I Love Daddy



My name is Chris and I just graduated high school. I’m 18, stand at 5’8 and weigh 125 pounds. I have always been small and feminine and to top it off I have a very phat bubble butt. From an early age I knew that I was gay.

My dad (50 years old) is the exact opposite of me. He stands at 6’5, 238 pounds (I got a lot from my mom). I do know that my dad is sporting a big cock from going swimming with him. He works a lot but the pay is very good and that allows us to live pretty well. We also received money from a lawsuit against the hospital from when my mom died during a minor surgery.

The Story:

Now that I am 18, my father gave me a credit card so that I can spend time with friends and have money for when he is not around. Me being the horny teen that I am, I immediately went online and bought a butt plug and a dildo. A few days passed and my toys arrived so I immediately ran to my room and lubed my ass and butt plug and shoved it in. The whole time I had it in I was thinking of my father.

I then got on my computer and found a chat room for gay men and began talking to some older men and a few around my age. We talked about Father/Son play and I played with my small dick as the men talked about how they wanted to use me and make me their slut. I stayed on until I heard my dad enter the house and I got off and went to greet him.

“Hey Dad, how was your day?”

“Hey bud, it was good. I was thinking we order some pizza for dinner.”

“That sounds great.” I could feel my plug moving around inside of me.

We ordered a pizza and ate while watching our favorite baseball team. I’m not that into baseball but daddy loves it so I enjoy it. As the night went on, my dad got tired and got up to go to bed.

“Well, I’m going to bed.”

“Ok dad, goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” He said and started to leave. “Oh by the way, I have to work late tomorrow.”


I went up to my room and stripped naked and pulled my plug out. I stuck the dildo against the closet door and lubed it up and then fingered my ass and backed my ass up on it and fucked myself until I came all over the floor.

The next day, I got up around noon and ate some lunch and went for a run. When I got back, I got in the shower dildo in hand and suctioned it to the wall and started porno fucking my tight virgin ass.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck your little boy hard.”

I fucked my dildo for 30 minutes and then went to my room and got on the chat and fucked myself while chatting with a few online daddies. After chatting and cumming, I knew that I wanted to try and seduce my father, so I got dressed and called my best friend, Kim, and asked her to go to the mall with me. I picked her up and we drove to the mall gossiping the whole time.

When we got to the mall she asked “What do you need to get?”

“There is this guy that I like and I need to get some clothes that will make him look at me.”

“We need to get some shorts that make that perfect ass better.”

She took me to a nice store and grabbed a few pairs of booty shorts and had me try them on and they all looked and felt amazing. I bought them and then we went to Victoria’s Secret and I found some sexy male lingerie. I was on cloud 9 at the moment and couldn’t wait to wear my new shorts for daddy. I treated Kim by buying her some sexy lingerie for her to wear for Dom, her boyfriend.

I got home and showered and then put in my butt plug and slid the silk man lingerie on. It felt so good, I wanted to just wear it for daddy. I then pulled on the tight shorts and a tight t-shirt that fit my figure perfectly. When dad got home I was sitting on the couch watching our baseball team.

“Come sit down and watch Dad”

“You know me to well Chris.” He said while sitting down.

“Let me get you a beer.” I said as I stood up, making sure to show my ass off. I hurried off to the kitchen and grabbed him a beer and came back and handed him the beer and then as I sat down, I made sure my ass was pointed his direction.

“You have missed a good game.”

“Yeah, but now I’m watching the game with my favorite fan.”

I thought to myself, “You’re my favorite too,” but I didn’t say that.

I put my feet on the couch and twisted so he could stare at my ass if he wanted. I knew he could see the bottom of my fleshy globes. I would shift every now and then hoping that he would look over at me and want my ass, but that never happened. As the game was ending, I sat up and he was staring at the TV, not even blinking. I looked down at is cock and noticed anime porno there was a slight bulge and I instantly got excited. When the game was over, we said our goodnights and went to bed.

I couldn’t go to sleep; I was so horny from seeing a bulge in my dad’s pants. Finally, I managed to drift off to sleep. I woke the next morning to my dad waking me up.

“Chris, wake up. I was thinking we could go to the lake and take the boat out.”

I got a rush of excitement at this and shot up. “That sounds awesome.” I hurried to get dressed and rushed to the kitchen and packed up some food for the boat and then we drove to the boat.

After we got on the boat, I immediately stripped down to just my speedo and put on sunscreen and dad got the boat started up and took us out on the lake. After he drove the boat to an open spot on the lake, dad dropped the anchor and then disappeared down into the cabin. What came next about made me pass out. Dad walked out in a speedo, normally he was in regular trunks, and his cock was definitely not shy. It stretched the speedo and I wanted it to stretch my ass.

Dad said “What a nice day for the lake.”

I mumbled something because I was focused on his cock.

He jumped in the water, “join me.” I got up and dove in and we swam for a little bit.

“I’m going to get some sun,” I swam to the ladder and climb out, shaking my ass the whole way up.

Soon after, dad swam over and climbed out and I could tell as he dried off that he had a semi going. “We hadn’t seen anyone else, so it had to be me that caused it” I thought. I got up and went to the mini fridge and bent over while getting water and I turned my head to look at my dad and noticed he was staring at my ass. While in the fridge, I grabbed him a beer and took it over to him as he sat in a lounge chair.

“Here you go daddy,” I stared at his hardening cock


I knew that this was my shot to do something, so I sat down on his lap and laid my head on his shoulder.

“I saw you looking at my ass.”

He got harder underneath me, “What are you talking about.”

“Daddy don’t play dumb, you were checking out my ass and I’ve been checking out your cock.”

Daddy took his big hand and grabbed my ass and squeezed. “You do have a great ass, arap porno but I can’t sleep with you.”

“Why daddy?”

“You’re my son for one and I’m not gay”

I shift so that I’m straddling him and his bulge is in my crack, “Your cock says otherwise; beside don’t think of it as gay daddy. Think of it as making love to someone you love.”

He sits there thinking, while his hands squeeze my ass, “no one can find out about this”

“Don’t worry daddy.” I lean in and kiss him.

He starts kissing back and our tongues fight each other. His big hand spread my ass and he slaps my ass.

“I’ve been saving myself for you daddy.”

“Mmmm that’s good baby.”

I slide down the chair and onto my knees. I grab his speedo and slide it down and start stroking his cock. My mind is running races as I hold my first cock. “Your cock is so big daddy.”

“11.5 inches baby.”

I lick the shaft from the base to the head and wrap my lips around the head of his cock. I then start to suck on it and I gag as I go too far.

“Slow down baby, you’ll get there one day.”

I suck on his cock and suck on his balls.

“Baby get on all fours on the chair,” he says as he gets up.

I get on all fours and arch my back down forcing my ass up. Daddy pulls my speedo down and spits on my tight asshole and then he starts to lick my ass.

“oooohhhhh daddy that feels so good,” he slides a finger in my ass and fucks me for a minute.

“You have one of the nicest asses I have ever seen baby.”

“Daddy please fuck me, I need you in my ass.”

Daddy stands up and slaps my hole with his big thick cock and then slowly starts to push it in. “Mmmmm baby you are tight.”

“Aaahhhh fuck daddy, you are so much thicker than my dildo.” I push back against him. Daddy pushes in until he bottoms out and his balls are laying on mine.

“Fuck me hard daddy.”

He grabs my waist and starts fucking me hard and deep.

“You’re my little slut aren’t you baby.”

“Yes daddy, I am yours forever. Cum in me daddy, fill me up.”

“I’m close baby,” he fucks faster and harder. I can feel his cock start to swell. “I’m cumming baby.”

“I’m cumming to daddy,” as he starts to shoot cum in my ass, I shoot cum all over the chair.

“Daddy that was amazing, I love you so much.”

He grabs my head and kisses me, “I love you too baby.”

We eat our lunch and then raise anchor to head home. As daddy drives the boat in, I suck on his cock the whole way back and he cums down my throat right before we dock.

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