Falling into Subspace Ch. 01


Sarah was always a sweet and friendly woman, very helpful at work. She was always asking me questions about my old job, had I been on any dates lately, and so on and so forth. She was young, friendly woman who was making her way into a new job. I found her very attractive. She was what I would call a smart dresser. Always tasteful outfits that just made her look even sexier to me. I guess it was the look of sophistication it gave her that made me feel that way. An intelligent woman was always more attractive to me than some blonde, bombshell bimbo. Sarah had all that going for her and more. A very pretty face and eyes that seemed to fathom a better understanding of things than most of the other women I had met. The things I always found myself staring after were her gorgeous legs. She always wore sexy stockings and walked around in heels which just enhanced the magnificence of her wondrous stems. To see her in black stockings and high heels just made me want to stare constantly and had to fight the urge too often so I would not be noticed. All that had earned her a large place in my fantasies.

A couple of months after she started her job she was assigned to the late shift with me handling phone calls from our west coast customers. During the late shift we were often there by ourselves only seeing random cleaning staff coming and going. Much of the time we spent talking to customers on the phone but we did have time for conversation on the slower nights and also time for me to sneak more glances at her lovely legs. They were never tucked under her desk either. She always sat facing to the side with them stretched out or crossed. I would watch her from time to time as her desk was not far from mine, and in plain view. She would occasionally reach down and run a hand idly along her calf while she talked on the phone. My eyes would lock on at that point I would get so distracted at times I would lose track of the conversation I was having with the customer.

I do not know how I could let myself be so distracted I just loved the look of a beautiful pair of legs and Sarah had them and always had them in plain view for me to see. Sometimes I would think there were two sides to her, one the nice, sweet woman who was always asking after you making pleasant conversation, the other times you would clearly see her taking over a conversation with someone, usually a man. She would just seem to find a little advantage and subtly shift him to get what she wanted. I knew plenty of women like that. I knew their little games and never played along. How could those guys miss what was happening, it was too transparent xslot to me, but they would just be led along like a puppy. I could never see myself being led around like that by a woman until one night when Sarah decided to show me how I could be.

She came over to my desk just as I got off a call, “Hey John do you have any bandaids?”

“Let me check,” I said as I began to look through my desk drawers. She sat on the edge of my desk pulling one foot up over her knee to take one of her black, leather heels off. She was definitely not shy about showing her legs off.

“Shoes getting uncomfortable?” I asked as my eyes hovered on them clad in black stockings.

“Yes this one is killing my heel and I really need a bandaid before it tears away the skin.”

Just then I felt rather than saw the bandaid in my desk drawer due to the fact that my eyes were still stealing glances at her legs when I thought she would not notice.

“Well here you go Sarah,” I smiled as I handed her the bandaid.

“Thanks John, you’re a life saver, gotta go take off my stocking so I can put it on now.”

After saying that she stood up and started walking akwardly to the women’s restroom. My eyes lingered on her walking away still looking sexy despite her uneven gait. I went back to the phones then and had a couple good conversations with clients. In the meantime Sarah had gone back to her desk once again putting her lovely legs on display. She would use them to push her chair slowly back and forth. At one point I could not help thinking she was doing it on purpose. I also remember thinking perhaps I should thank her for giving me the show. It was nothing as provocative as going to a cabaret but more playfully girlish, yet sexy at the same time. The night was pretty slow after that and Sarah decided to fill up the boredom with some conversation.

“Anymore dates lately John? You go out on so many it seems.”

“I am supposed to have a second date Friday but I am not sure if I still want to see her.”

“Why? What makes you want to see someone again?”

“Good sense of humor, decent conversation, maybe a nice ass,” I replied with a playful glint in my eyes.

Laughing Sarah replied, “I think you just go out with too many women who let you run all over them and you get bored.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well you’re smart, successful, funny and probably want someone who can challenge you once in a while John. How boring is it to run all over those girls you date?” She was sitting in her chair at that point facing me with her legs crossed. My eyes darted xslot Giriş down to her legs once or twice as we talked.

“Sometimes I think that but there’s too many games with a lot of women and I just get bored of it because I see them coming and don’t find them genuine.”

“Not all games are bad you know. Some of them are even fun.”

“Oh really? What games are those? Most women who play games are either scared of getting hurt or are players themselves.”

“Doesn’t sound like it’s the games you don’t like John, just the fact that you can’t trust those women who play them.” She slowly uncrossed her legs once again drawing my eyes down to them again and just at that moment she reached a hand down to caress them again.

“Deep conversation for work, don’t you think Sarah?” I questioned as I looked up and found her eyes locked on mine.

“I just hate to see you wasting all your time on these dates with a bunch of women you never seem to like,” she had a slightly pleased look on her face as she said it.

“Sounds like you have an interest when you say it like that Sarah.”

“Oh you wouldn’t like me at all John, I play lots of games,” her eyes had a mischievous look to them as her hand trailed over her legs one more time never taking her eyes off my face to watch my eyes drop down uncontrollably once again.

I tried not to look but the movement of her hand seemed to draw my eyes to her legs and they lingered a little too long that time.

Sarah did not miss a beat, “So you’re a leg man then, I guess you were joking about the nice ass,” she giggled.

I was tripped up for a second but recovered, “Oh nice legs often lead to the other Sarah.”

“Oh I’ve seen you staring at my legs while we work John. You sneak glances all the time, it’s kind of cute,” she had a little patronizing look on her face that made me feel a bit defensive for some reason.

“I don’t mean to stare Sarah, sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable.”

“It’s okay sweetie, you just can’t help it,” she said sweetly which really started to make me feel uncomfortable, mostly because I was getting a hard on. When I made no reply Sarah started to turn it up a notch. “I know you like to stare at my legs John, I know you’d love to touch them,” she kept talking as she got up from her desk and started walking back over to mine. “Wouldn’t you like to feel them all clad in my silky black stockings John?”

At that point my voice had abandoned me, I sat at my desk looking numbly at her as she perched herself on my desk, legs crossed. “Oh I’ve got you figured out now xslot Güncel Giriş John, never a girl who can challenge you, never one who gets through to you. It’s a shame you’ve been missing out on a woman like me all this time,” she said softly putting one foot on my chair in between my legs, swiveling it and me to face her.

She looked down at my crotch and saw my erection and gave a giggle, “Oh John, see what I’ve done, this is all one of those girls had to do to get you under her thumb.” The toe of her shoe began to rub up and down the length of my hard on making my breaths come deeper and longer. I did not know what to do. Everything seemed to be happening so fast and I was stuck in slow motion.

“Oh John doesn’t that feel good? It’s okay don’t answer, I know how you feel right now. Feel that rush John? That’s all your power leaving you, all your will going away from you, but don’t worry baby because I’m going to hold on to it for you. My gosh you are worked up aren’t you. How many times have you jerked off thinking about my legs? Thinking about me taking control of you just like this? It’s okay, don’t answer baby, not tonight. Right now though, I have to get going because our shifts are over and I need to go home.”

I heard her give a soft laugh as her gaze fell back to my crotch. I looked down to see there was a tiny wet spot on the front of my pants. “John it’s okay if you need to go jerk off right now. You can tell me about it tomorrow,” she put a leg back up in between my legs and took one of my hands in hers. She used my hand to rub up and down the length of her calf,” that feels nice doesn’t it? Oh I love the feel of silk stockings baby and I know how much you love the feel of them encasing my legs. Well I hope you have a good night sweetie. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

My eyes were locked on her as she walked to her desk to get her purse with a satisfied smile on her face. She turned back to look at me one more time, giving another soft laugh and then walked out the door. I just sat there with a raging hardon trying to figure out what the hell had just happened before I headed home and jerked off with the echo of her words in my head telling me to do it wondering if I would really tell her about it when I saw her next. I had a feeling I would do just that and more. That feeling, that helpless feeling I had had that night was one I knew I would want to have again and again. My biggest worry is what she would start to ask of me in exchange. Suddenly I knew how all the guys I saw her manipulate had become so mindless around her. She knew their buttons and after a couple months she had found one of mine and pushed it over and over until she knew it was enough to get me under her thumb. I felt the push and would probably be asking her in one way or another to do it over and over again. Once again I wondered what was she going to ask in return.

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