Kelli and Cathy Explore the Holiday


Cathy Diaz took a deep hit on the cigarette she was sharing with her friend Kelli Stewart and passed it over to Kelli. Kelli took the last drag off it and stuffed it out in the ashtray they had brought down to the pool. Kelli was spending the Christmas vacation at her sister Laurie’s apartment while Laurie was away in England. Kelli and Cathy were taking advantage of the unusually warm December day and soaking up the warm Texas sun while they lay beside the apartment complex swimming pool. Cathy was wearing a white string bikini that contrasted well with her brown skin. The advantage of being Mexican-American was the ease with which she could keep a year round tan.

Kelli’s tan was almost equal to Cathy’s, but she had to work at it a little harder because even though her mom was Mexican born and raised in Tampico, Mexico, her dad was a blue-eyed Anglo-Saxon. When Kelli avoided the sun, she could easily pass for being white if she wanted. When she was a little girl, she used to love the looks she got from people whenever they heard her speaking Spanish with her mom or one of her sisters. They were always amazed and would make comments about how well the little white girl spoke Spanish. Her bikini was a midnight blue color and was a little less revealing than Cathy’s. Her tits were two cup sizes larger than Cathy’s, and she had no desire to give anyone a free show at the pool by wearing a bikini they could fall out of.

As well as having darker skin, Cathy had dark eyes that were almost black and neck length, straight, dark-brown hair. By contrast, Kelli’s hair was light brown, almost blonde, wavy, and came half way down her back. She didn’t have her father’s blue eyes, but they were green like her grandmother on her father’s side. Cathy reached for the pack of Marlboro lights lying between them; and as she shook one out, her cellular phone that was sitting next to the cigarettes began to ring. She handed the cigarette to Kelli for her to light and answered the phone, “This is Cathy.”

After a pause, she continued, “Shit! When’s he going to be done?”

Another pause. “Come on, Timmy. That’s fucking bullshit. We’ve been planning this for days.”

Another brief pause and she interrupted, “Hey. I ain’t going to be no fucking third wheel. You wanna come see Kelli, you better find another date for me.”

One last pause. “Who fucking cares that all your friends are busy. If you can’t find one that wants to be fixed up with me, you don’t deserve to go out with Kelli. So, get hot on it.”

At that, she pressed the end call button and carelessly let her phone fall to the towel she was lying on. Kelli handed her the newly lit cigarette and asked, “That your brother?”

“No,” Cathy fumed. “It was your boyfriend.”

Kelli suppressed a giggle as Cathy hit on the cigarette and passed it back to her. Kelli took a drag and blew out a stream of smoke before saying, “Well, me going out with him a couple of times doesn’t exactly qualify Timmy as being my boyfriend. Just like you being pissed şişli escort off at him doesn’t make him stop being your brother.”

Cathy glared and proclaimed, “I don’t give a shit. We’ve been planning this thing over a week. Then Laurie leaving and letting us have the apartment made it perfect, but now Timmy is saying Jeff has to baby-sit for his little sister and can’t come.”

Between her sister and her best friend, Kelli was never sure which had the worse temper. But, she was sure that neither was fun to be around when they were pissed. She hesitated before saying, “Maybe he really does.”

“Fuck that,” Cathy steamed. “She’s twelve fucking years old. You and I were working as baby sitters when we were twelve, not getting sat for.”

“Okay,” Kelli agreed. “So, us cooking dinner for them tonight is off then?”

Cathy finished the cigarette and smashed it in the ashtray. “What the fuck do you think? I’m not going to help you cook and then sit around and watch you and Timmy make out.”

“We could all have dinner and just rent a DVD or something.”

“Yeah, right. You know how bad Timmy wants in your pants.”

Kelli’s face reddened and she said, “I haven’t let him in my pants yet.”

“That’s why he wants in them so bad. I fucked up and let his big shot, University of Texas going, friend into mine the last time he came home and now he’s blowing me off.”

“You don’t know for sure that he’s blowing you off.”

“Get fucking real, Kelli. He’s blowing me off. And, he doesn’t even have the juevos to call me himself. He let’s my brother do it. Now the whole fucking day is ruined.”

“It doesn’t have to be.”

“Yeah, right,” Cathy said. “Like my dumbshit brother is really going to find anyone that will come over here when all their friends still think I’m Jeff’s girl.”

“Well,” Kelli said. “You mean you’re not still Jeff’s girl?”

“After this? Fuck him.”

Kelli hesitated and said, “I might know someone.”


“I met a guy a couple of days ago.”

“Where? You didn’t tell me anything about a guy.”

“Here. He’s a friend of Laurie’s but he didn’t know she was gone, so he came over here the other morning looking for a tennis game.”

“Tennis?” Cathy said. “With Laurie?”

“Yeah,” Kelli said. “She’s good. Almost as good as Frankie, and Frankie has a scholarship.”

Cathy paused before saying, “Naa. I don’t want anything to do with another college guy. They all just want to come home and fuck us high school chicks and then go back to college.”

Kelli shook her head and said, “He’s not in college. He’s a senior at Webster High. He just lives a couple of buildings over from Laurie and Frankie. And, he’s really cute.”

“Shit,” Cathy said. “You got his number?”


“Fuck it then,” Cathy said as she handed Kelli the phone and reached to take another cigarette out of the pack. “Call him.”

“Okay,” Kelli said. “But, before I call him, there’s something I should tell you.”

Cathy istanbul escort looked her friend in the eye and her own eyes widened with realization. “You fucked him, didn’t you?”

Kelli lowered her head and nodded.

Cathy stared incredulously before saying, “You’re telling me this guy came to the apartment to play tennis with Laurie and ended up in bed playing with you instead.”

Not knowing how to respond, Kelli gave a half shrug, ducked her head, and said, “Basically. Yeah.”

“Fuck me,” Cathy said. “Was he any good?”

Kelli giggled and said, “He was a little quick on the draw the first time, but he recovered and did fine after that.”

“The first time? How many times did you fuck?”

Kelli lowered her head again and said, “Four.”

“Four! My God,” Cathy said as she shoved the phone into Kelli’s hand. “Call this guy right fucking now.”


Dinner went well. Kelli was surprised. She’d been afraid Doug and Cathy wouldn’t hit it off, but they had. Doug was even getting along well with Timmy. Which surprised her even more. She’d been even more afraid that Timmy would pick up some kind of connection between her and Doug, but he seemed oblivious. And, when each guy wasn’t putting his hands on, and seeing how far he could get with, his perspective date; they’d been gabbing away about how shitty the Cowboys were again this year.

Kelli and Cathy, being the prospective dates, were actually quite willing to have their bodies explored by the guys. At that particular moment, the four of them were on the living room sofa. Kelli and Timmy on one end; lips locked together, tongues teasing and waltzing, Timmy’s hand inside Kelli’s blouse that he had just unbuttoned down to her navel, cupping her bare breast while he stroked the budding nipple, Timmy loving the low moans that were coming from her throat.

Across the sofa; Doug lifting Cathy’s t-shirt out of her jeans, stroking a tiny breast with each hand while she lay back against the arm of the sofa, sucking her neck while she matched Kelli’s moans, on top of her, between her open legs, dry humping through their jeans. Cathy gasping as he lifted her shirt higher, exposing her breasts, leaning his lips to them, sucking first one and then the other nipple. Cathy looking across the sofa, seeing her brother opening Kelli’s shirt further, watching her generous breasts fall out of her shirt, Timmy taking one of Kelli’s giant nipples between his lips, sucking Kelli’s while Doug sucked hers, Cathy feeling herself moisten while she watched.

Doug lifting Cathy’s t-shirt over her head, Kelli sliding her arms through her blouse as Timmy slipped it off of her. Both girls sitting shirtless on the couch, making eye contact, each reaching a hand out to the other, finger tips touching, jolts of electricity flowing from one to the other and from the other back to the one. Cathy allowing her hand to clasp with Kelli’s as she wrapped her legs around Doug and humped up to him, crying out as he continued beşiktaş escort to grind against her, desperately wanting him to finish undressing her.

Kelli accepting Cathy’s hand in her on, growls escaping her throat as Timmy left her breasts and kissed his way down her flat stomach. The growls deepening as Timmy kneeled before her and unfastened her belt. Shaking her head and murmuring. Torn between wanting him to take her right then, and wanting to wait for a better time. Wanting to be alone with him, but not wanting to leave Cathy. Wanting to fuck him right that second, but wanting to stretch the moment out. Wanting him that very second, wanting to be alone. Wanting to stay with Cathy, wanting it to be special between just him and her. Wanting his cock inside her right then. Wanting his cock inside her right then. Wanting his cock inside her right then.

Lifting her ass off the couch as he slid open her belt, popped open her button, unzipped her zipper. Feeling him pulling her jeans and panties together. Feeling the leather on her bare ass as her jeans and panties broke free from her flesh. Lifting her knees as he pulled them past her feet. Opening her legs as he kissed the inner flesh of her thighs. Gasping as he applied his tongue to the lips of her pussy. Gasping again as he entered her with his tongue and she felt Cathy cupping her breasts in her hand. Playfully brushing her manicured thumbnail across Kelli’s elongated nipple. Moaning, gasping, purring.

Kelli laying back. Feeling Cathy’s lips sucking the same nipple her brother had been sucking moments before. Through the fog that was her mind, seeing that Cathy’s clothes were gone too. Seeing Doug behind Cathy with his jeans down around his knees entering Cathy from behind. Cathy gasping. Groaning. Releasing Kelli’s nipple from her lips so that she could allow the moan to escape deep from her throat as she felt Doug stretching her, entering her, penetrating her, impaling her. Whimpering as he withdrew. Gasping and moaning as he reentered.

Kelli grasping Cathy by the hair, drawing her lips back to her nipple. Cathy greedily returning to sucking that nipple. Timmy stepping out of his pants. Rubbing his throbbing cock along the drenched lips of Kelli’s pussy. Kelli using her heels to draw him into her. Making him thrust his cock inside. Gasping. Desperately sucking for air. Pulling Cathy’s face to hers. Meeting her lips to Cathy’s lips. Her tongue to Cathy’s tongue. Feeling herself tensing with the beginning of her orgasm. Electricity flowing from Cathy’s lips to hers, knowing Cathy to be approaching climax as well. Crying out. Relaxing her legs. Groaning her pleasure as she felt Timmy pull from her and began to spurt warm fluid onto her tits. Cathy breaking the kiss to release her scream as Doug splattered the inner walls of her pussy with his own juice.

Kelli crying out. Cathy crying out. Cathy falling into Kelli’s arms. Timmy and Doug falling to the floor. Cathy meeting Kelli’s lips again with her own. Timmy and Doug both whispering a silent prayer of thanks to whoever was responsible for making this happen.

Cathy standing and taking Doug’s hand. Kelli standing and taking Timmy’s hand. Both of them leading their men to the bedroom so they could have round two.

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