Moving House


Author’s Note: This story is complete fiction, and is completely unrealistic. It involves some bizarre stunts, which I really enjoyed making up and writing down. If you don’t like stories of cuckold husbands being hurt by multiple well endowed lovers, then DON’T READ IT!

Last week hubby and I moved house. We went from a very nice house in Surrey, to an even nicer house in Surrey. I thought that we would put our games on hold during the move, but, in the end, it didn’t work out like that.

At just after nine in the morning the moving van arrived. It slowly reversed down the bridle path which led to our house. I was watching from the landing window as the driver opened his door and jumped down. He was wearing shorts and a vest type T shirt, so even from that distance I could see his arm muscles, and the tattoos on his impressive biceps.

A second removal man rounded the back of the van, and he was seriously good looking, with tousled blonde hair, and a bare upper body. He was also well muscled, with a nice tan.

As they walked together towards our front door I felt that warm tingle I always get when I see men I want to have sex with, and I really wanted to have sex with these guys.

I dashed down the stairs to make sure I could greet these two hunks, and I flung open the front door before they even knocked. They both smiled as they ran their eyes slowly down my body, then back up. I was wearing a denim skirt, with a hem just above my knees and large buttons all the way up the front. The bottom two buttons were undone, as was the top button of my white cotton top.

“Hi guys, nice and prompt, but I thought we were getting four men?” I queried.

“There are actually three more coming shortly, so there’ll be five of us at your service.”

“I’ll tell my husband to get you all teas and coffees, and anything else you need. Let me know if he slacks at all, I have to keep him in check.”

“Oh, right, it’s like that is it?” he chuckled.

“Do you want to know how it is?”

“Yes, I’d love to know.”

“Well, I am the boss in this house, and my husband serves me. I have his cock locked in a chastity cage, and he has to be a perfect slave or he gets no sexual relief at all. At best he gets a couple of ruined orgasms per month. I, on the other hand, enjoy having sex with lots of different men.”

“Wow! You are one sexy lady, I’d love to be one of the men you have sex with.”

“If today goes as I hope, you can all have sex with me.”

“So you’d better tell me what you want us to do, as I’m sure all the guys are going to want to fuck you. I’m Joe, by the way, and I’m the supervisor, so I get to get into your knickers first.”

“Well Joe, I’m looking forward to dropping my knickers for you already. I’m Sarah, by the way.”

Joe put his big strong arms around my eager body, pulled me tight into his chest and kissed me surprisingly sensually. My nipples hardened and I felt a warm tingle between my legs.

“That was nice. Ok, so here’s the game. As well as moving us I want all five of you to hurt and humiliate my husband, Rob, throughout the day. You must pay special attention to his balls, order him around to do the most menial and unpleasant jobs, and you can flirt with me in front of him, ask him about my lovers, call him a wimp, and so on. Just make sure he spends most of the day with his balls on fire with pain.”

“That sounds like fun Sarah, and if we do a really good job with him, you’ll fuck us all?”

“That’s it Joe, and by the way, don’t misunderstand. Although he won’t admit it to you, he gets so turned on by being treated like that. He likes it as well as me.”

“Wow, that’s seriously kinky!”

“Very true.” I turned to the blonde next, “and what’s your name?”


“Well Mike, would you like a kiss as well?”

“Yes please Sarah,” how polite!

I kissed Mike, and he was even more sensual and sexy, I’d seriously mis-judged these house movers. They may look a bit rough and ready but they know how to kiss.

Joe was already moving across the drive to collar my husband.

“Rob, I’m Joe, the supervisor, and Sarah has told me that you are my Gofer today, so when I call I need you to come running, ok?”

“Yes Joe, I’ll help all I can.”

“Well you can start by calling me Sir not Joe. Only real men get to call me Joe.”

“Oh right, sorry sir.”

“That’s better. Secondly, your jeans are totally unsuitable, you’ll get all hot and sweaty, put on the shortest shorts you’ve got, with no panties, you’ll need some ventilation down there. I know about your cage, by the way, so there’s no need to be shy. Finally, if you displease you in any way, Sarah has told me to whack your balls, and if I do, believe me you won’t be getting up in a hurry, ok?”

“Yes sir, I’ll try not to let you down.”

“Good, now run, you’re getting behind already.”

The first incident happened really quickly. Hubby was on his knees taking our bed to pieces, when Mike picked up one of the side bars and ‘accidentally’ brought it up between hubby’s legs at high speed.


“Sorry Tipobet mate, I didn’t see you there. Are you injured? Shall I have a look at you?”

“No, I’m fine, honestly,” hubby pleaded.

“Sorry, but if there’s an accident on site, we have to conduct an examination to see if anything needs to be done about it,” interjected Joe, the supervisor.

“Come on darling, you don’t want them to lose their jobs, drop your shorts.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Right, now we can see the injured area, but you seem to have some sort of cage locked onto your cock.” Joe teased.

My husband blushed red.

“Anyway, hands on your head and look straight forwards. I need to conduct a physical examination.”

“Oh God, do you have to?”

“Sorry mate, now, does this hurt?”

“Christ! Yes!!”

“Hmmnn, that’s from just a gentle squeeze, Mike, you have a go.”


“I hardly touched him boss, just a firm squeeze and he’s squealing like a stuck pig.”

By this time we were all laughing hysterically at my humiliated husband.

“I think we’d better leave his dangly bits out so we can make sure we don’t damage them any more.”

“Good idea” I said, suspecting that he had a plan, “get your shorts off Rob, there’s a good boy.”

Hubby reluctantly removed his shorts, and stood with his balls and cage exposed.

“Hello, what’s going on here?” called a new worker, walking into the hall followed by two more gorgeous hunks.

“Sarah, this is Jason, Ian, and Steve, guys this is the gorgeous Sarah, and her husband Rob. I’ll explain the situation shortly, but, trust me, we’re all going to have a great time.”

The new guys must have picked something up, because they all came over and kissed me.

“Right hubby,” said Joe with mischief in his voice, “we need you to stand on the ladder and pass things down from the loft, as we’re not allowed on ladders due to health and safety considerations.”

He turned and winked at me as hubby climbed the aluminium loft ladder until he could see into the loft. Something didn’t look quite right about the ladder, but I couldn’t work out what it was. Hubby grabbed the first box which was near the loft hatch, and started to step down the ladder, which was at a very shallow angle, meaning his cock and balls hung between the rungs as he slid down. One more step and suddenly a section of the ladder slid downwards under his weight, so that he and it moved down about six inches before the section stopped with a loud clack.

“Fuck!” hubby screamed.

“What happened?” I asked.

“He didn’t check that the second section was locked all the way down,” explained Joe, smiling broadly.

“My cock and balls are trapped!” squealed my husband.

“We’ll see if we can lift him a bit and get him pulled out,” Joe proposed. Two of the guys grabbed hubby’s legs, pulling them off the rungs and lifting him slightly, then one of the other men started pushing on his balls and cock causing hubby to squeal like a pig being slaughtered.

“Lift the ladder a bit,” Mike suggested.

Jason lifted the second stage of the ladder up a bit and Ian, who was pushing on hubby’s genitals, managed to extricate his cock in it’s cage, but he left hubby’s balls between the rungs.

“Ok, you’re free,” the men holding hubby’s legs announced, letting go of him completely. The fourth man holding the second section of the ladder had already released it, so it had dropped back down, trapping just hubby’s balls. Hubby dropped a few inches, then his fall was stopped by his balls, which wouldn’t fit through the gap.

“Christ, where’s the ladder?” he screamed.

“We removed the bottom section to try to free you.” Mike explained.

“But I have nothing to put my feet on!!”

“Well pull yourself up by your arms wimp.” I added, helpfully.

Hubby really tried, but he could only pull up for 15 or 20 seconds, before his arms gave out leaving him hanging by his trapped balls. The poor man was in agony.

“Boss, have you seen the time?” Jason piped up.

“Oh right you are, well spotted Jason.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Lunch break time. We have to have a thirty minute break now. We’ll have to deal with your idiot husband’s problem after lunch.”

“You can’t leave me here hanging like this!” hubby wailed.

“No choice mate, we have to have a thirty minute break, health and safety rules, Sarah, are you staying to keep him company?”

“No way, I can’t stand all his screaming, it’s giving me a head ache, I’m coming with you guys.”

So we all filed out of the room, leaving hubby crying, dangling from his trapped balls with his legs flapping wildly in the air.

“Well done guys, that was a stroke of genius!” I praised them happily.

“It worked even better than we imagined,” Joe commented.

“Ha, ha, too right,” Mike added.

“You aren’t going to free him too quickly, are you?” I queried.

The men all laughed

“I suspect it’ll take ages and involve a lot of pain for him,” Ian said.

“I Tipobet Giriş think we could try just pulling him, then pushing on his balls, what do you think Sarah?” Mike asked.

“That’ll never work boss,” suggested Ian, grinning.

“I know, but it’ll be incredibly painful, and at the end he’ll still be hanging by his balls,” Joe replied.

“I could suggest cutting them off and go and look for bolt cutters?” Mike suggested.

“Good idea,” responded Jason.

We chatted on for the rest of the lunch break, mulling over different ideas. All the time we could hear hubby crying and moaning in pain, as he hung by his balls from the ladder.

“Ok, lunch break is over, let’s go back and start hurting the poor idiot,” Joe said, rousing his troops.

In the end it took nearly an hour to get hubby freed by all five of them cooperating, and for most of that hour hubby was in agony from a host of different daft ideas. Mike found the bolt cutters and really convinced hubby that his balls were about to be cut off.

After he was freed we set off for the new house. I rode in the truck with Mike, driving, and Joe on my left. Hubby drove the others in my car. Joe got his hand up my skirt as soon as we started moving, so I turned and started kissing him, really enjoying the feel of his fingers inside my knickers. The journey was over all too quickly, and I felt quite let down when his hand was removed.

I turned to hubby as he climbed out of the car.

“I need you to build our bed straight away. Somewhere to sleep has to be our top priority.”

“Yes my love.”

“Try not to get your balls trapped.”

“Of course my love.”

It took hubby about half an hour to build and make the bed, and by that time the guys were beginning to grab me every time I got near any of them. I decided I had been teased enough so I suggested to Joe, who wasn’t going to be able to stay for the evening, that we try out the new bedroom. While I took the supervisor to bed, I told hubby to go to his shed, which was really a stable, and start sorting all the tools and so on, which the guys were already piling up. He started to get dressed, which really got me angry.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing? Get those clothes back off and get out to the shed. You’re going to regret that stupid mistake later!”

The sexy super and I had a great time for half an hour, and he made me cum, and he came inside me. Next I got Jason, who also had to go home to his wife, into bed, so he wouldn’t miss out. He really seemed to enjoy fucking me. He kept telling me how much better than his wife I was in bed, which was nice. I told him to visit and fuck me as often as he wanted, which he was thrilled about.

By this time, it was getting dark, and the two men were leaving. I went out to the shed and watched hubby moving stuff around.

“I need you to cook dinner now. Don’t even think of wearing anything, not even an apron. You can eat the left over pasta, from last week, while you are cooking.”

“But it’s got mould on it.”

“I don’t care, I can’t abide waste, and I don’t want you eating with us. Once you’ve served dinner you can come back out here and finish getting all this stuff sorted.”

“Yes my love.”

While hubby set about making us all a nice Bouef Bourguignon, I poured myself and the three remaining guys some drinks, and put on some music. I moved from one to the other, kissing and fondling them in turn, taking off an item of their clothing each time I changed partners. They in turn were undressing me, which obviously happened much more quickly. In ten minutes I was completely naked, and they were still half dressed. They all took advantage of the situation, and started getting their fingers into my pussy and arse, licking my nipples, and generally driving me wild, while I was trying to finish undressing them.

“Wow, I’ve finally got you all naked. Let’s all go and shower.”

They were a bit reluctant at first, being guys and not gay, but I assured them it was a big shower. Once in the shower one of them got his cock inside my pussy, and then as he was fucking me, standing up, with water cascading over us all, he turned me around so a second hard cocked stud could slip into my tight arse. He got his cock slippery with soap first, and he slid in easily. I love being double fucked, it feels so amazing, and the guys were really getting into it, bouncing me up and down on their rigid cocks.

The third hot stud was missing out, so I grabbed his hard cock and started pumping it, as he twisted and pulled on my excited nipples. The men inside me were fit and strong, but they were also mega horny, so in no time they were getting close to orgasm, and so was I.

I came first, incredibly hard, followed by Ian, who was fucking my arse. Mike’s monster cock in my pussy was still going and as he kept bouncing me up and down, I came again, not so hard, but still fantastic.

Once we had all finished our orgasms, I turned to poor left out Jason, dropped to my knees, and started to blow him. He was so excited Tipobet Güncel Giriş from the pumping of my hand that he exploded in my mouth in seconds. Once his load was all delivered, I looked up to his face, opened my mouth and let the shower water wash his spunk down my throat.

“Thank you.” he said

“My pleasure I assure you. When we get to the next round, you must go first.”

We all trooped down to the kitchen naked, and I told hubby to poor more drinks for us. He handed over the drinks then went back to his cooking.

“You aren’t eating the leftovers, I told you to eat the leftovers!”

“Sorry my love, I was so busy I forgot.”

“Well, we’d better help you remember. Jason, knee him in the balls.”

“Oh God no, please no!”

“Hands on your head, eyes forward, legs apart. Make it hard Jason.”

“Yes Ma’am,” he replied, grinning.

His knee came up between hubby’s legs, with a vicious jerk, and hubby screamed and dropped to the floor retching and howling.

“Well done Jason, that was just right. Get up wimpy husband and cook the dinner while eating the mouldy pasta, as I instructed.”

“Yes my love,” he blubbed.

Hubby took another half hour cooking and when it was nearly ready I decided to have a bit more fun.

“Ian, hubby seems to have nothing to do at the moment. Why don’t you get the rolling pin out of that drawer, put some cooking oil on it, and see if you can get it up hubby’s tight little arse.”

“Oh no, please my love,” hubby begged.

“Shut up, you need to get used to having things up your arse. I’ve got plans for you to earn us some more money.”

Ian had a bit of a struggle, but he got it in finally, with a lot of squealing from hubby. Once it was in I made him complete the dinner with it sticking out of his arse.

Finally he dished up, and I allowed Ian to remove the pin, with a sharp tug, causing more squealing.

“Right husband, now get out to your little shed and get it all sorted. We’ll come out later and inspect it, so make sure it looks fantastic. I know it’s quite cold, and you are naked, but if you work hard you should keep warm.”

We ate the stew ravenously, having built up quite an appetite moving house and then having sex. Knowing that hubby was out in a freezing cold shed, stark naked, moving stuff around to try to win my approval gave me a lovely warm sexy feeling. I had already decided that he would fail the task, before he even started, which was cruel of me, but that’s what I’m like.

“Right guys, it’s time to go and inspect hubby’s efforts, but first here are some stiff hot toddies to keep us warm out there. While we’re drinking them, I’ll just brief you. At first we’ll praise hubby for the good job that I’m sure he’s done, but then, I want each of you to come up with a small criticism. We can maybe do a couple each, then I’ll declare him failed, and explain his punishment. We can all get involved, which will warm us up, and get me feeling sexy again. Ok?”

“Yes Ma’am,” they chorused.

With the whisky inside us, we all trooped out to the stable. As planned we praised hubby initially, then one after another we all found some tiny fault, and poor hubby got more and more despondent. He was cold and shivering, and he knew that his torment wasn’t over.

“So hubby, it’s time for your punishment, the first part anyway. Put this thin belt on, find a cable strap and hand it to me.”

I took the cable tie and looped it through the end of his cock cage, and the belt round his waist. When I pulled the tie tight, his little frozen penis was pointing at his chin, and his balls were nicely presented and unprotected. I put handcuffs on his wrists behind his back, then handed some orange nylon rope to Jason.

“Tie that round behind his balls then throw the other end over that beam. Pull on the rope until he’s on tip toes, then making sure it’s tense, tie it off on the ring bolt on the wall.”

Hubby was now ready for his punishment.

“Ok, since you’ve spent half the day messing about and letting your balls get into silly situations, I thought your punishment should carry on that theme. We’re all four going to take turns strapping you with these thick leather belts of yours. We’re going to be aiming for your arse and balls, and, you’ve probably realised that if you lose your footing, you’ll end up hanging by your balls for the second time today. To make that more likely, I’m going to be aiming for the backs of your legs.”

“Right team, fifteen minutes of hell for hubby, then we can go back inside and have some fun.”

The belting was brilliant fun. Hubby got hit on his vulnerable balls again and again, he lost his footing several times, and when he did we just kept on whacking him, so that he had extended periods of time swinging from the roof by his balls. Eventually we had to stop, or I think he would have passed out.

“Ok team, the punishment is over, now it’s play time. You may not have noticed yet, but I put 200mg of Viagra in your hot toddies, as I wanted to make sure you were all going to be hot and hard for me!”

We all went back inside, leaving hubby still attached to the roof and on tip toes. I didn’t think he would be able to stand like that for very long, which was a shame, because 200 mg of Viagra guaranteed some serious cock action for me for quite a while.

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