For His Mistress’ Pleasure: Final


I felt someone jabbing me awake to find Sonja on top of me directing my semi-erect cock into her pussy. I laid on my back looking at her firm body as it lowered over my growing member. Then a waft of sex smell permeated my nose as Daniel placed his used cock against my lips. Still waking up I was forced to take the large tool into my mouth to suck as he rested upon my face pushing his balls into my nose and blocking my view of his lovely sub.

In moments my body registered this delight of being rode and sucking cock that I grabbed her hips and bounced her harder. She moaned though it is mumbled, I do not know what or who was in her mouth. Inside her pussy she clenched me tighter almost as if she intended to drag my cock right off of me. I would gladly have let her if she just wouldn’t stop this ride.

Daniel also let the moment take him as he rose up to cover her tits in the come I excited out of him to. He came more than any man I have known, letting the milky spew glisten on her olive skin. She thanked him while not stopping her grinding on me. A drop of come fell on my lips and was quickly retrieved by this submissive as her chest rubbed against mine, the sticky goo gluing us together for a moment.

I saw over her shoulder the boys watching me again. Carl and Louis smiled at me and point to themselves like they were next. Was I going to get to fuck them I wondered. But this thought was short lived when Sonja let out a roar and gripped my cock so tight it actually felt like a vice. Then I felt the flow of her juice dripping down my balls and over my belly. She ejaculated. I had never had a woman ejaculate on me before. It was practically gushing, but there was no fear of any mess as she stood up letting Mitchell and Elaine go to work on my cock, balls and ass as Erin delved into to flow.

My Mistress sat watching all this with a smile on her face. The feeling of the ball and cocksuckers sent my tool into overdrive wanting more sweet pussy.

“He’s a good cock sucker, Zoë” Daniel commented sipping on his refreshed Margarita.

“I trained him, “ Carl said, proud of our earlier play.

“I want to try” Steve said being slow to act. “Come here sissy boy,” he said to me.

I crawled over to him as he gripped his cock in front of him. Though it wasn’t as large as my own it was still a cock that needed attention as I sat back to lick and devour this fleshy tool. Without missing a beat he immediately grabbed my head forcing me down the length of the shaft to his balls, sniffing the aroma of fresh sex. I was no longer sucking him as he fucked my mouth.

“That’s right you fuck toy, suck it,” he said with grunts and moans fully getting into the scene. It was such a turn on to be treated so rough by this man that I gripped his ass spreading the cheeks as his cock jammed into my wet mouth.

“Do it you slut,” he commanded and as if reading his mind I slid a finger in his tight ass. I could tell it had never been used as I found it hard to get more than a knuckle’s worth inside. I did feel his cock throb more as I tried to go deeper, but he wouldn’t let me. I was being pounded as he forced my head harder over his manhood pulsing inside of me and calling me so many names.

He held my head over his spurting tool choking me deeply with each wave of semen down my throat. I couldn’t move against his orgasmic strength so I kept swallowing and enjoying my submission.

Finally releasing me, he stepped back and told me what a good cocksucker I was. I noticed on my left sat Sonja, who was licking the inner folds of my Mistress making me want to be her. Erin took her place before me, pushing me back on to the floor, her massive tits swaying as she lowered her full form onto me.

This was one of my favorite positions, being smothered by pussy. I gripped her thighs and set about filling her wet hole with my tongue, nose and chin. She road me hard pushing her love juice up my nose, but this only turned me on more. As she filled my face with her passion I felt my cock being bound once again. The leather strap wrapped tightly around my cock gripping my veins and holding me in place. Harder she fucked my face causing me to fear that I would actually be smothered, though what a way to die.

Her moan was earth shattering as my face was drenched in female juice and she got off of me as quickly as she could. My ease was short lived as I was pulled to my feet to pleasure Mitchell with my mouth. My jaw hurt and Erin’s come was hardening on my skin, but I kept up with my task. Mitchell was gentler than Steve, giving me cues on how he liked to be pleased.

Like my Mistress, he was a sensualist and found the art of sex as intoxicating as the outcome.

“Grip the base, now suck my balls,” he instructed, words I recall saying to other lovers as I tried to teach them pleasures. “Kiss my thighs, that’s right inner thighs, you know, you were a man once” This last phrase stung me, but in my current state of mind I knew he was right. I was a man once and would be again, but now I was in the honor of my Mistress.

“More on the head now” he started getting into it trying not to force fuck me, but his grip on my shoulder delivered the message. I wanted his come so bad, I wanted all of their come. I wanted to eat, swallow and be covered in come.

I recalled an old girl friend who always wanted me to come on her and now I knew the thrill of being a come slut. His grip grew tighter as he pushed me away milking his member to cover my face and drip to my chest. On the side of my face I felt a wet slap of semen as Louis released his orgasm onto me as well. Then Carl. I was covered allover my head and neck with male come and feeling my ecstasy grow.

“Now look at the mess you made” My Mistress spoke as the last man finished.

“What a dirty boy you have there Zoë” Daniel said. His tsk tsk punctuated the remark.

“So you like come do you sissy” I felt the swat of the crop on my chest as my Mistress paraded around me. I felt foolish in this state though no one was laughing. Instead they all had the look of disappointment on their faces.

“I can’t have such a naughty sub, now can I” she asked with another swat. I was carried by my arms to the horse in the center of the room where I was bound.

“If you want to be a slut then I will make you one” and without ease or tenderness, I felt her enter me with her strap on. Even though it was well lubed, I was not ready and the sheer pain ripped through me. She sensed this and retreated only to delve into me again. This time I was prepared and the discomfort was minimal.

“You are so beautiful when you do that” Mitchell commented to her as he kissed her. She never stopped but I felt him guiding the long dildo even deeper into my ass.

“You make me want to fuck you now” he said again

“Why don’t you. Sissy here likes to be fucked by guys. If you fuck me now it will be like fucking him” She teased.

“But I am spent, he sucked the life right out of me” he whimpered with a fake whine. “You could use something that doesn’t get soft,” She suggested. He agreed and within minutes I felt him slide another strap on into my Mistress’ ass. I knew it was her ass from her moans and sighs, which were familiar to me.

Now it was harder and harder against my insides pushing me over the edge into a realm I have never been fucked before. I felt the power grow inside me, as the world seemed to disappear. I was still aware, but did not care. Even the pain of her force was dismal as I felt light and airy in my release. Her hands on my back were like feathers from angel wings and I bowed in my mind to her goddess senses. I felt the easing up of her weight as she too felt her own intoxicating passions erupt into the ether around her. Like a drug, this kind of sex evaporated all worry and pain and lost desires.

She extracted the dildo from my ass leaving me lying on the horse. I felt her grip my shoulders with loving tenderness as I was released from my bonds. I was coming back to earth, laid upon a pillow to rest and felt myself coming back to my body.

The goings on for the rest of the night were all a blur as I wavered between dream and consciousness. I knew the fucking continued and that Sonja had been gangbanged being made to beg for more.

When everyone was spent and the sweat became stale, my Mistress escorted everyone to their cars, asked if they were all right to drive and received a bunch of yeses and kisses from each participant. She returned to me and with a gentle tone lifted me to my feet. She led me to the bathroom showering me with affectionate compliments.

“I am a lucky Domme to have such a sub as you, Brian. You are so sweet. I truly love how you are so willing.” She kissed me gently

“Thank you Mistress, anything for your pleasure.” She turned on the water and as it warmed pushed aside my hair to look into my eyes.

“You are mine and that is an honor. But I am yours too and that is a promise” She kissed me as a lover, no scene or roles now, just pure love.

We got into the shower together and lathered each other all over erasing the sent of sex replacing it with jasmine. I nuzzled her neck and kissed her, holding her close like a child. She fit so well into my arms. I knew that no matter what had happened this was why I did it.

I toweled her off and then myself following her into the bedroom and taking my place beside her in the king size bed. She spooned inside me, her ass resting against my shriveled and tired cock as my arms wrapped around her breasts. I let her wet hair carress my face as I left myself for dream world knowing that never again would time or anything come between us.

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