Stairwell Cocksucking


You never know who might want to suck your cock.

I’ve lived in Corvallis for years but had never been into this particular office building downtown until Ben led me there. He opened the glass door into the modern lobby and pointed toward the elevator. “There’s a roofdeck on the fifth floor,” he said as we walked down the empty hallway. He pushed the button.

I’d met Ben just this morning on adam4adam; he worked downtown and I lived nearby so he sent me a friendly message. We exchanged some photos, and flirted on the chat while I waited for my husband at the doctor’s office. Ben said he was thirty-two and only likes older men. He’s married to a woman and his profile identifies him as bisexual. He’s got a young son but isn’t shy about his love of cock. His photos were seriously sexy—he has a fat uncut dick and a furry butt. And even on the chat I knew he had a sense of humor because he noticed that I was married to a man and wondered why I needed a blowjob: he asked if my husband’s mouth was broken. I thought that was funny, and told him so, but explained that my husband had diabetes and a heart condition that affects his libido. Ben quickly responded: “I’ll show you my libido.”

So we met at a coffee shop Betturkey near the park downtown; we walked around and talked a bit. Ben looks five years younger than thirty-two; he’s wearing cut-off black jeans, an Oregon State t-shirt and a zippered hoodie, sneakers of some sort, and a black and white baseball cap. He’s got blue eyes and blond hair and stands a few inches shorter than me. He’s got an impish smile—he reminds me of one of my nephews—and a scruffy beard that’s very sexy. And he likes to talk about gay sex. If I hadn’t met him on adam4adam I wouldn’t have guessed that he wanted to suck an old guy’s dick.

The elevator lobby was empty. A sign next to the elevator says only two people should ride at a time: we’re still in the first wave of coronavirus in Oregon, and the numbers don’t look good. The stainless steel doors open and we enter. As soon as the doors close we start kissing, my tongue pushing between his teeth and feeling his warm mouth and sensuous lips. He reaches for my cock and we snuggle with each other until, surprise! The door opens and some guy is staring at us. We’re still on the ground floor. We’d forgotten to push the button for the fifth floor. Who knows Betturkey Giriş what that other guy thought. Ben quickly pushes the 5 button and we go upstairs. “Well that was pretty obvious,” Ben observed. What can you do when you’re two guys trying to find a private place to make out?

Ben said he wanted to taste my cum, so we found a stairwell just below the roof and began making out. I’m wearing a jockstrap beneath my cargo shorts, and he’s got his hand in there and unbuttons my shorts and puts his face against my cock, still protected in the jockstrap. He reaches under my shirt and twists on my nipples, which feels like heaven to me. Pretty soon we’ve dropped all our clothes on the concrete steps and begin exploring each other’s hairy ass cracks and balls. Ben’s nuts are a bit sweaty, which is okay with me and they are hairy and hang low beneath his thick cock. He moves up a few steps so I can get close to his crotch. I take my turn kneeling in front of him, rolling my tongue around his silky foreskin and glistening pink glans, tasting just a drop of his manly pre-cum.

He starts face-fucking me with his fat uncut cock until I pull him out. I want to lick his balls and feel Betturkey Güncel Giriş his hole and explore his body before he cums in my mouth. I want to get my face close to his big dick and move my tongue all over his sexy nuts before I let him shoot his juice inside me. I rub my finger around his soft moist hole and he moans as I take his cock again into my mouth and he starts to thrust it into me and fucks my face until I know that he’s going to fill my mouth with his hot cum. The bursts of jizz are sweet and very sexy and I keep his dick in my mouth until the pulsing has ended, rolling the cum around his cock as it slowly softens. Then I swallow this young guy’s hot white spunk and stand up to kiss his mouth and share the taste of his cum. He’s a great kisser with soft lips and a probing tongue.

Now we trade places on the stairwell and Ben gets on his knees and pulls my jockstrap down and takes my cock into his mouth. I’ve been waiting for this for months, mostly isolated during the virus pandemic, so Ben’s lips on my dickhead and shaft feel amazing. He buries his head in my pubic bush and contracts his lips around my cock and soon I begin pulsing my juices into his mouth—shooting one blast after another in an orgasm that just keeps going. I am panting and shaking with sex pleasure as I fill his hungry mouth with my load, so much that he pulls away and the last two drops fall on the concrete steps between us.

“Awesome cocksucking,” I tell him, as we pull up our pants. “Thanks!” and we head down the stairs.

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