Executive Solutions Ch. 05


Chapter Five – Homecoming

“Natalie Styles,” the woman replied.

“I’m Natalie Styles, ex FBI agent, co-founder of Executive Solutions, and your sometime lover.

A man in a white coat carrying a large medical kit came in behind the four paramilitary types. Two of them dragged the assassins’ bodies into corner and covered them with the bloody blanket off the bed.

“That’ll do. We’ll torch the place when we leave,” Natalie said.

Two of the men remained outside standing guard while the other two helped the medic tend to LeBron and Reese.

Natalie pointed with her chin to the medic, her arm still around Cassie.

“‘Doc’ Neeson knows what he’s doing. He’s no longer a licensed doctor per-se but he’s better than most of those quacks out there and he specialises in treating wounds and treating people infused with psychosomatics. They will have drugged your friends with some sort of immobilising agent. Doc will take a quick blood sample, identify the drug and administer an antidote. They should be able to walk in an hour or so,” she went on to explain.

“I have so many questions that I don’t know where to start,” Cassie sighed.

“Ok; ask away but you’ve only got that hour. But first I wanna clean you up and get you dressed, ok?” Natalie stroked Cassie’s hair and looked at her lovingly.

“Ok. Stay here. Let me do my thing,” Natalie eased Cassie back down on the bed and she curled up in a foetal position.

Natalie poured hot water from the kettle in to a bowl and mixed in some cold; she took a little bottle of liquid soap the boys had taken from motel and mixed it with the warm water. She helped Cassie out of her tattered and cum-soaked pantyhose and began to wipe her down.

“Mmm that feels good,” Cassie managed a weak smile.

Natalie gently kissed her cheek; she brushed away Cassie’s hand when she tried to take over.

“I’ve done this many times before; don’t be bashful,” Natalie smiled down at her.

She dried Cassie off, fixed her makeup and helped her into a new pair of pantyhose, panties and bra, jeans and fleecy top. She poured fresh coffee for them both with a good slug JD to fortify it. The medic and the others were still working on LeBron and Reese and they wanted the bed so they could lay the paralysed men down so Cassie and Natalie moved over to the table.

“Ok; ask away,” Natalie took Cassie’s hand in hers.

“First off. Who the fuck is Kelsey Reka?” she looked earnestly into Natalie’s eyes.

Cassie was surprised when Natalie burst out laughing.

“Why that’s you honey! You’re Kelsey Reka,” Natalie grinned.

“What the fuck?” Cassie looked bemused.

“Well I figure you made the name up yourself. Kelsey, because it’s very close to Cassie and Reka is Bulgarian for River. Very sanguine of you; Cassie Rivers becomes Kelsey Reka,” Natalie reached for cigarettes and lit them both one.

“But why?” Cassie looked bewildered.

“You really have lost your memory haven’t you? You really don’t remember me?” Natalie searched Cassie’s eyes.

“Well yes but only vaguely and only because you are here; I feel a bond between us and I feel somehow safe and cared for in your presence,” Cassie said and Natalie squeezed her hand.

“Ok as soon as he’s finished with your friends; I’ll get Doc to look at you and see if there is an antidote for what has caused your amnesia. In the interim I’ll give you a very abridged version of your past,” Natalie began.

“There is of course some fascinating history before you became a full patch member of the Beasts of Burden Motorcycle Club working undercover for the FBI, but that’s where I’ll start. I was your supervising agent. I was also your lover. You left the club for reasons I won’t go into now and for a period you were in Witsec also called Witness Protection. Then you ditched Witsec and became a Nomad biker; riding around the USA working briefly for various MCs as an enforcer or problem-solver.”

“I eventually left the FBI and we reunited. I had the necessary skills and resources to track you down so I did. We rekindled our love for one and other, although you always were and always will be profligate, that’s just who you are and I love you regardless,” she squeezed Cassie’s hand.

“I’m to blame somewhat for your promiscuity, it’s ingrained in you due to the intense training I had you undertake during your FBI induction as an undercover agent.”

“But you also have ingrained within you a devout sense of righteousness and compassion and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you.”

“Anyway when we got back together, we couldn’t just sit on the porch and grow old or ride motorcycles all over the world; we both have special skills that are intrinsic to us and that we are unable to repudiate, we are bound to exercise them.”

“So we formed Executive Solutions which started off as just the two of us conducting KFR resolutions, blackmail solutions and large scale debt recovery. Our reputation grew and so did our business, our staff, our resources, our proficiency, and our variety mardin escort of products.”

“Then, about a month ago you went rogue. A couple came to us claiming that their daughter had been taken and was being used by a paedophile ring using the West Coast Mob’s pornography production interests as a front. Some initial research led us to believe that Franco Delgado could be involved but then we were warned off the case.”

“Warned off by some powerful and influential people in law enforcement, business, and political spheres may I add. The couple who made the claim disappeared and Executive Solutions formally dropped the case.”

“But not Cassie! Not my Cassie! She took everything we had on the case, disappeared and went rogue. From what I gather you even printed up your own Kelsey Reka business cards and ID; knowing that just being associated with Executive Solutions opens doors and procures indulgences.”

“I haven’t put it all together yet and we won’t until your memory returns. But I’m guessing that you somehow acquired the services of LeBron in order for him to pimp you to Franco Delgado where I’m guessing you intended to interrogate him and that’s when it all went to shit.”

“I’ve no idea who those two stiffs are or who they were working for; or why they wanted you dead and the need to frame you for Delgado’s murder.”

“We got a lead on you when you checked into the Holiday Inn and used your Executive Solutions card to get upgraded,” Natalie said.

“That was just a fluke; I had no idea,” Cassie admitted.

“Anyway we had Intel that some mob operatives were after you and we warned you as best we could. You disappeared again until we found you at the King’s Court Motel on the outskirts of Marana Arizona.”

“Doesn’t explain why I had no ID, no credit cards and had to offer LeBron a piece of my ass to get him to pimp me to Delgado?” Cassie drew on her cigarette.

“Darling we froze all your accounts and put out a BOLO on you. You could only operate as Kelsey Reka. Until we unlock what’s in there we won’t know the full story,” she tapped Cassie’s forehead with her forefinger.

“And you’re my lover?” Cassie asked, looking at Natalie questioningly.

“I fell in love with you back when you were an undercover biker and I just can’t shake the habit no matter how much you piss me off and antagonise me. I’m head over heels, insanely in love with you Cassie,” she reached across the table and kissed Cassie tenderly on the lips.

Cassie was tentative at first and then something happened inside her and she returned Natalie’s kiss.

“There is something there for sure; and it doesn’t feel like something trivial; it feels special,” Cassie whispered.

Natalie let a single tear run down her cheek and when Cassie went to wipe it away, Natalie grasped Cassie’s hand, put it to her lips and then rested it on her cheek.

“I do love you Cassie,” she sighed.

Doc Neeson eventually got LeBron and Reese ambulatory and with the help of the two burly paramilitaries they were helped into the back of a large black SUV. They were both rambling incoherently but Cassie guessed they were trying to say they were sorry for being unable to help her while the two assailants were abusing her.

Cassie got up and went over to them both and kissed their cheeks and ruffled their hair affectionately,” it’s ok; The Avengers finally prevailed, she smiled at the joke.

“See what I mean? You’re a trained killer but you are loyal and affectionate to the last,” Natalie smiled at her.

“What do you mean trained killer?” Cassie’s brow furrowed.

“Enough for now. Let’s get you back to Executive Solutions,” Natalie clapped her hands and her associates began to pack up the cabin.

Natalie escorted Cassie out to a second SUV, refusing to leave her side. They sat in the back of the vehicle and Natalie lowered Cassie’s head onto her lap. Cassie fell asleep as the convoy of two SUVs and a black, souped-up transit van bounced down the forest trail, the night sky illuminated by the blazing cabin and the assassin’s vehicle. Natalie stroked Cassie’s hair gently until she began to fall asleep herself; unconsciously she sought Cassie’s hand and Cassie squeezed Natalie’s fingers. They both sighed with contentment in their sleep.

Cassie woke up as the convoy pulled up outside of a converted warehouse. The façade had been restored to its original rusticity but the entrance and windows were modern and stark; all brushed aluminium and black glass. A security roller-door opened and the convoy entered the basement with a screech of tyres.

Two stretchers were waiting and despite their protests LeBron and Reese were made to lay down on them and covered with blankets. Doc Neeson fussed around them for a minute or two giving directions to a medic and a nurse. Then he came over to Natalie who was helping Cassie out of the SUV.

“They have both been given a neuromuscular-blocking drug, which I’m sure I’ve identified and provided appropriate treatment. As you can van escort see they quite ambulatory now and beginning to recover their speech and other body functions. However; I’m keeping them under observation for a couple of days to ensure there are no complications,” he said.

“As for Cassandra, I’m reasonably certain she was administered benzodiazepine propranolol which has caused her amnesia. You can see that skerricks of her memory are returning but I will need to properly treat her by putting her into an induced coma while I flush her system and administer what I hope will be a treatment that will return her memory,” Doc said.

Natalie lit a cigarette.

“I wish you would stop that filthy habit,” Doc said tersely.

Natalie ignored the barb.

“Can her treatment wait a day at least; she’s been ok until now,” Natalie raised her brows asking the question.

“Hey! I’m right fucking here! I’m not some child or puppy for you two to decide what happens to me!” Cassie said angrily.

Natalie gave Doc a ‘here we go again look’ and replied.

“That’s it then. We give Cassie twenty-four hours to make up her mind what she wants to do. You’ll explain the medical procedures and associated risks and I’ll try to explain to her some more of her past and present so she can make an informed decision.”

Doc Neeson shrugged his shoulders; Natalie and Cassie were his bosses and he was used to taking orders from them. They paid him for his medical expertise but it was their company, their operation, they made the final decisions; the Hippocratic Oath did not come into play when you worked for Executive Solutions.

“I agree,” Cassie said.

Natalie took Cassie’s hand.

“Come with me and I’ll show you around but only briefly; I want to get to you to our apartment so we can get you settled in,” Natalie said.

“We have an apartment together? We have an apartment here?” Cassie looked incredulous.

Natalie and Doc both couldn’t suppress a chuckle.

“Oh yes; we have an apartment here,” Natalie grinned and pulled Cassie along with her towards the elevator.

“What about my stuff?” Cassie protested.

“Not sure you will need any of that ‘stuff’ darling but the boys will unpack it and bring it up later,” Natalie replied.

Cassie looked bemused.

They entered the lift and Natalie pushed the buttons for the first and second third floors.

The door opened on the first floor to an opulent foyer with a handsome and hard-bodied security guard standing erect and looking very observant; sitting behind a sleek blonde-wood-panelled desk was a rather attractive and impeccably dressed receptionist. A smoky glazed wall separated the foyer from what appeared to be a well-laid out office space where a staff of about twenty men and women were going about their business.

“Mmm…is that guard on the payroll and does her perform collateral duties,” Cassie chided Natalie.

Natalie poked Cassie in the ribs.

“Yes and no; good to see you haven’t changed.”

“Dennis is professional; and married, so forget about that sister,” she snickered.

“This is our business centre where we interview prospective clients, manage cases and our company,” Natalie pushed the button to close the door.

The second floor was similar the first with a security guard and receptionist but the wall behind the receptionist was impenetrable black glass.

“On this floor is our operations room, infirmary, armoury, intelligence centre, and rooms with other uses, best explained later,” Natalie had to punch in a code to access the third floor.

They stepped out into well-appointed foyer. There was a small reception area off to the left with an opulent couch and chairs with two elaborate teak doors that looked like they led to offices.

“Your private office and mine,” Natalie casually waved in their direction but led Cassie to the right down a small corridor.

They came to a set of imposing teak double doors with a keypad and a touchpad mounted on the wall. Natalie punched in a code and pressed her hand on the touch screen.

The doors opened onto a huge apartment.

“Home,” Natalie squeezed Cassie’s hand.

The reception area was huge, furnished with expensive leather and modern furniture, the biggest flat-screen TV that Cassie had ever seen, and a fully-stocked bar. One-way glass gave views out over the city and an ostentatious outdoor entertainment area complete with what looked like a small jungle garden surrounding a large pool.

The lounge led to a modern open-plan kitchen with all the best appliances and she could make out a small glassed in gymnasium to one side. Beside that was what looked like a party room that opened onto another balcony.

“The smoking area. We refuse to allow smoking inside. We both keep pledging to give up but…” Natalie just shrugged her shoulders.

“And through there?” Cassie was amazed at the opulence of the place.

“Our bedroom,” Natalie led Cassie through another set of double ankara escort doors to the biggest bedroom Cassie could imagine.

The bed was huge, covered in African animal print throw rugs and pillows. The door to what Cassie could only imagine was an equally palatial bathroom was open. There were ‘her and her’ walk-in robes resplendent with dressing tables and full-length mirrors.

“So we live like paupers then?” Cassie joked.

Natalie spun Cassie around and tossed her on the bed. Natalie dived on the bed and landed beside her; then she climbed on top and straddled her.

“Yes babe we do it tough,” she grinned down at Cassie.

Cassie frowned.

“So I really live here? With you?” she looked up at Natalie expectantly.

“When you’re not catting around you do,” Natalie’s smile turned into a pout.

“So I am a whore,” Cassie looked perturbed.

“No you are definitely not! You’re…how do you say? Unbridled,” the pout deepened.

Cassie pulled Natalie’s face close to hers.

“You don’t like it do you?” she searched Natalie’s eyes.

“Sometimes we have to do what we have to do,” she said pragmatically, but Cassie could see the hurt in Natalie’s eyes.

“You do love me don’t you?” Cassie whispered.

“Unconditionally,” Natalie whispered.

Cassie pulled Natalie’s face down to hers and kissed her; at first tentatively, then lovingly, then passionately.

Lust overcame them both. Natalie struggled to rip off Cassie’s jeans and panties, Cassie kicked off her shoes and threw open Natalie’s jacket and pulled it down her arms; it was awkward but intense. Natalie eventually got Cassie free of her jeans and pulled the fleecy top off her leaving dressed only in pantyhose, and bra.

Natalie was still fully dressed except for her jacket but she lay down on the bed and pulled Cassie down on top of her kissing fervently between her sentences.

“Just leave the rest! We’ll work it out,” she gasped grasping Cassie’s erect penis through the sheer gusset of her pantyhose.

Cassie pushed Natalie down into bed aggressively; she ripped open Natalie’s blouse and yanked down her bra. Natalie reciprocated ripping off Cassie’s bra and exposing her small, pert breasts. Natalie pulled Cassie to her and sucked her breasts while stroking her penis while Cassie gasped and writhed on top of her lover.

Cassie endured the stimulation as long she could then she tore herself free and lowered her mouth to Natalie’s large firm breasts suckled her nipples, nipping at them and making Natalie moan. She swiped away Natalie’s hand from her crotch and hiked up her navy blue skirt, exposing sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and white satin panties.

Cassie pushed her groin into Natalie’s, her hard nylon-encased cock rubbing on Natalie’s panty-clad mons. She reached down and ripped off Natalie’s panties.

“You bitch!” Natalie growled.

“You too!” Cassie hissed into Natalie’s mouth as Cassie raked her hands along Natalie’s thighs and then tore open the gusset of her pantyhose.

Natalie lifted her back off the bed pressing her moistened cunt against Cassie’s nylon-encased penis.

“Stop teasing me you cunt,” Natalie bit Cassie’s lip and used her fingernail to tear a hole in Cassie’s pantyhose.

She freed Cassie’s rampant member and guided it to her dewy labia.

“Fuck me Cassie! Make love to me like you used to,” Natalie looked deeply into Cassie’s eyes and then crushed her lips against Natalie’s.

Cassie’s hard cock slid inside the folds of Natalie’s sex; her tumescence filled Natalie’s vagina. Cassie pushed her cock all the way into Natalie; their pubis ground together stimulating Natalie’s clitoris and Natalie’s locked her legs around Cassie’s. Their nylons whispered as they rubbed together adding to their stimulation.

Cassie got into a rhythm as she fucked her lover, easing her cock out of her vagina until her glans nestled in Natalie’s labia and then thrusting deep inside her and grinding her pelvis against Natalie’s sodden sex to stimulate her clitoris.

They kissed intensely and raked at each other’s bodies as their passions mounted.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” they gasped in unison as their respective orgasms approached.

They thrashed and tore at each other, biting lips, nipples and sucking on necks and bruised lips as they came. Cassie pounded her hard cock deep inside Natalie and released her seed deep inside her lover. Natalie intertwined her pantyhosed legs with Cassie’s nylon-clad calves and held her lover close, ensuring Cassie’s pubis pressed on her clitoris. She raised herself and ground herself against Cassie, intensifying her orgasm.

Later they lay in each other’s arms. Natalie had managed to shed the remnants of her torn blouse and shucked out of her skirt. They cuddled, nuzzled and caressed each other.

“You know we go through so many pairs of nylons and panties like that,” Natalie kissed Cassie on the side of her mouth.

“Is that a bad thing?” Cassie joked.

“Certainly not,” Natalie chuckled.

She became serious.

“Are you going to undertake the treatment recommended by Doc Neeson tomorrow?” Natalie asked.

“Yes I am. I feel something for you Natalie but it’s beneath the surface; a vestige of something profound. I want to really feel the love we so obviously have for each other,” she stroked Natalie’s face.

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