On The Edge Ch. 02


This story is a work of fiction and all characters are over the age of 18.


This is my second submission to Literotica. Hopefully my writing will continue to improve. All sincere comments and criticism welcomed. Please vote so I have an indication of how you like/dislike the story as it unfolds.

A special thanks to PrincessLeigha for proofreading and invaluable assistance with grammar. PrincessLeigha, your patience with my fumbling efforts has been astounding!


On Friday, Ann invited Janice over after school so they could hang out for the evening. Ann’s parents liked Janice and considered her a good influence on their daughter. The teen frequently stayed for dinner and was often included in their family outings. Janice’s mother welcomed the respite from feeding her only daughter and almost always acquiesced to offers of meals for the voracious teenager.

Janice asked Ann if they could sneak up on Alex’s bedroom window again. “It was so hot watching him touch himself. I really want to see it again. The two of us could stay quiet and watch until he spurts.”

Ann replied, “He does it every day when he thinks there’s nobody around. I sometimes stand outside his bedroom door and listen to him jack off. I thought I heard him saying my name the other day when I listened.”

“I’m going to wear a pair of tights and that really snug silk top to school tomorrow. I can take off my panties in the school washroom after school,” said Janice. “I’ll have to wear a long sweater to get out of the house without Mom freaking out. It’ll get Alex thinking about us and maybe he’ll go to his room to ‘deal with things’,” she grinned. “You wear those really tight jeans and that wrap blouse that shows off your boobs.”

The next day, Janice slipped into the girls’ washroom and peeled her top off in one of the stalls. “I need to put my bra in my backpack when I get to my locker. Cover me when we leave.” The bra came off and she rubbed her nipples to little brown points before pulling the silk top on. The tights came off with some squirming in the small space, then the panties, already slightly damp at the crotch.

Ann replied, “Shove your underwear under your sweater for now. Wait until we get around the corner before putting it in your pack. There are too many people hanging out in the hall. I’m just going to stuff my panties in my purse.”

It was a Friday and Ann’s parents wanted to go for dinner. Ann complained, saying, “Janice and I want to hang out here and watch TV. ET will be on in a while. Can’t we stay in and get a pizza while you go out?”

“You’re too young to leave alone for the evening,” replied Ann’s mother. “We can’t leave you on your own.”

Alex piped up, “I can stay home with them, Mom. I had a long week at uni and wanted to lie around and recover from that hit I took in Wednesday’s soccer game anyway.” The college junior lifted his sweatshirt to display a livid bruise on his side ribs. Assessing his state, he said, “Matter of fact, I should ice it right now,.”

Ann’s parents glanced at each other, recognizing an opportunity to have some time away from the kids. “OK, here’s $20 for pizza. No inviting a gang of friends over, and you stay here with the girls. We don’t want them left alone. Go put an ice pack on that bruise and let the girls order what they like on the pizza.” With that admonishment, the parents rushed out the door for an evening of adult fun.

Ann raced to her room and slipped her bra off. When she returned to the kitchen, Janice had already removed the bulky sweater, leaving her clothed in what amounted to skintight underwear. Alex was trying not to obviously ogle the girl, but it was almost impossible to not look.

When Alex turned to his sister for eye relief, he noticed again how sleek her legs and ass looked in the thin stretch jeans. He’d been surprised that their mother had let Ann buy them. He suddenly noticed his sister didn’t seem to be wearing a bra; keenly attuned to these nuances like any perpetually horny young man.

His dilemma now was which girl to not ogle. He figured it would be slightly safer to feast his eyes on Janice when he could get away with it. Janice had developed a lot in the past couple of years; she had been a real shortie until after she hit her mid-teens. Now she had grown up and out. She was still slim but had developed a nicer ass and grown tits like crazy. The height increase had helped, too; she didn’t look like a grade school kid anymore.

Ann noticed her brother’s bulge growing and smirked when he couldn’t see her face. He was a big, handsome guy, she admitted to herself. Janice’s comment about imagining Alex fucking Ann during the porn video rose into her thoughts unbidden. She pulled the Her nipples stood out against the thin material and rubbed slightly with every step.

Alex looked at Ann as she walked into the kitchen. Her nipples stood out in relief against the profile of her chest. The stretch jeans flowed around the cheeks of her firm ass. His cock lurched xslot Yeni Giriş again, growing under the onslaught of the visual stimulation before him.

Alex wondered what it would be like to play with his sisters’ tits, to hold her ass while he ground his hard member into her wet cunt…

Janice interrupted his pornographic daydream. “Alex, here’s an ice pack and a towel for your ribs. That bruise looks sore.”

Alex started, looking at the towel-wrapped pack, at Janice’s’ pointed breasts, then up to her pretty face. He colored slightly, stammering, “Thanks, Janice. It’s a little tender.”

Janice smiled and glanced at the erection under his sweatpants. “Lift up your shirt and I’ll slide this up against the bruise.” She bent forward as he lifted his sweatshirt, putting a hand on the unbruised side of his torso and carefully placing the pack over the exposed sore. This put her breasts almost in his face. She took the opportunity to rub a nipple against the back of the arm holding his shirt up. They both shivered, he from the sudden cold, she from the erotic stimulation.

Their glances met and Janice colored slightly. Alex grew harder. “Thanks Janice. I really appreciate it. It’s tough to place the pack without twisting my torso.”

Janice smiled openly. “You’re welcome, anytime.” She turned away, giving him a close look at her ass before walking back into the kitchen.

Janice quickly related her adventure to Ann in excited whispers. Ann replied, “He was totally checking out your tits and your ass when I came back into the living room. We’ll have Alex so hot by the time dinner’s ordered that he’s going to have to go jerk off in his room. We should sit on either side of him and pick out our order.”

Ann brought out a couple of pizza menus and sat tight beside her brother. Janice sat close on the other side, pushing the pack tighter to Alex’s bruised ribs. Ann dropped the menus in Alex’s lap.

“What can we all agree on tonight? I don’t want pineapple on mine,” Ann declared.

Janice put an arm across the low back of the couch, leaning over the menus and gently pressing the side of her breast against Alex’s bicep. He pushed back slightly, saying, “The pressure on the icepack feels good. Thank you.”

“Ground beef, mushroom and extra cheese looks good,” said Janice, looking up at Ann and shifting her breast against Alex’s arm. He was careful to keep a poker face, though he couldn’t stop the growth of his cock under the flyers.

He grabbed the colorful papers and pretended to think about his selection. He managed to shift his hard cock so it didn’t stand up, then relaxed marginally. “I’m good with Janice’s choice as long as it’s an extra large.” He looked at one girl, then the other. “Are we all OK with that?”

Ann grabbed the menus from her brother’s hands, managing to lightly touch his cock with the back of her hand. “Sounds good to me. I’ll call and find out how long it will take.” She walked into the kitchen to phone in their order.

Alex stared at his sister’s departing rump, then turned to look at Janice’s pretty face, noting the full lips, prominent cheekbones and flawless complexion. His gazed dropped to her breasts with their erect nipples, then further down to her clearly outlined camel toe. She knew what he was looking at and was excited by the hungry gaze.

Janice remembered the porn film and wondered how Alex’s penis compared. The earlier peek she’d had when the girls watched him masturbate was not close enough or leisurely enough. She wanted to see more. “If he can stare, so can I,” she thought. Her eyes travelled down to his throbbing member, hidden beneath his grey sweatpants. It looked long and thick. She opened her free hand as if to grasp the outline of his cock. Hesitating, she avoided his hungry eyes and dashed into the kitchen.

“Your brother’s so horny right now! Did you see his prick standing up? He was totally checking you out again. He stared at my boobs and my kitty. I almost grabbed his prick. I bet he would have let me,” Janice gushed in a whisper.

Ann surveyed her friend’s excited face and noted the protruding nipples and clearly evident labia covered only by the thin stretch fabric of her tights. “I’m surprised he didn’t shoot off just looking at you. You look like a total fuckbunny.” She paused in thought. “Go back out and tell him pizza will be about three-quarters of an hour. It will actually only be about a half hour though. I’ll come in and ask you to come up to my room. I bet he’ll make a beeline down to his room to play with himself. We can sneak out the back door to watch through his window.”

Janice turned to comply. Ann interrupted, “Pull your tights up so everything shows better.” As Janice rearranged her bottoms, Ann surprised her by tweaking the girl’s nipples. They popped out to full hardness and Janice quickly tongue kissed her friend.

“We’re going to have to play together after supper. I’m so hot, I can’t stand it!” Janice whispered into Ann’s ear. She rushed out to give Alex the timeline for the pizza. xslot Gir

After Janice had delivered the meal news, Ann strolled out and asked Janice to come to her bedroom to see a new skirt she had bought. Alex dashed down to his room as soon as the girls had disappeared upstairs.

The girls tiptoed back down and snuck out the back door. They cautiously circled the house until they came upon one of the windows to Alex’s bedroom. The other window streamed late afternoon sun into the room, blinding him to the girls peering through the thick ivy cloaking their vantage point.

Alex had two porn magazines spread out on his bed, sweatpants around his ankles and was furiously fisting his rock hard erection. The girls could hear him saying, “Come on you little bitch, suck me all the way down! C’mere, Janice, you can ride my cock after my sister finishes sucking me off!” He stared at the women on the glossy magazine pages as he stroked and talked. One of the women looked a little like Janice; another model looked like Ann probably would in a few years.

The girls were stunned and excited by the thought of being Alex’s fantasy lovers. They each chanced a quick glance at the other and returned their rapt attention to the impassioned masturbation before them.

Alex spread a towel on the bed to act as a receptacle for his impending orgasm. He squirted more lotion into his palm and resumed caressing his penis. Rising to his knees, he began fondling his scrotum as he resumed the long, firm strokes to his member.

The girls noted the change of pace to his jerking off, mentally filing it all for future reference. The strokes were turning into long caresses, slowing and brushing the rim of his cockhead, then seating firmly at the hair-covered base of his young manhood. His lean hips rocked back and forth.

“Annie, keep sucking. Let me play with your tits some more. I’ll rub your nipples so you cum too. Let dirty little Janice slide over so I can ram my cock in her pussy. Does it feel good for me to fuck you? Yeah? Cum now, you horny cunt!” Alex huffed. Two more strokes and he spurted several thick jets of semen across the towel. He fell back on the bed closing his eyes and panting hard.

The girls were panting too as they knelt outside the window. “That was so hot!” whispered Janice. “He fantasized about you sucking him off and fucking me!”

Ann was stunned and very aroused. “We need to get back in the house. We can talk upstairs.”

They quietly re-entered through the back and crept up to Ann’s bedroom. “You’ve soaked the crotch of your tights! Better pull them off and dry them on a towel.”

Janice looked down to see a huge wet stain at her pussy. “Oh, God, I have to get this dry before the pizza shows up! Give me your hair dryer.” She peeled the wet tights down her legs and dabbed at her pussy lips with a tissue.

Ann handed over the hair dryer and Janice fanned the air stream over the wet gusset of her tights. “I’m so horny that I’d fuck your brother right now,” the semi-naked girl opined.

“I know what you mean,” Ann responded. “Even though he’s my brother, he turns me on big time. I’ve heard about other girls that mess around with their brothers. I almost tapped on the window so he could see me.”

Janice opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t organize her thoughts into words.

A minute later the tights were mostly dry but there was a slight aroma of womanly arousal emanating from the thin fabric. “I don’t think he’ll be able to smell anything over the smell of pizza. I should stay up here until the food arrives,” Janice said. “Are your jeans OK? You were shaking when we watched your brother cumming. I know you can get pretty wet too.”

“It feels a little wet but nothing shows. The seam rubs my button a bit when I walk with no panties on,” Ann replied. “I wish the jeans hadn’t been so tight while we watched. I wanted to touch myself and couldn’t, kneeling there.”

Alex shouted up the stairs, “Pizza’s here!” and opened the front door before the driver had a chance to knock.

The girls came down the stairs as Alex paid the delivery guy. He turned to his sister and gave her the pizza box, saying, “You dish the food out and I’ll get us some drinks.” He stared at Ann’s ass as she walked away.

Janice just observed Alex, careful to not draw attention to herself. She could smell traces of her earlier arousal wafting up from her crotch and didn’t want to draw his attention as well.

Alex had changed into jeans. His sweats were unwearable, stained with semen from his recent arousal and masturbation.

He turned to Janice and drew her to his uninjured side. “Thanks for the ice pack earlier. It helped a lot.” He smiled at her, walking them into the living room. “Time to eat.” He cocked his head. “What do you girls want to do after dinner? Mom and Dad are going to be out for a couple more hours.” He lightly brushed his wrist against the girl’s breast as he turned to sprawl on the couch.

Janice thought the touch was deliberate but it had been too fleeting for her xslot Sitesi to be sure. She silently willed him to reach up and stroke her swollen nipples. “Do you want me to get the drinks?”

Alex replied, “Let’s go see what’s in the fridge.” He rose and pushed her toward the kitchen with a hand at the base of her spine. When Janice didn’t object, he lowered his hand to the upper curve of her firm young ass.

Janice was excited and aroused at his touch. She looked up at the young man and smiled slightly, swaying her hips under his palm.

Alex couldn’t believe it. He had taken a big chance at being ratted out to his sister and parents and instead was being encouraged to continue. He let his palm slide over one firm buttock as he withdrew the hand. He couldn’t let Ann see him groping her best friend despite Janice’s willing participation.

Ann finished dishing out the pizza and the trio returned to the living room. “What do you want to watch while we eat?” queried Alex.

“Anything but sports,” said Ann. “How about Showcase? Mom and Dad aren’t home and ‘Lost Girl’ is coming up.”

Alex shoved a wedge of pizza into his mouth and fumbled with the remote as he tried to hold the plate beneath his food.

“Here, I’ll do it. It’s on 39, isn’t it?” asked Janice, seizing the remote from his lap, her nails scraping the side of Alex’s half-hard penis through the thick fabric of his jeans.

Alex risked a quick glance at his sister; she hadn’t noticed her friend’s grope of his cock. “Go to 271, then enter channel 39. If Mom and Dad walk in, you can use the jump button to go to ‘Space’ quickly. They would be pissed if they knew I was letting you guys see ‘Lost Girl’.”

“It’s so hot, though. Mom doesn’t know I can watch it online. The wolf detective is really hot. So’s the stuff with the human doctor and Bo,” Ann gushed.

Alex swivelled his head to look at his sister, a reflective expression growing on his face.

Janice took Alex’s plate and retreated to the kitchen. “I can handle two plates but you’re going to have to carry your own!”Janice shouted over her shoulder.

Ann came into the kitchen with her plate and saw the grin on her friend’s face. “What’s up?” she murmured.

“Your brother sort of put his arm around me and walked me into the living room when you took the pizza box, then sort of brushed my boob when he sat down. He touched my ass when we came into the kitchen and I smiled at him. Let’s sit close on either side of him when we finish eating. Maybe he’ll touch me some more,” Janice whispered. “I’m so hot that I want to rub myself off in the bathroom!”

“I know what you mean! Let’s see how far he’ll go.” Ann paused. “I know he’s my brother but he’s built and he’s into us. I’m really hot too. He got to cum and we didn’t, dammit.”

Their plan laid out, the girls brought the food into the living room sitting on either side of the young stud. As they sat, the phone rang. Alex reached across his sister’s body, half laying against her chest. “Hello, Anders residence; oh, hi Dad… we’re just finishing pizza and going to watch some TV. No, I’m staying in…You’re going to a movie? What are you going to see? We’ll be OK here.” Ann snatched the phone out of her brother’s hands, pulling his forearms against her breasts in the process. Can Janice stay over tonight if her mom says OK?” Her father spoke away from the mouthpiece for a moment, then gave assent. “Thanks Daddy, here’s Alex again.”

Alex spoke into the phone, “We may play some video games later… bye.” He hung up the phone and rolled onto his back on his sister’s lap, looking up at Ann’s face above her thinly clad breasts, the color of her erect nipples clearly discernible through the thin top. “Mom and Dad are going to a movie. I know it’s a long one and doesn’t start until after 9:00. We have the place to ourselves until almost midnight.”

Alex rolled again on his sister’s lap, feeling a twinge of pain from his bruised ribs. “I’m going to have to get up carefully. Keep forgetting about the ribs. It’s tougher to get up than lay down.” Alex carefully pushed himself up.

Ann cradled her brother’s neck and torso, pulling his chest against her breasts and tilting both of their bodies so he was in an upright position. They both realized something had subtly changed between them.

Alex sat up and turned his attention to the television. ” ‘Lost Girl’s’ on next. It’s a new episode.”

“Janice, call your mom and ask to stay over,” Ann pleaded. “Tell her my Mom and Dad said it’s OK and my brother is here.”

Janice called her parents and was directed to give the phone to Alex. “I really don’t know what their problem is! They are so over-bearing and protective,” she griped as she handed the phone over. “Hi, Mrs. Devlin… I’m going to be here all evening. We had pizza and my parents will be home after a movie… It’s no problem, the girls are looking after me. I bruised my ribs in the varsity soccer match and they’ve been helping with an ice pack… Of course… There’s no rush in the morning, my parents will love having her here for breakfast. OK, goodnight.” Alex turned to Janice, “You’re good to stay the night. I promised to make sure there’s a toothbrush for you and your parents will be going downtown shopping for a new sofa tomorrow morning. You’re a free agent until about noon. You owe me one.”

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