First Meeting Ch. 02


(Note: This story is designed to be read by the sub in a D/s relationship. Particularly, by a younger female sub for an older male Dom. The story is written in the first person and the present tense from the Dom’s point of view. It is NOT meant to imply or support any real incestuous relationships. In addition, the story is NOT meant to imply that the sub is in any way younger than the age of consent.

The Dom is simply called “Daddy” by the sub because he is older. Part one of the story was published on as “First Meeting”. Check my author information for a link to the first part.

In the first part, a sub meets her online Dom in a hotel. It is their first meeting in person, although they have talked many times. The Dom takes the sub through some simple exercises to help her get accustomed to real life submission to him. If you haven’t read the first part, this part may well be more enjoyable if you read it first.)

As you kneel before me, your legs open, shoulders back, and with your palms on your thighs, I look up and down your naked body which is still flushed from all the sexual activity. I wait and just look at you. You watch me for a little while and then realize I am waiting for something. You aren’t sure what you are supposed to be doing so you finally ask. “Daddy, what can I do for you now? Is there something specific you want me to do?”

“Stand up, go get that desk chair and place it in front of the window about two feet from the glass. Put your butt against the window.” I say. “Then bend over and spread your legs as wide as you can. Keep your butt pushed against the window and support your upper body with your shoulders on the seat of the chair.”

Nodding, you get up and follow my directions, moving the chair into place and then turning to press your naked butt against the window. As you bend down to put your shoulders on the seat of the chair and spread your legs, your knees have to bend slightly and your pussy lips lightly come in contact with the window. You realize how open you are to the whole city and your pussy begins to ooze lubrication yet again. You look at me and I have begun to read a book so you relax, leaning your pussy against the window.

After perhaps 15 minutes your legs are beginning to get tired. “Daddy, how long do I have to stay this way? My legs are getting really tired.” You shift you weight back and forth but the movement sends chills up your pussy. You give a small gasp at the unexpected sensations and continue to move your butt a little rubbing your pussy lips against the glass.

“Did I say rub your pussy on the window?” I ask you.

“No, daddy.” you reply and stop moving. I close my book and get up from my chair and walk over to stand beside you. “I wonder if you left pussy juice on the window.” Reaching down, I pull your butt away from the window and, sure enough, there is a smear where your pussy has been pressing. “Tsk tsk” I say, shaking my head from side to side. “You have messed up my window. Now how will all those poor voyeurs out there get to see you clearly if you smear up the window with pussy juice?” I slap your butt in a firm spank. Then I stroke it again. The sting is real but goes right to your clit instead of being painful. “Now turn around and lick that smear off the window.” I say.

You blink but turn and lean forward and lick the window where your pussy was pressed. I step back and watch you licking the window. I go into the bathroom and get a hand towel and give it to you.

“Now polish the glass so it is clear again.” As you polish the glass with the hand towel, I go and open a drawer in the dresser, and take out a short but full skirt and a blouse which is cut off to be a ‘cropped top’. “When you have finished using that towel on the window, use it to wipe your pussy off and come put these clothes on.” I say , tossing them on the bed. I then turn and go into the bathroom. You hear me unzip my pants and in a few seconds, you hear the stream and know I am peeing in the toilet. You want so badly to come and peek and see what my cock looks like, but you are afraid to since I didn’t give you permission. So, you finish wiping the glass, wipe your pussy off and then you pick up the skirt and put it on. It fits perfectly though it is a little shorter than you have ever worn before. You slip your arms into the blouse and button it and it too fits perfectly. Then you kneel in the position, your knees open, elbows and shoulders back as you know you are to be in that position when not told otherwise.

You hear the zipper of my fly and then I flush the toilet. You hear the sink water running for a bit as I wash my hands. I step into the room and look at you kneeling. “Good girl,” I say. It makes you smile again for you are now constantly craving my praise. “Get up now, and come with me.” I open the door and step out into the hall.

“Daddy, uh … what about… um… panties or a bra or shoes and socks?” You begin moving toward the door though.

“Yes, Bahis Sitesi bring your shoes and socks. But no panties or bra are needed.” I reply. Just then a couple passes down the hall and looks sideways into the room at us, having overheard my comment about no panties or bra. You pick up your shoes and socks and hold them in your hand as you walk out to me in the hall, blushing at the funny look from the passing couple.

I shut the door to the room and start down the hall. You quickly scurry along to catch up. As we reach the elevator, a family of four shows up too. The family consists of a man and wife, and their son and daughter. The daughter appears about your age or a year or two older and the boy is your age or a year or two younger. We are all standing around waiting for the elevator to arrive and you are hurriedly pulling on your socks and shoes and I notice the father and the boy both watching you. Your body isn’t really revealed but your nipples are hard and pressed to the material of the blouse. The short skirt shows off your legs and that is where the father’s eyes seem to be glued.

“Where are we going, daddy?” you ask innocently, playing the daddy and daughter game in front of these people and enjoying it more than you thought you would. The father’s eyes flick to me and then return to your legs. The girl’s eyes go to you for the first time and then to me and back to you. The mother is rattling on about what they are going to do tomorrow and is unaware of all of the looking back and forth that is going on.

“Just out for a little walk, honey,” I say. Reaching out, I flick my hand over your breast and nipple, brushing at imaginary lint on your blouse. “I think the cat must have gotten in to the suitcase while you were packing honey,” I say. “You have little bits of very light colored cat hair all over that blouse.” You glance at me and then down at your titties as my hand brushes the other nipple through the material. You look up and see the daddy, the brother, and the sister all staring at your titties, and the girl’s mouth is hanging open in amazement.

“I should have checked it daddy. I am sorry.” you say as you look up to my face, your nipple hot and burning with each touch of my hand. You never realized what a turn on it would be to have me touching you in front of people like this. You feel a blush creeping onto your face, but just then the doors to the elevator open and you and I move into the elevator. The family follows us and turns their back to us. They push the button for the lobby and I ask them to press the button for the pool area for us. The girl pushes the button for the pool area and then turns to look at you and smiles.

I pretend I don’t notice as you return her smile. Reaching behind you, I slip my hand over your butt and down to the bottom of the skirt. You see the girl’s eyes go down as she notices the movement. You see her eyes get big as she realizes I am rubbing your butt. Then, I slip my hand under your skirt, making it go high on your hip, and showing her you aren’t wearing panties. You see her mouth drop open again. You see her nudge her brother who looks first at her and then follows her eyes to look at you. The parents are chatting away unaware of us behind them. The brother glances at his parents and turns slightly towards you, and you can see that he has gotten a hard-on that is making his pants stand out. The sister puts her hand on his shoulder to steady herself as she cannot believe her eyes.

I massage your bare ass cheek, and run my fingers around on your hip making your skirt go even higher. You are looking at the boy’s hard-on and blushing but your nerves are transmitting signals to your clit and it is beginning to throb again. Without saying anything, I reach down with my other hand and pull the front of your skirt up, showing the brother and sister your smooth, freshly shaved pussy.

You stand there, shoulders back, proud of your pussy and feeling completely aroused already again. Too quickly, the elevator arrives at the pool floor, and I drop your skirt. The parents move out of our way and we step out. As you look back, the doors begin to close and the brother’s hard-on looks like it wants to tear his pants, while the girl has put her hand on her pussy over her jeans and is rubbing herself slightly. You smile and wave goodbye as the door shuts and the elevator moves on.

“Oh my, daddy,” You say to me. “What if they tell?”

“I don’t think it will be a problem,” I reply. I lead you around the corner and we start down the hall toward the pool area. There is no one in the hall so I say, “Pull your skirt up above your waist, and rub you clitty while we walk. If anyone steps into the hall, then stop playing and drop your skirt.”

“Yes, daddy,” you reply. You pull the skirt up above your waist and begin to touch your clitty with your fingertip as you walk. The immediate flood of sensation almost makes you stumble, but you barely maintain Bahis Siteleri your balance and keep up. When we get to the door to the pool, I stop you just out of sight of the glass door.

“We have to be more careful here.” I say. “Sometimes, hotels have security cameras covering areas like this. Let your skirt down and suck on that finger as we go in.” You drop the skirt and move your finger from your clit to your mouth. I open the door and we walk into the very humid covered pool area. I lead you around the pool and we look for the security cam.

Finding none, I am relieved, but there are five people in the pool area. One is a couple, sitting poolside. You think the guy looks familiar but you don’t stare. A woman is in the pool by herself, swimming laps. A guy is in the pool, just relaxing. The last person is a guy sitting at a table with a canned drink of some sort. “Now, don’t be too modest, but don’t be too open either… Try to act sort of modestly immodest.” I say.

“What do you mean, daddy?” you ask just before I bump you with my hip and you topple into the shallow end of the pool with a great deal of noise and splashing about. “Oh honey,” I say as you come up, sputtering pool water. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, daddy,” you reply as your hands push your wet hair out of your eyes, but the wet white blouse turns transparent making you appear topless in the water and showing off your titties. Everyone’s eyes are on you. The skirt floats up and your bottom is bare underwater, and flashed with the moving waves of the pool. You realize that the idea is that you aren’t to worry about what shows, but we have made it look like an accident. “You have to get in too, daddy!” you say. Your arms go to your sides and your erect nipples show clearly through the transparent wet material. The man in the water slips under the water to look at you, knowing he will get a clear view of your naked bottom.

“No, I am not going swimming in my clothes, but I will go get you a towel so you can dry off, honey,” I say. I leave you standing exposed in the water and walk casually over to the towel supply rack and fetch you one of the hotel towels. I return and stand near the steps where the man in the pool has come up for air, as he is near the steps. “It will be easier to get out over here, honey,” I call to you. You begin walking in the waist deep water, your skirt still floating up to the surface. The man goes underwater again as you walk toward him, giving him a clear view of your sweet pussy.

As you climb the steps, I reach out and take your hands. The pool water deposits your skirt in a wet clump on your hips, but not low enough to cover anything. As you climb the steps, your bare ass and pussy are fully exposed. You make no move to pull the skirt down, but take the towel from me and begin to dry your head. All of the eyes at the pool are on you and the woman swimming laps has even stopped to stare.

As you get your hair dried some, you pull the wet blouse away from your titties as if the cover them some, but the material sticks to them again immediately. You begin trying to dry the blouse with the towel, pretending you don’t realize your pussy and ass are exposed by the clumped skirt. As you move the towel over your titties, they move back and forth and you play with them with the towel. Your nipples are sharp points beneath the shirt. Looking down, I see that the guy in the pool has taken his cock out and is stroking it under water. You see me looking and you look down at him and then back up at me. I smile at you so you smile at him and continue wiping the shirt but turn toward him so he can see your pussy better. He squirts a white stream into the pool as he cums. Then you pretend to notice that you need to pull your skirt down and reach down and pull the sides of the hem down. The skirt falls wetly into place and you resume drying off.

“Let’s go back to the room and get you some dry clothes, honey,” I say.

“Yes, daddy,” you reply. “I don’t think it would be too cool to go out this way.” You grasp the front of your shirt, and pull it away from your titties which lets air get under it and you fan the material by pumping your hand in and out making the material slap against your skin and come away with each stroke.

“Bring the towel,” I say. “The hotel puts them all back into the same laundry. We will go back up to the room.” I lead you to the door, open the glass door and out into the hall we go. Once the door is shut, you begin to giggle.

“Daddy, that was so funny. Did you see that guy jack off?” you ask. “He came in the pool.

I nod in reply but lead you down the hall. “We must return to the room now baby. Pull your skirt up in front only and play with your clit as we walk, but don’t cum.” At the elevator, we stand waiting for an up elevator, and you stand there, legs open and rubbing your clitty. You stop as the bell announces the arrival of the elevator, but the door opens to an empty Canlı Bahis Sitesi elevator. We enter and you immediately resume playing with your clitty as I pick our floor. I watch you rubbing your clitty, your finger disappearing into the smooth slit as the elevator rises. Finally, just as your knees are getting weak and you are afraid that you are about to cum, the elevator arrives at our floor.

We walk down the hall, and though you are still playing with your clit, the walking activity keeps you from cumming. When we get to the room, I put the key in the lock and then look at you. “Do you remember the rule, honey?” You look at me a second, then remember and step back to the middle of the hall. I open the door and you look up and down the hall in each direction and then quickly take off the wet blouse. You drop it to the floor and undo your skirt and remove it. You look down the hall again, feeling very aroused and further excited by being completely naked in the hallway. You go down on your knees, pick up the wet clothes and crawl into the room.

Once you have entered the room, I shut the door and go into the bathroom. “Wring out the clothes the best you can and hang them on a towel rack.” I tell you, gesturing to the far wall. “Then dry off and brush your hair out. When you are done, come back in the room. I am going to get prepared for our next adventure.” With that I leave and go into the other room.

You dry off and use the hair dryer to brush out your hair. When you have fixed it again, you come out and see me sitting at the desk. You come over to me and kneel with your knees open, back straight, head up, presenting your body in the open manner you know that I like. “I have finished what you told me daddy,” you say.

Looking up, you see that I seem to be fiddling with a paint brush and reading a piece of paper. You wait patiently, knowing that I will tell you when I am ready for you to do something else. For several minutes, nothing happens but then I take a black glass jar from the table and begin to shake it. The jar has a white lid, but you aren’t sure what it is. You notice now there are some other jars of varying shades of gray. You hear the sound of liquid sloshing in the jar I am shaking. Finally, I stop shaking it and set it on the table top. I open it and you smell an unusual smell but you aren’t sure what it is.

“Stand up, honey,” I say to you. “Stand her with your legs open a little wider than your shoulders.” You rise and spread your feet as directed. You realize that the jar contains black paint of some sort. You watch as I dip the brush into the paint and then move to a sitting position on the floor in front of you. I paint around your leg at about mid-thigh. Then, I paint the other leg at about mid-thigh. This ring of black is placed on each thigh at the same distance above your knee and goes all the way around your thigh. By the time the second band is painted, the first band seems to be dry. Then I reach up and I paint a band around across your tummy about half-way between your belly button and the top of your pussy. I gesture and you turn and the band continues around the top of your buttocks just at the top of your crack and completes the loop. Then, I quickly begin to paint from the band on your thighs up to the band at your abdomen.

You realize that I am filling in all the skin that is showing between the bands on your thighs and the band at your waist. I paint over your pussy, even working the brush and paint into your slit and all of your labial folds. “Bend your knees some and open wide for me,” I say. I paint between your legs, completely covering your labia with black paint and into the labia, covering even the inner lips with the paint. You feel the tickle of the brush over your clit and then all around the opening to your vagina. At my signal, you turn and I paint your ass completely. The brush tickles as it slides between your ass cheeks, wet with cold paint, covering even your puckered asshole.

“Bend over now,” I say. You bend and I paint even more filling in your ass crack and the last bit of pink of pussy that shows. The paint dries quickly but is a supple latex and doesn’t crack. “This is a special rubberized paint. It won’t hurt you and will move with you, and I can get it off easily with a gentle solvent later.” I make you stay bent until the paint in your crack and slit have dried. When you stand up, you can see yourself in the mirror, and you are amazed for it looks like you have shorts on because the blackness hides so much detail that you can’t really even be sure you can see your slit. I get up and sit on the chair again and you turn to me. I paint a ring around your chest just under your titties. Then I paint a line over each shoulder. You realize that I am now painting a bra on you. I paint your titties completely, and now, you look almost like you have on a skin-tight form-fitting sports bra.

I close the jar and take a smaller brush and pick up a dark gray jar and shake it. I open the jar and dip the small brush in it and begin to paint around the edges of the “bra”. As you watch, you realize I am making it look like there is a seam along each of the exposed edges and you are amazed and how quickly the “bra” becomes real.

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