Hiliad’s Special Gift Ch. 09


CHAPTER NINE – Hiliad’s life story

“I’m one thousand years old.”

“That’s not enough. Have you ever been in love?” I challenged him. I really did want to know.

“I would love—” he said, rocking the empty glass of Sheep’s blood in his hand.

“No. You do as I ask and then I’ll give you another one.” The ball was in my court, then. “If I am to trust you, Hiliad, you have to talk to me.”

We stared at the other for a least a minute. “You’re a jerk,” I said, went to the kitchen, retrieved his damned blood and returned, handing it to him with attitude. “Talk.” I sat down and waited.

“Yes, I was in love … once.” His voice changed dramatically, almost sad, almost. It lasted a split second. “Now, what we’ll do is—”

“What happened?”

“You are nosey.”

“I am curious. I don’t take you as one to fall in love. Was it after you were changed?”

He nodded, took a sip of his drink then went to the fireplace and stood with his back to me. “It was before I changed Liza. I thought I loved Liza because … I was in Stirling, Scotland when I saw Elizabeth for the first time. She was the most beautiful woman … I watched her for months before I thought of how to get her attention.”

I knew how difficult it was for him to talk about her because he kept redirecting his thoughts.

“One night she went walking in the garden with her canine. I made sure she saw me coming so as not to scare her.” I could hear the smile on his lips then. “Her voice was the sweetest sound I had ever heard. She was seventeen and her parents were pressuring her to marry. She didn’t want to.”

“You courted her.”

His shoulders rose in a small chuckle. “I haven’t heard that expression in years.”

“What can I say? I’m old fashioned. What happened, Hiliad?” I asked as softly and gently as possible.

“I met her almost every night for months. And I fell in love with her … hard.”

“Did she die of old age?”

He gave me a quick glance before he turned back to the fireplace. “No. I was about to ask her to marry me—I didn’t tell her what I was—when one night she told me her parents had found her a husband and they were to be married in a month.”

“So, you changed her.”

“I tried. Her blood was so delectable and I … I …” Hiliad looked away in shame and pain that I didn’t understand. “I went too far. When we drain a human we leave just a little, enough for them to be strong enough to drink our blood then lay with them in the earth to strengthen the Maker-child bond.”

Then I understood, and my heart broke for him, although I shivered slightly. “You drained her completely.”

“Yes.” I put my hand on his knee. He glared at me. “Do not pity me,” he said sharply.

I promptly removed my hand but I wanted to know more. “And Liza? How did you come to change her?”

“Liza was a Madam of a brothel for almost twenty years, and she knew what I was. I’d gone to her girls for years, for the women’s … companionship and their blood. But I’d never been with her. The one night we were she confessed her worst fear was to grow old. She asked me to change her, so I did. Liza is a very strong-willed woman and I respect her greatly. I knew she wouldn’t be a difficult child.”

“Are you two still in a relationship?”

He shook his head and sat down beside me on the couch. “We were for a couple of decades but we agreed to end it. I did … do care for her so I didn’t release her, although she wanted me to.”


“A maker can release their child, as we refer to them. We agreed on having a business relationship and we’ve been together ever since.”

I took a deep breath of relief at having known the truth. “Thank you, Hiliad. But I don’t understand. Why me?”

He smiled genuinely. “You have strength in you that intrigues me. You taste like Elizabeth. You smell like her.”

“But Hiliad, I am not her and I will not become her.”

“No, you’re not. I realize that now. She never asked any questions.” At first I thought he was angry because he’d lost his adoring smile. But then he laughed.

“So, what do we do now?” I asked, then completely relaxed and smiling myself.

“What kuşadası escort is it you want, Connee?”

“I will do anything, but not my limits, for my Master or Dom as long as he appreciates me. Thanks me for making dinner or cleaning the house or—”

“Doing their business taxes?” Hiliad asked with a small, cocky smile.

I nodded. “Especially His business taxes.”

And that’s how Mr. Hiliad Fildri became my Dom.

My first duty as Hiliad’s sub was to read, agree to and sign the Contract between Dom and sub. It was waiting on my desk when I arrived at work. After reading it, there was nothing I hadn’t agreed to before, and I was more than happy to comply. The only conditions I stipulated, other than my limits that he must abide by, was that he not glamour me or pull me away from work (even on lunch break) to scene. I didn’t think it was asking too much.

When I needed a break from my paperwork around ten o’clock, and I knew Hiliad was there already, I took the signed Contract to him. Without looking at him, I bowed my head, got on both knees in front of his throne, held the paper in my shaking hand. I waited for what felt like hours before the paper slipped out of my hand. My heart started to pound, my whole body shaking.

A second later he asked, “Why may I not glamour you?” The tone of his voice startled me a little, as he had never spoken to me that deeply and authoritatively, even when we scened the two times. My clit quivered and throbbed.

Still looking down at His feet, I replied, “I believe you have glamoured me before, but only for my benefit—to calm me down and when you gave me your blood. As I mentioned before, I want to be permitted to serve you on my own free will.”

I waited for him to blast me that it was not acceptable. He didn’t. “I will review this and get back to you. You may leave.”

Bowing my body further, I rose without looking at him and went back to my office. I waited. No knock on the door of Hiliad’s arrival.

I waited longer. No cell phone call from Hiliad.

I waited.

And waited.

Not knowing how badly I screwed up reporting on the inventory, but knowing I did some major errors, I was so relieved it was finally two o’clock and time to go home. I was disappointed he hadn’t called or come in, but then the ball was in his court.

Turning off the computer and grabbing my purse, I headed for the door, which was open. I took one step through the threshold when tall, overpowering Hiliad loomed in front of me. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I stuttered in shock, looking up into his God-like face.

He didn’t move. He didn’t blink. He didn’t smile. “I have agreed to your terms.”

I sighed, my shoulders relaxed. I smiled. “Thank you, Sir.”

He took several steps towards me, forcing me to step back. He closed the door behind Him, somehow closing and locking the door behind Him without losing eye contact with me. When He finally stopped, so did I.

“Take off your clothes,” He growled. My heart beat once hard. I shifted my eyes away from Him embarrassed and shuffled my feet nervously. He grabbed my face firmly but not roughly. “Do not look away from me. If I give you an order you do not hesitate.”

“I … I’m sorry, Sir.”

“You’d better be,” He barked. “Keep your eyes on mine while you undress.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He remained a foot away while I gathered every ounce of strength I could and reached up to unbutton the top of my blouse. Calmly I continued until the last button was undone. Keeping my eyes locked on His, I brought my hands up to the collar and slowly pulled the fabric away. The material that brushed against my shoulders felt like needles tracing over my skin. I let it fall to the floor; I didn’t even care that it would wrinkle. I was relieved I wore my pretty lacey bra. A shiver coursed through me, my then hard nipples pressed against the material.

Hiliad’s eyebrow rose slightly as he looked over my breasts.

Slipping my thumbs under my skirt, I pushed down without grabbing the single thread of my thong I wore—just in case … in case … in case what? The skirt fell to the floor, and I stepped out of it. I gained kuşadası escort bayan a sense of confidence that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Close your eyes,” He ordered.

I obliged and closed them tightly. I waited to hear Him step beside me or touch me or say something. He didn’t. While I wasn’t nervous, I was slowly growing anxious. I wished he’d do something. A cold breeze blew by me to my back and stayed there. I clenched my hands into tight fists as I tried to control my breathing. I didn’t even feel my nails digging into my palms.

He placed His hand on my waist, his soft, cool chest against my back. “You are an amazingly beautiful woman,” he breathed into my ear.

Goosebumps rolled down my neck. “I feel what you feel, submissive. I’ve had your blood; you’ve had mine. We are a part of each other then.” He pulled His head back and spoke into my other ear. “I can hear your heart pounding inside your chest. Thump, thump thump.” As he spoke my body shook. “Are you nervous?”

“No Sir.”

His free hand smacked my ass hard and lingered a brief moment. I yelped and went forward on my toes but caught myself. “Do not lie to me,” He growled angrily.

“No Sir. I am not nervous,” I replied more firmly.

“Then explain to me why your palms are bleeding.”

“I … I didn’t realize they were, Sir.”

The next thing I knew He was standing in front of me, His hands grasping mine. “Sub, it is natural and acceptable that you are nervous. But you will not lie to me.”

“Yes, Sir,” I croaked. “I am truly sorry.”

“You should be. Do not let it happen again.”

“No Sir.”

“Look at me.” I promptly opened my eyes.

Without another word, I watched as He brought my hands to His lips and slowly, pussy-achingly licked the blood from my palms. I watched in awe as every bit of blood was licked away, the tiny cuts began to slowly close up and turned a healthy pink. “Thank you, Sir,” I said, smiling at Him.

He put His hands on my shoulders, pulled me to Him and placed His arms around me. “I look forward to you.”

Okay, wait. Where is the adverb? ‘Look forward to flogging you … controlling you … making love to you …?’ Regardless, I hadn’t felt more loved since … my vision became cloudy.

Hiliad frowned. “What’s wrong?” I was afraid to tell him. “You have to talk to me, Connee, even if you are scared shitless.”

I nodded. “I … it feels nice,” I stuttered.

“Is it Daniel?” A single tear fell. I couldn’t speak. I simply nodded. “I can take care of that.” Although His voice was soft, I looked at Him confused. “I can take your memory of him—”

I shook my head rapidly. “No, No Sir. I … I want to … I need to remember him.”

He smiled warmly and brushed hair away from my temple. “Good, girl.” He returned my arms to my sides and before I realized it, He’d run His cool hand over my crotch. I sighed. “Are you wet, sub?” Apparently I didn’t answer quickly enough. He pressed His middle finger hard over my clit and rubbed back and forth once. I gasped. “I asked you if you are wet!”

Can’t He feel that I am? “Yes Sir.”

Removing His hand, He rushed out of the room so swiftly I barely realized He was gone. Before I could react, He returned a second later holding a bag, handing it to me. “I want you to wear these tomorrow at work,” He told me with a devilish grin.

“May I speak, Sir?” He nodded. “You agreed to my terms of the Contract?” He nodded again. “I thought you agreed that there will be no play during my working hours?”

His eyes narrowed. “Who said anything about play?” Technically he hadn’t.

“I, uh …”

He smiled wickedly and walked towards the door. “The first thing we will work on is your trust issue.” He walked out.

I heard the paper bag rustle in my hand, and I fought to control it from shaking. Opening it up, I couldn’t see what was inside, so I went to my desk and put it down. Reaching in, I pulled out a box, set it down then retrieved the other box.

Looking at it, I wasn’t sure what it was … until I read it. “Remote Clit Stimulator … effective 100 feet away ….” My pussy twinged. I looked escort kuşadası at the other box but was afraid to touch it. All I read was, “… Remote Vibrating Nipple Clamps.”

Oh, dear god! What have I done?

The following afternoon as I dressed for work in my bedroom, I chose my outfit carefully. I didn’t want anything provocative but I wanted to dress comfortably and cool. The only thing I knew was that it would be a non-thong night. I needed something sturdier than string to hold the clit stimulator in place. Daniel had never gotten one for me, although we had plenty of other toys. This was all new territory for me.

A special bulletin came on the T.V. The weather man said a nasty line of thunderstorms was moving slowly eastward. It produced a rare tornado in the next county over and headed right for us. There was the possibility of tornadic activity in the area around midnight. He concluded his announcement by stating that we were under a severe thunderstorm warning and Tornado watch. At least I’d be at the club and wouldn’t have to worry about being out in the storm.

But as I looked over the boxes I’d opened and the contents sitting out on my bed, I sure as hell didn’t have damned thunderstorms to worry about. I had Mr. Hiliad Fildri to worry about, not that that was a bad thing. Tornado bad. Hiliad good. Ha! Hiliad good? That’s like saying Charles Manson is a sweetheart.

That thought made me bust out laughing before I refocused. I finally chose a loose dress pant and blouse, and I laid them on the bed next to the toys. I sighed with the biggest grin on my face then jumped in the shower. The moist heat beating down on my shoulders and back revitalized me, and I made sure I cleaned myself extra well. Sitting at my makeup mirror in the bathroom, I kept the towel wrapped around me as I dried my hair and put on makeup. The odd thing was: I hardly needed any makeup at all. My complexion had never been as clear and even before, my eyes even seemed to sparkle and looked bluer than the gray they normally were. I felt incredibly sexy. I’d felt like that before when I had Hiliad’s blood for the first time, but then it was even more apparent. It must have been all of His blood I’d had the other night when … that seemed like eons ago.

Then it was time to dress, and I knew that would be the tricky part. I slipped on my new pair of brief underwear and looked at the strange clit toy. It was half the size of a small egg and oval-shaped that was supposed to fit right over the clit. That was the odd part. How was it going to stay? I placed it over my clit and proceeded to look like a complete idiot making it stay while slipping on the briefs. I almost tripped, laughed, put on the briefs then replaced the toy over my clit. I wiggled my ass a little to make sure it stayed put. Amazingly enough it did.

Then the fun part: The vibrating nipple clamps. The clamps themselves were tiny, way more technically advanced than I would have imagined, covered with soft, thick rubber pads; the wire between them was thin. I knew they would be well-hidden under my bra. I sighed deeply and was about to tweak my nipples to get them hard enough to clamp them when I noticed they were already erect. Again I laughed. What else could I do? Oh, right … put them on. I pinched a nipple, squeezed the end of the clamp and slowly, carefully, let it close. I let out the breath I’d been holding as I moved my hand away. When they were both on I knew it would be even worse when I put the bra on. While they didn’t hurt, I definitely knew they were there. I put on the bra and again, amazingly, it wasn’t too bad, and they were well hidden under the bra.

But how would the remotes work without—the remotes! I lunged at the boxes and emptied the contents, only to find they weren’t there. Hiliad already had them. I groaned. Putting on the blouse and buttoning it, I went to the full-length mirror to check it out. I made sure the blouse wasn’t too sheer and indeed, it couldn’t be seen. I kind of wished it had. Then I could call Hiliad and tell him I didn’t have anything to wear. I wouldn’t have been lying to him. Yah, right, like that would work. I knew better. I completed my outfit by slipping on a pair of sandals, sans nylons, and my most expensive and favorite perfume.

I drove as slowly as I could to Naluchra. I had so many scenarios in my head of how He would use the toys attached to me that I almost drove off the road. Ugh … it was going to be a long night.

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