment. I don’t care what it is, just something fun.”

Well, she could hardly do worse than what had passed for entertainment in the past.

“Okay, Dr. Phillips,” she smiled. “I’ll do it.” She turned to leave the office, and felt his eyes on her rump. This was Dr. Phillips Senior. She’d much rather attract the attention of Dr. Phillips Junior. He was yummy, and made her pussy all wet just thinking about him.


That night, Lilly asked her husband for help.

“I said I’d look after the entertainment, but I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions? Something fun and exciting?”

“Fun and exciting?” he laughed. “How about a glory hole?”

She grinned. She knew he was kidding, but…oh that was a fun night, wasn’t it?

Back in the city, on a dare, she had done it. Just once, but the thought of it almost made her cum. Six guys, one hole in the wall, and about three gallons of cum, or so it seemed. The only disappointing part had been when she desperately needed a cock in her pussy, and couldn’t get it deep enough inside her through the hole. Hmmm.

Her sleep was filled with dreams of that night. She was absolutely insatiable when she woke, and dove under the covers to suck her husband’s morning woodie. She surprised him.

“Holy shit, Lill!” he gasped, as she bobbed her head and stroked him furiously. Having satisfied her oral fixation for now, she threw the covers back, and mounted him, spearing her bald pussy in one deep stroke.

“Oh, fuck, yeah,” she groaned as his shaft split her labia, and nestled way up inside her dripping vagina. She rode him hard and fast, bouncing her perky tits in his face. The dreams had her on the verge, and Richard’s cock did the rest, bringing her to an oozing, clutching orgasm in no time. She tossed her head back and moaned loudly.

Once the waves passed, she leapt off him, and inhaled his cock again, eagerly licking her own salty secretions off his hard flesh, while coaxing him to cum for her. She played with his balls, and gently teased his asshole, before being rewarded with a mouthful of his hot juices, as her spewed his load down her throat. She sucked up every drop, then crawled back up to lay next to him. He gazed at her in stunned, satisfied silence, catching his breath.

“I’ll do it!” she giggled, and licked her lips clean.

“Huh?” he asked.

“The glory hole, for the party…I’ll do it! I think it’s a great idea!” she smiled.

“You do know I was kidding, don’t you?” he laughed.

“Yeah, well, I’m not! They want fun and exciting? Well wait until they get a load of me!” she said happily.

“Okay, honey,” he sighed, knowing better than to argue. “You’re in charge.”

“Yes I am,” she said, “and you’re going to help me. I’ll need you to build me a booth. I know all these people, and their wives, so it would be best if I didn’t know whose cock I was sucking and fucking.”

“Alright,” he replied. “I’ll take care of it.”


Lilly had a little smirk on her face all day at the clinic. She was looking forward to getting her malatya escort married, bald pussy stuffed by as many hard cocks as she could handle. Her only concern was getting the ball rolling. Once the first guy stepped up for his guilt free blowjob and pussy probing, she was sure they’d be lined up and waiting, hard-ons at the ready.

Better talk to Olivia, she thought. We’re going to need lots of booze for lubrication of the libido.

Six days to go. She was going to be climbing the walls by then. Her husband was going to need his vitamins, that’s for sure.


Three days to go, and Lilly was losing her mind.

It didn’t help that Richard was being secretive about his plans for her booth. She was desperate to know, but he wasn’t sharing. Instead, he simply smiled, and told her not to worry about it, while piling up his materials for her to see.

A large piece of heavy, black fabric.

A spring pole, like a shower curtain rod, only a little longer.

A folding table.

A box of AA batteries.

A gift box, wrapped in shiny paper, with a bow on top.

A second wrapped gift, about the size of a shoe box.

A small, fingertip vibrator.

A pair of swim goggles, with the lenses painted black.

A pair of earplugs.

“What the fuck are you building?” she asked him.

“Never mind,” he answered. “You’ll see as soon as I get everything we need. Only one more stop, tomorrow, but it’s the most important part.”

Lilly was glad that he was having fun with his assignment, but she would rather know what was going on.

After work, the next day, she finally got her answers, when Richard walked in with a big crate. It was painted olive drab, with a number stencilled on the side. He put it on the table

“There, that’s everything,” he said proudly.

“Where’s the booth?” she asked.

“There is no booth. A booth is too limiting, so we’ve gone modern,” he. explained.

“Okay. I get what the vibrator is for. Beyond that, I’m at a loss,” she giggled.

“Open the gifts,” he smiled, and handed her the bigger box.

She laughed as she tore open the wrapping, and lifted the lid.

“Alright. That’s appropriate,” she smiled, and took out the first item : a naughty nurse’s costume, white, with red trim. From the picture on the front, she thought she’d look great in it. Also in there was a pair of white fishnet thigh highs. “Thank you, honey,” she smiled.

“Next,” he said, handing her the second box.

When she opened it, she gasped.

“Oh my, honey, they’re beautiful, and so, so sexy. I take it they’re for the outfit?” she asked, pulling out a pair of ultra high, strappy stilettos. They were white as well, with rhinestones on the straps as trim. At least six inches tall, they screamed ‘fuck me’.

“Go put it on,” he growled, obviously planning a trial run.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes!” she giggled, and ran into the bedroom.

A few minutes later, she was back, teetering on the heels. Her breasts bulged out of the tight costume, nipples marked by red crosses. A flirty, ruffled skirt barely covered her ass, and when Richard reached between her legs, he felt nothing but damp labia. She hissed.

“Oh fuck… I am so horny. What’s next?” she begged.

“Earplugs, and goggles,” he directed. “Then go lie across the foot of the bed.”

“You’re getting kinky, baby,” she smiled, putting the earplugs in. “I like it.”She swung her hips temptingly as she walked back into the bedroom, the goggles dangling from her fingers. Once inside, she laid down as instructed, and put the goggles on.” Okay, I’m ready,” she called.

This is weird, she thought. I thought he was building me a glory hole booth. I understand the costume, and the vibe, and the heels… but what’s with the earplugs, and why the goggles?

“I said I’m ready!” she repeated.

Oh my god! she thought, as the velvety head of his hard cock brushed across her lips. I didn’t know he was there! Now I get it! Not only will I not know who it is, I won’t know when it’s coming…or cumming!

Lilly sucked him deep into her mouth, moaning softly. She felt his hands unzip the front of the costume, and uncover her breasts. Her little gumdrops were becoming big gumdrops, standing straight up on her tits. A finger rubbed across her clit, then disappeared, only to return, with a buzzing sensation.

“Oh m’ go’! Yeth!” she mumbled, her mouth stuffed with his shaft. The finger continued to tickle her pleasure pearl, making her squirm across the bed. She sucked him hard, pumping his rod with one hand, while tugging her nipples with the other.

Abruptly, her mouth was empty, and she moaned loudly, wanting her soother back. She felt her husband’s hands grasp her thighs, and drag her closer to the edge of the bed. Now that vibrating fingertip was also teasing her puckered back door, while a tongue took over caressing her excited clit.

“Oh fuck!” she çanakkale escort groaned. The tongue joined the finger, licking and plucking at her rim, before she felt the head of his cock hard against it. It pressed in, and her experienced anal opening yielded.

“Yes baby! Fuck my ass! Gimme that big cock!” she demanded, as the shaft intruded into her. His hands gripped her waist, and he started to pound her ass with a steady rhythm of deep strokes. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she gasped in time with his thrusts.

The vibrating fingertip now went back to her clit, and she lost it, cumming almost instantly. Her ass clenched, strangling his cock, but he kept fucking her, and kept stimulating her clit. Her pussy gushed, oozing juices over his cock and her ass.

Suddenly, her ass was empty again. She waited impatiently, until the cock tapped her lips again. She opened wide, and her husband squirted his hot cum into her mouth. Very little missed the target, and she swallowed it with a happy moan. She pulled the goggles off, and looked up at him. He was smiling.

“The goggles are just a backup,” said, as she removed the earplugs, “and to keep the cum out of your eyes, should someone be sloppy. The real trick is in the crate.”

He explained the rest to her. She was impressed. She had no idea he could be so twisted. It was a pleasant surprise. She was gonna have soooooo much fun!


It was the day of the party at last. For the last two days, she had abstained. She wanted to be very, very horny. She was.

Her husband’s inventiveness had opened a whole new aspect of play for her. She had been with a couple of women in the past, but never even considered the possibility where the party was concerned. It’s pretty hard to lick a pussy through a glory hole. Now the wall was gone, and with any luck, some of the ladies attending the party might be making their way under her tongue.

There was one in particular she wanted to taste.

The law offices of Anderson and Anderson was a family business. The father, Edwin, had lived here his whole life, and started his practice over thirty years ago. His son, Brandon, graduated law school three years ago, and joined the business immediately. Lilly was hoping Brandon had a nice big cock for her, but there was another person there she would like to be with.

Carolyn Anderson was, in a word, exquisite. Blonde hair, huge blue eyes, and with a body to kill for, she always had guys fawning over her. She could have been forgiven for getting a swelled head, yet remained very down to earth. Lilly had talked with her often around town, and really liked her.

Attending from the law office would be the whole family, including Edwin’s wife Betty. All four doctors were attending, with the three married ones bringing their wives, too. Olivia, the clinic receptionist, and her husband Bryan, and Richard of course. And Junior. That made eight men, six women…and one Lilly.

Lilly and Richard headed for the clinic to get things set up. She was nervous. It had been several years since she had done anything like this, and even longer since she’d been shared with so many men. Still, nervous or not, she was eager to go. She couldn’t wait to feel a strange cock filling up her married, bald pussy. Richard parked and they shuttled the items inside, then he started setting up.

Examination room C was the biggest, and most remote of the rooms, so it was the logical choice. He set the table in the hallway and put the crate on the table, with the flaps of the lid closed. He moved the coat rack into the corner just outside the door. Inside the room, he stood on the exam table, and removed the fluorescent tubes, plunging the room into darkness. Outside, in the hallway, he wedged the spring pole between the walls, high near the ceiling, and hung the thick, black fabric from it, blacking out that end of the hall.

Lilly turned Exam room B into her changing room, laying out the various different things she would be using tonight. They were pretty much ready. All she had to do was copy the instruction sheet, and get them ready to pass out.

Olivia and Bryan arrived, toting food and alcohol, and while they were putting their stuff out and turning room A into a bar, Lilly did her photocopying, then folded the pages and inserted them into small, empty pill bottles, which she put in a little basket, and set aside. Then she went and changed into her regular nurse’s dress. She wore the half cup bra again, but to everyone’s eyes, she was dressed as normal for work.

Within minutes, the guests started to arrive. Lilly greeted each of them as they came in, handing each of the men a bottle from her little basket of instructions, with express orders that they put it in their pocket, and not peek. When Carolyn arrived, with the rest of her family, Lilly gave her one too. She was the only unattached woman in the group, and Lilly had made hers up special, wording it differently than those the guys got. Once everyone was there, the head of the entertainment committee willingly became a waitress, delivering drinks on a tray.

Things remained this way for a while, but as the third round of drinks was being dispensed, Lilly lowered the zipper on her dress, displaying a little bit of delicious cleavage. She happily saw the eyes of the men linger on the show she was giving them.

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