Finding Goddess Ch. 03


With the apparent crisis of Carol’s impending arrest averted for reasons neither she nor Henrietta could fathom, the three women settled snugly into their booth each with their respective cups of coffee to nurse. However, the young naked blonde, who called herself Maisie, insisted that her fellow nudist, Carol, sit with her “just in case.”

“You said something about Zenrists earlier,” said Henrietta as she took a sip of her cappuccino. “What is that supposed to be?”

“Hmm, it’s hard to describe what we are in a few words,” said Maisie, “but I guess you could say we’re a religious order. The Lovers of Zenriah we call ourselves.”

Henrietta quirked an eyebrow. “Lovers of Zenriah?”

“Yes. Lovers of Zenriah,” Maisie said before pausing a moment to pensively gaze at her breast and stroke the tattoo on it very delicately, like how one would expect a woman to behave toward a dearly loved one. “The goddess, Zenriah, is our creator and our protectress. She gave us our existence, our lives, and our purpose. In return, we devote our very beings to Her.”

“Goddess? Zenriah? I’ve never heard of Her,” Carol mused aloud.

“Really? I find that hard to believe, what with you walking around in the nude like that. A lot of women think that just because we do it, then they can too.”

“It was my idea,” said Henrietta. “I suggested that she come here naked. Carol here, she’s a nudist you see. Loves to run around naked. Says she would do it all the time if she could!”

“Tell the neighborhood, why don’t you?” Carol groused before taking a deep sip of her iced coffee.

“Really? Is that so?” said Maisie, shooting Carol a long and very ponderous look.

“Back up a minute,” said Carol. “When you said ‘we do it,’ what exactly did you mean? Did you mean to say that you…Zenrists, you walk around…naked?”

“Indeed, we do,” said Maisie. “One of our core tenets is that we must live every moment of our lives nude. Wearing clothes is, you could say, against our religion.”

Carol was thankful she wasn’t drinking her coffee when the Zenrist girl said that, because if she had, she would have most definitely sprayed it out her mouth and likely all over Henrietta’s face. “Really?”


“So that’s why I saw some women walking around here naked the other day!” said Henri. “Could they have been Zenrists like you?”

Maisie nodded her head. “Most definitely they were. We do have a pretty sizeable presence in this town.”

“But wait, if Zenrists run around naked, why can’t anyone else?” said Carol.

Maisie shrugged. “It’s just the way things are. The court ruled that since we are naked for spiritual reasons, our nudity is protected under freedom of religion. So we Zenrists have the right to be nude in public. Us and only us. Well, maybe Digambara monks could too, but good luck finding one of them in this country.”

“I see,” said Carol. “So that’s why that cop had an issue with me. But wait…how did she know I wasn’t one of you? And for that matter, how could anyone tell a Zenrist from a regular naked person? If someone’s just walking down the street flaunting her stuff, she could just be a random flasher for all anyone knows?”

Maisie smirked. “Like you?”

“Yeah, like me…heeeey!”

Maisie giggled at Carol while the latter shot her an indignant glare. “Well, Flashy, I’ll give you a hint as to how it works. What happened when you first walked in here?”

“I…nearly bumped into a cop?”

“Yes, and then…?”

“I nearly got arrested.”

“Nope. Think back; did she raise a fuss when she first saw you?”

“Hmmm…no. She didn’t.”

“She just seemed to look you over,” said Henrietta. “And then walked past you. Behind you.”

“Yeah, then that’s when she said I couldn’t walk around like this. It was pretty odd. But that still doesn’t explain anything. How could she tell I wasn’t the real deal?”

“Because minyon porno she was checking you out. Not that way exactly, or maybe it was that way, I don’t know for sure,” said Maisie. “But no, she was checking to make sure you had the proper…identification. Something on your person that would prove you were indeed one of us, and naked for religious and perfectly legal reasons. And when she saw that you didn’t, that was when she realized something was up with you.”

“Identification? On my person?” Carol looked down at her person in confusion. Her very naked person, with two large breasts hovering neatly over the table. “What could possibly be used to identify me as…”

Two large breasts. Large breasts. Breasts. Something clicked in Carol’s head. She turned her head away from her breasts and stared at her fellow nudist’s much smaller ones. Or more accurately, she stared at the distinguishing mark on her left breast. “It’s that tattoo, isn’t it? That’s what marks you as a Zenrist.”

“Bingo! Here’s your prize,” Maisie cheered, and she leaned forward to give Carol a playful kiss on the lips. Carol stiffened in surprise at the sudden display of intimacy, but made no effort to resist it. “This mark is our Sigil. To us, it represents all that we stand for and all that is sacred to us. But for everyone else, it lets them know that we are women of the Goddess. That we are doing absolutely nothing indecent or illegal, but living by the principles by which we stand.”

“Yes, now that I think about it, I do recall seeing that symbol on at least one of the girls when I was here last week,” said Henrietta. “I didn’t really think much of it at the time, though, or realized how significant it was. A lot of people get weird tattoos after all.”

“You sure would have saved your friend a lot of trouble if you had,” said Maisie. “I don’t for a second believe she’s doing anything wrong by being nude, but the law’s the law. If I wasn’t here, she’d be in a lot of trouble right now.”

Henrietta looked to the side sheepishly. “Yeah, I really should have. I honestly wanted to have a more thorough conversation with those naked girls to see what they were all about, but both they and I were strapped for time, and we only had a couple of minutes to chat. I can’t even recall if they even said the word ‘Zenrist.'”

“But wait, there’s still something that doesn’t make sense,” said Carol. “The second you showed up, the cop relented and walked away. What was that all about?”

“Oh, well, you see, there is a kind of loophole to the law that can allow any woman to get naked regardless of her faith. And that is if she is making sweet love to a Lover of Zenriah, then she is free to get as naked as she wants for the duration of her playtime. When I said you were with me, the very nice officer realized that we were about to have some fun, and decided it was wise to just drop it and go.”

“Okay I guess that makes sense,” said Carol as she took another sip of her iced coffee. However, no sooner had the cold liquid reached the halfway point of her throat did she start to cough and sputter with a sudden realization. “Wait a minute, no it doesn’t! You molested me right here in the coffee shop and made me…and made me…cum. Right in front of…everyone…”

She shifted in her seat uncomfortably. She could still feel the moisture in the faux-leather on her thigh and the other bits seeping between her buttocks. She could detect the scent of her orgasm as it intermingled with the sweet homey smell of the coffee. And she could still feel the telltale signs of moisture between her legs proving she came only minutes ago, and that she might very well cum again at the slightest bit of stimulation.

“Oh, I guess that’s another detail I forgot to mention,” said Maisie as a very cat-like smile began to grace her lips. “That’s another tenet of the Zenrist faith, and olgun porno another legal right that only we can enjoy. And that is: we can have sex anywhere and everywhere we like with whatever woman is willing. Even in public.”

“WHAT?” cried both Carol and Henrietta.

Maisie’s smile grew wider. “It’s the truth. If you weren’t tourists, you’d know that. Take a look around: do you see anyone reacting badly to what we just did, calling the cops, or shooting any kind of dirty looks our way?”

They did as she suggested. They saw people drinking their assorted coffees. They saw people tapping away on their computers and phones. And yes, they saw plenty of people staring at their table. But if there was any sign of moral outrage or disgust, the trio didn’t notice it.

“I’ll be damned,” said Henrietta.

“Me fingering a girl is nothing unusual here,” said Maisie. “I do it all the time. A sexy brunette and I fondled each other in that table over there. I pushed another girl against the wall over there, I got eaten out under that table right there, I masturbated while I waited in line over there, and not even a week ago, I scissored that adorable barista during her break!” At this, Maisie waved at the girl working the counter, a bob-haired little thing wearing a customary navy-blue apron over a white dress shirt. “Hiiiiiiii!” she called out in a playful sing-song tone, taking extra car to jiggle her perky tits at the girl.

The barista let out a squeak and dove under the counter, her face as red as a tomato.

“It was a real spur of the moment type thing for her,” continued Maisie. “We got to talking and she got so horny, she just about jumped on me. It was only after we finished when she realized what she had done and got embarrassed. Oh, she looked so precious, blushing all over her cute naked body that was all covered in sweat! Then her boss made her finish her shift like that because she came all over her uniform. Ahhh, poor thing. She hasn’t been the same ever since.”

“But why would that be allowed? Why would you…actually do that?” said Carol, who still wasn’t convinced. Going naked in public was one thing, but to actually have the freedom to fuck in public as well? She couldn’t believe that. Even though she had just experienced it herself, she still couldn’t believe it.

“Because it’s sacred!” Maisie barked, her smile disappearing. “What we women can do with each other, what we can share…surely you must know why! Don’t you reali—WHOA!”

Maisie failed to realize that she had been holding her cappuccino while she spoke. And while that would have been perfectly fine in normal circumstances, her sudden surge of passion was causing her to punctuate her every word with a shake of her cup. The liquid inside sloshed erratically, rising higher and higher to the rim until it suddenly, without warning, spilled and spiraled out in several directions at once. On the table in front of her for one thing, as well as on both herself and her equally naked neighbor.

“AHHH! Shit!” Carol cried as the hot liquid made contact with her breast. It was thankfully only a few drops, so they wouldn’t cause any real damage, but they still really hurt! She drank iced coffee for a reason, damn it!

Maisie was less fortunate. About half the cup’s contents spilled upon her breast, splashed across her shoulder, poured down her stomach, and dribbled into her cooch. “Damn it all,” she muttered, looking down at the mess she made.

“Oh God, are you alright?” Henrietta cried, rounding the table with a bundle of napkins in her hand.

“I’m fine,” the blonde grumbled. “But I lost a perfectly good cappuccino.”

“You spill hot coffee all over yourself, and you’re complaining about the cappuccino?” Carol grunted incredulously as she wiped her own breast, intent on getting the hot liquid off her sensitive flesh as soon as possible. What an insane şahin k porno woman she had to put up with. Though she had to admit, the Zenrist was putting up an admirable level of restraint. If Carol’s body took the amount of literal heat Maisie just had, she would have been screaming bloody murder!

Must be why she’s called a Zenrist. She sure is taking a Zen approach to all that pain.

“I guess that’s most of it,” said Henrietta as she pulled away, her hands full of sopping wet napkins.

“And I guess that’s what I get for snapping like that,” Maisie sighed. “Thanks in any case, Henrietta. And sorry for getting some onto you, Carol.”

“Huh? Oh, um, that’s okay. It just gave me a little shock is all,” said Carol.

“No it isn’t. You got hot coffee on your boob all thanks to me. It must have hurt.” The naked girl turned toward her neighbor with a guilty expression on her face and leaned forward. “But I know what can make it all better.”

Carol was confused. What was with this girl? She just got burned all over her body, but didn’t seem the least bit affected. If anything, she was acting like Carol was the one who needed to be sent to the burn ward. “No really, you don’t need to do any…thing…”

Carol shuddered as Maisie’s tongue rolled against her breast, pressing softly against her delicate flesh like a roll of wet velvet. She started on the underside, stroking the orb tenderly as she worked her way up in a gentle curve. Maisie licked Carol’s breast multiple times, lapping up the remaining residue of the cappuccino and savoring the faint creamy taste intermixed with Carol’s sweet flesh. She continued licking the great sphere, coating it in a thin sheen of saliva until she made contact with the erect nub of the older woman’s nipple, which she then proceeded to flick with swift serpentine motions of her tongue before pulling the whole thing into her mouth.

“Ahhh…ohhhhhh.” The effect this woman had on Carol was nearly hypnotic. For the second time since she entered this shop, Carol was falling into a trance. The stirs of arousal within her were heating up again even faster than before, and unless something interrupted Maisie, she was quite certain she would orgasm once more.

“Mmmm, I think that’s everything,” Maisie whispered huskily as she suddenly released the tit with a wet snap and pushed herself away. And it was all Carol could do to prevent herself from screaming as the girl’s wondrous lips left her.

“That was really hot,” said Henrietta in a breathy tone that implied she too was getting hot and bothered under her clothes. “But you still haven’t explained how and why you’re able to do that.”

“To be honest, I don’t think I could. It’s a very complicated subject. Fortunately, I do know someone who could tell you about our ways far more than I ever could.”

“Who?” said Henrietta.

“Celeste,” said Maisie. “Our local chapter’s head priestess. She’ll tell you both everything you need to know, about us, our beliefs, our customs, and our wonderful goddess! And to be honest, I think you would both fit in.”

“Can you take us there?” said Henrietta.

Maisie leaned back in her seat, looking like she was considering something. “I could. But I need you two to do me a favor first.” Flattening herself against the backrest, Maisie then proceeded to spread herself out across the booth seat, splaying her legs and sticking her chest out as if to emphasis her utter nakedness. “There’s still a bit of coffee on me. It’s making me feel sticky all over. I’d like you both to lick it off.”

“Wh-what?” Carol gasped, finally finding it in herself to return to Earth in her haze of horniness.

“You heard the lady,” said Henrietta as she got up to round the table and kneel by the nude blonde’s side. “We gotta’ clean her up!”

“Is…is that alright—” Maisie didn’t give Carol time to finish. Reaching an arm around her head, she pushed the older woman’s face down, past her chest, and down to her thigh. Where her lower flower was displayed in full, smelling of female arousal and cream from a certain caffeinated drink that hadn’t been fully wiped away yet.

Carol’s own arousal took over. She started licking.

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