Jeanette heard the car pull into the driveway so she straightened herself up, grimacing a bit from the pain in her knees and prepared herself for him. Actually her entire day had been in preparation for him, from the time he whispered, “Foyer,” to her as he left for work until the moment he returned. That morning, after receiving the cryptic instruction from him, she quickly completed her household chores. The house was rarely in any disarray, so the normal bit of work she needed to do wasn’t much, a few dishes, a load or two of laundry and some light dusting.

Once she finished her normal tasks, she turned her attention to the foyer. Jeanette knew her responsibility as she moved the small table, swept, mopped and waxed the floor. Once the floor dried, she carefully dusted and cleaned the baseboards, the door trim and door before putting a final buffing on the floor. Only then did she move the table back into place, carefully dusting the few knick-knacks she kept there.

Checking the time and then counting back from five-fifty pm, the time she expected him home, she confirmed there was time for lunch. She quickly prepared some soup and then sat down at the table slowly sipping it from a coffee cup. As she relaxed, she let her mind wander to this evening. Provided he was happy with the foyer he might take her into his bed for the night. Just in case, she quickly ran though her mental check list again, mop, wax, baseboards, door trim, door, dust and, and? That was it, she had everything.

Happy that the foyer was ready, she finished up her soup, rinsed off the coffee cup and put the few remaining dishes into the dishwasher. Glancing at the clock she noticed it was nearly twelve-thirty, time to begin preparing herself. She quickly began unbuttoning her blouse as she headed for bomonti escort her bedroom.

Removing all her clothes, she opened the closet, grabbed a towel and headed to the shower. Turning on the water, she moved over in front of the mirror and watching herself run her palms up over her nipples she thought of this evening. Enjoying the sensations in her breasts, she began to feel a tingling between her legs but as she moved her hand downward, she noticed a wisp of steam from the shower.

Stepping into the shower, she carefully cleaned herself all over, imagining his hands or mouth moving in those places. Before getting herself too aroused, she rinsed off, then grabbed her towel and, taking care not to drip water onto the bathroom floor, she dried herself off completely. She then returned to her bedroom to get dressed.

The outfit she grabbed was one of his favorites, a black leather thingy that was mainly straps laced over circular chrome ornaments basically creating interesting patterns of black leather and shiny silver over her body while still leaving full access to her breasts, pussy and ass. It was made to fit tightly, so it took a considerable amount of adjustment before Jeanette was comfortable. Once everything was adjusted, she worked on her makeup, meticulously dabbing, pulling and painting to look nice, without looking overdone.

Looking back to the clock she saw it was nearing one-thirty so she walked quickly to the foyer, glanced around the room to confirm it was immaculately clean, and then kneeled down onto the tile floor. She moved some, adjusting her knees with the same care she adjusted the straps on her outfit. Although the slight ridges in the floor weren’t initially uncomfortable, she knew by the time he got home, her cihangir escort knees would be aching. Finally finding a good place for her knees, she moved her hands behind her back, slipped them into the restraints and pulled them tight. Then she waited for him to arrive.

So, after enduring the four hour wait for him to come home from work, Jeanette could hear him come to the door. She straightened her back the best she could, took a deep breath and smiled widely saying, “Good afternoon sir,” as he stepped through the door.

“Oh Jeanette, you look lovely today,” he replied looking around the room, “and the foyer is immaculate. You’ve done a wonderful job.” He then tossed his stack of papers onto the table, knocking one of the knick-knacks onto the floor. Pulling off his jacket, he draped it over the railing to the upstairs and then patted Jeanette on the head. He then reached down, lightly brushed her nipple and whispered, “Thank you for working so hard, and looking so good.” He then reached behind her and pulled back the Velcro restraints, freeing her hands.

He wandered into the kitchen while Jeanette hung up his jacket, picked up the knick-knack he knocked onto the floor and then straightened the stack of papers he tossed on the table. She then slowly wandered toward the kitchen where she saw him standing before Annie. He paused, looked around the kitchen and then looked back down to Annie, smiling. He then reached behind the kneeling woman, unfastened her hands and then guided them up to his belt.

At that point Jeanette felt a slight sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. She watched as Annie, unfastened his belt, opened his pants and carefully pulled out his cock. Jeanette felt that tingling between her legs as she watched Annie kurtuluş escort slowly work her hands up and down his shaft. As his cock hardened, Jeanette moved into the kitchen, slipped her hands down to her pussy and looked up to him.

When he nodded to her, she slipped her finger down between her lips and pressed them inside, wetting her fingers. Watching Annie stick her tongue out and dab up the pool of pre-cum from the tip of his cock, Jeanette ran her fingers up to her clit and began circling it. As his cock slowly slipped into Annie’s mouth Jeanette continued caressing her clit while reaching up and lightly brushing her nipple.

It wasn’t long before Jeanette heard him groan and then arch his back. Quickening the pace at which she massaged her clit, she felt a surge of pleasure splash through her body as she watched him come into Annie’s mouth, his ass muscles tightening and then releasing with each spurt of his hot cum. Feeling her pussy squeezing and then releasing, she wished he was inside her now, sharing this feeling, instead, he chose Annie tonight.

Jeanette then slipped out of the kitchen and returned to her room. She changed into some more comfortable clothing for the rest of the night. While Jeanette dressed, Annie would put dinner on the table while he took a shower. The three of them would dine and then Jeanette would finish up the dishes while he and Annie returned to the bedroom. In the meantime, Jeanette was left to wonder why he chose Annie that day, was something not right about the foyer, or did he simply prefer Annie’s dark hair?

Curious, Jeanette stepped back into the foyer and looked around, but everything seemed fine. Then, pausing for a moment, she moved over to the door, stood up on her tiptoes and tried to look at it from his point of view. Sure enough she saw it, a tiny string of cobweb dangled from the light fixture. Jeanette walked into the pantry, grabbed a dust rag and a footstool, came back into the foyer and brushed the cobweb away. After returning the items to the pantry she came back, looked over the room again and then went to bed.


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