Stan and Me Pt. 04: Final



Stan asked me to say it again. I said I want to cum with him fucking me. I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass with his cock. His hand left my cock. I moaned, “Don’t stop.”

I then feel the sting of his hand slapping my ass. I groaned. It was sure pleasure. He still fingering my ass and slapping at the same time. My body was like a live wire. My whole body was shaking.

I feel Stan remove his fingers. I look back over my shoulder and see him standing up. My heart leaps. I know he is going to fuck me now. I was scared and wanting that hard cock put inside of me.

Stan’s comes up to my head and encourages me to place my mouth on his cock. I suck it in deep and coat it with my spit. When it was wet enough, he takes it out of my mouth. He turns me around and has me spread my cheeks again. I do as he wants.

Standing there exposed I feel a cool liquid running down the crack. He runs the liquid ataşehir escort around my asshole. I feel his finger go in and push back against it. Stan fingers my ass till he feels it is lubed well enough.

He removes his finger and asks if I am ready. Gasping I say yes but be gentle for I am a virgin. He said he would be. I then feel the head of his cock against my hole. Gentle but firm pressure against me there.

I feel my ass give into the pressure. It spreads open slowly. Wider and wider it opens. I felt like I was going to be ripped open. Then the head is in and my ass closes around it. It hurts but feeling it is wonderful.

Stan pauses letting me get use to the feeling. Then he slowly moves forwards, inching deeper and deeper. Until I feel his pubic hair touching my ass and he rests there. I feel so full. Tears of joy and pain run down my cheeks.

Stan slowly pulls back. It feels like ataşehir escort torture but a blissful torture. I am moaning in joy. Stan stops with just the head inside of me. He waits. Then slowly goes back in, both of his hands on my hips to steady me.

I want to touch my cock but I know I will cum as soon as I do. I grab Stan’s wrist and hold onto him.

Slowly Stan fucks. He is so gentle and caring. He is pushing and pulling back and forth with his cock, like he was using me to masturbate with. Oh, the glory of this feeling being filled by his cock.

He begins to get faster and faster and I can hear our bodies start to slap together. It is a warm wet sound. I feel his balls hitting mine. Then I feel his hand on my cock. It takes all the control I have not to cum right then.

I feel his cock throb inside of me. It hits my prostate. I moan and ask Stan to fuck me harder and he does. He asks anadolu yakası escort if I love his cock in my ass. I tell him yes and I want him to fuck me till I cant walk.

Faster and harder he slams his cock into me, his hand jerking my cock. I feel his cock swelling and getting harder inside me. I knew he was close. I look back and tell him to fill my ass with his cum. Please cum inside me. He slams hard into me and I feel him explode and as he does I also cum.

He pauses for second and then slams into me again and again with each spam of his cock. I cum shooting all over his hand, my legs and floor. Stan stops moving while buried inside of me. He pulls me upright and holds me tight to his body.

He kisses my neck. I feel so alive. I am happy and sad. I am happy because Stan took my virginity and sad because I didn’t want it to end so soon. We separate and I turn and kiss Stan with a kiss that only a lover can do. We wash each other and dry each other.

Hand in hand we walk to the bed. We lay there in each others arms and I am listening to him breathe and then a gentle light snore. I smile and drift off to sleep myself knowing my life will never be the same again.


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