Just Getting Started Ch. 05

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“No,” he spat back.

“What did you say, I asked you to leave, now go.” she said.

Jaden was in turmoil. Her body craved this man desperately. Even as he stood before her, his blue eyes blazing with lust and confusion.

“Jay, please let’s talk about this, we use to talk about everything, except the sexual tension. Now you know how much I crave you and I know you feel something for me. Why won’t you give it a chance? Why are you trying to push me away?”

Jaden stood firmly with her exposed breast heaving slightly with each intake of air.

“I…I thought you were a different person.” she said, bending down to pick up her t-shirt. “You can’t build a relationship on lust.” she said it almost breathlessly, as the shirt slipped easily over her head, covering her dangerous curves.

Her anger was dissolving and in its place was the sinking feeling that she was losing what could potentially be a great love of her life.

“Baby, we obviously have more than that.” Tristan said, he took slow steps toward her, trying not to scare her off or worse make her angrier. “Don’t you see we have the chance to have something more?”

“I mean Jay, isn’t the sex and lust a bonus?” We have the same corny sense of humor, we like the same music and movies. And most importantly I know I can talk to you about anything.”

Jaden was annoyed now, he was standing directly in front of her, her arms crossed over her breast. Now was the time to tell him she knew everything.


Dan had been calling her frantically the entire weekend. The last time they were together she told him it was over. They had been through a lot, but it wasn’t going to work now. It was too late she said.

He was pacing back and forth in his room. A huge space that now seemed like a cramped box. He couldn’t let her go he just couldn’t.

Just then the bedroom door opened “Hi honey,” said Alicia, with a bright smile on her face. A smile that was slowly starting to fade as she noticed the look on Dan’s.

“What’s wron-” she started, but Dan put a finger to her lips.

“Alicia, we have to talk.”


“You can tell me anything? Really T? If that’s so true why did you never tell me you had a girlfriend, Mr. I can tell you anything.”

“Am I really just a piece of ass? I didn’t want to believe it, I made excuses about how you would tell me something like that. I was fooling myself, but I know it’s true and I just can’t be the other woman.” she said it as fast as she could.

He took her in his arms feeling like he probably lost her for not being honest.

“I fucked up, not telling you baby, but we were really just friends. we’ve been through so much we couldn’t admit we were going our separate ways.” Tristan paused to look Jaden in the eyes, slowly he continued.

“For a long time now Kim and I have been just friends, we haven’t been physically or mentally intimate for almost a year. All of our conversations were just surface, because we’ve been too scarred to move on.”

“Wait a minute, what Kim… ” they were startled by the buzzing of Jaden’s cell. She ignored it and focused again on Tristan. “Who’s Kim?”

Now it was Tristan’s turn to be confused “Kim is-was my girlfriend, but I officially ended it. After that night with you, I realized I had to. tecavüz porno I took a train after work the next day to tell her everything.”

Again Jaden’s cell buzzed in the distance. But she ignored it. Jaden felt sick, she had been torturing herself for nothing.

“I rushed home to finally be honest with you and you were gone. I thought you were having second thoughts about us, I had to find you, I had to show you we could be perfect together.”

She looked into his piercing blue eyes, they were heavy with concern. Maybe he did feel something more than lust. She was an idiot.


“I’m not going to lead you on anymore. I love you with all my heart honey, but I’m not in love with you.” Dan said everything staring blankly at Alicia.

“When we met I told you I didn’t know if I could be in a relationship because of my ex. I even refused to speak her name, but now she’s back in my life, and I can’t lose her again.”

Alicia stared back at Dan. She opened her mouth to speak, but quickly closed it again. Her eyes were watering heavily, but she willed them not to spill.

“Alicia, please don’t hate me. I haven’t been sexually invovled ok? But I can’t lie to you anymore.” Dan stepped forward to touch her.

He didn’t want to be cold, he wanted her to say something. Instead she flinched back, like his touch was tainted.

She wanted to be strong like Jaden, but she was made of fairy tales and wishes, her life had not yet experienced true deceit and unhappy endings.

So she did the only thing she could, she cried. Dan was her first serious boyfriend, the man she gave her virginity to. The man she expected to marry and live their power lives together before she got pregnant with their 2.5 children and moved to the suburbs.

It was too much, to much, she stepped back to try and make it to sit on the bed, but she couldn’t and instead dropped to a heap on the floor.

Dan went to her, to try and console her, his heart ripping into shreds. Alicia pushed him away, “I hate you!” she screamed in between sobs. “Just..go..away.” Dan sat facing her on the floor.

He couldn’t leave her like this. After a few moments, when Alicia was gaining a little control of her tears she stood up. Her body still shaking. She stepped over to the lamp on their nightstand.

With all the strength in her body she picked it up, yanking the cord loose from the socket and threw it across the room, screaming at the top of her lungs for Dan to get out. It smashed acroos the wall pieces of glass flying everywhere.

Dan flinched and covered his head.

“GET OUT!”, “GET OUT!”, over and over she screamed while crushing their shared belongings, just like he was crushing her heart.

Next was the clock, all her figurines, books. Dan was shocked, he didn’t want to leave, but figured it was best to let her have some space. He scrambled to and out the door slowly trying to avoid her rage.


“Jay what’s going on? Who did you think was my girlfriend?”

“T, I’m so sorry, I was just so insecure about everything, I mean really it’s a little unreal how close we’ve gotten. I guess I kind of worked myself into believing your girlfriend was someone else. But, guys don’t understand how hard it is for a girl, you know, when she’s 18 porno so sexually connected with a guy. She can never be sure that it’s not just sex for him.”

“I’ve been that for guys before, just sex I mean. And it didn’t matter, unless I expected more and he didn’t.”

This girl is crazy Tristan thought a little amused. She was protecting her heart, by making up a complete story so she wouldn’t get hurt. He took her chin in his hands. “Jay you don’t have to protect your heart from me.”

“T, when I tell you this story you’re going to think I’m ridiculous, but hopefully in a cute corky way and not weird and crazy.” Jaden said with a faint smile.

She led him to the sofa and they sat with Jaden wrapped in his arms while she told him all the events that occurred after their first night together. By the end of the story they were both laughing over the drama.

Tristan didn’t say anything, but he knew for sure who Marcia was dating. He thought it best to let things play out naturally, if Dan was confident enough to get himself in a love triangle between cousins that was his funeral.

He thought briefly about calling Dan anyway, just to make sure he was ok. But the way Jaden was laying so seductively in his lap made his cock jump. Her ass was so tight and round and it brushed against his growing need lightly. Evil thoughts about what he needed to do to this little sphinx jumped into his mind.

They heard Jaden’s cell ringing again, but when she reached for it Tristan grabbed her.

“You are a naughty girl and you need to be punished,” he said.

Jaden laughed lightly, she could feel him growing and new the wicked look on his face meant trouble. But she had to answer her phone.”T, baby not now, really I think it’s important becasue that phone has been ringing nonstop.”

He held her arm more firmly he ran his tongue up and down the tip of her ear before finally whispering in her ear, “I said NO…,” he gently sucked her lobe before continuuing. “You need to be taught a lesson.”

Jaden was instantly wet. She forgot about the phone and sat very still waiting for Tristan to make his next move. His hard tan chest rested lightly on her back and she was dying to know if his cock was at full attention, but she didn’t make any move to check, instead she waited.

Tristan slipped his hand from her arm and yanked off the thin t-shirt she was wearing. He lightly brushed his fingertips across her breast. “I have wanted to be inside you all weekend, I was denied this right because of some ridiculous notion.” His breathing was heavier, she could feel each hot breadth tickle her skin, she needed more.

“Get on your knees in front of me.” he said it in a whisper, but his voice was hard with tension. “Now,” he commanded, when he didn’t think she was moving fast enough.

“Take off my shorts, slowly, I want you to really see what you have done to me.”

Jaden dropped silently in front of him. He laid back, his tan muscles rippling as he did so. His turgid cock came proudly into view as she eased off his shorts.

“Take me in your mouth, slowly.” his voice was softer, but it was still a command.

A command Jaden willingly obeyed. “Ahhh, that’s my good girl.” Jaden watched to see Tristan’s eyes close, but within seconds his konulu porno green orbs were once again trained on her.

She slipped him slowly into her wet, warm mouth. She couldn’t fit him all, she reached out to caress the untouched skin. “NO Jay, no hands.”

She slid her tongue up and down his shaft, before once again placing the bulbous tip into her waiting mouth. She sucked him vigorously. Eagerly wanting to taste his delicious seed.”Make me cum baby, I want to see you swallow my hot seed.”

Tristan sat staring intently as this beautiful creature sucked him to orgasm. She made him so hot. After all their useless struggles he wanted to show her he was not to be toyed with. He threw his head back as his orgasm ripped threw his body. He grabbed her head and pushed her down hard over his pulsing cock.

She swallowed as much as she could, but there was just too much. She started fingering her aching clit to try and relieve her pent up frustration.

After he recovered he looked down to see her desperately trying to clean his spilt seed, while fingering herself. He couldn’t get enough of this woman.

“Did I give you permission to touch yourself?” He didn’t want her to stop really, but this was his time and she was going to do what he wanted.

Jaden timidly pulled her soaked fingers out of her yearning snatch. Tristan took her small hands and lifted the delicate fingers to his mouth. “That’s my job”, he said, as he sucked her juices from each finger. “You taste so good Jay, now lay down on the floor, I’m starving and it’s time for me to have lunch.”

With that Jaden quickly laid down spreading her caramel thighs for her tanned lover. She watched excitedly as his head slipped in between her long legs. She could feel his hot breadth on her moist sex and squirmed in anticipation for his tongue to do its magic.

She almost jumped when he finally set his tongue flat on her shaved lips, dipping the tip into her on each stroke down. His tongue then stopped at her opening and sucked up all her sweet juices. Tristan was again ready to take her, his body didn’t stop yearning for her. Right now she would do whatever he wanted and he was ready to put her succulent body to the test.

He climbed up her body kissing her feverishly, Jaden kissed him back tasting her nectar as well. He plunged his cock into her. She knew it was coming, but still wasn’t ready for his girth. She stiffened visibly and Tristan lay still. “Take me baby, let me in. We’ll fit perfectly once you let me in.” True to his word her pussy slowly accommodated him. Tristan turned them both over so that she was riding him.

He watched her breast heave and grabbed her ass to help her move up and down on his thick shaft. “That’s my good girl, ride me baby, I need to feel you cum all over my hard dick.” She was close to the edge, she was going to be a good girl and please Tristan, she forced herself down on his hard member as her orgasm overtook her.

Tristan started to cum too, as soon as he felt her tight pussy spasm all over he let loose a load of hot cum that mingled with her juices.

They were spent, Jaden collapsed into Tristan’s waiting arms and they both fell asleep, neither paying attention to the cell phone that was constantly buzzing.


Marcia looked again as his name flashed across the screen. She wasn’t going to answer. Her heart was breaking, but it was better for her to be in pain than Alicia.

Just then she had a text, she knew it was from Dan, she looked to see what he’d written. ‘ It’s done, I broke things off with Alicia, I’m moving out.’

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