The Hot Zone


Hi! This story is probably already dated by now, but I needed to excise the idea from my brain before life gets back to normal. CORONAVIRUS LEWDS FEATURING HOT CHUBBY GOTH TRANS GIRL

There’s some mild degrading dirty talk in there, but it should be above board. Hope you like it!


It was Day 45 of the Quarantine, and Jack felt like he was losing his marbles. He could take not driving into his miserable cubicle job, although the way his home life and his work life had blurred together. But with most services closed and the threat of invisible death lurking when he went outside, the walls of his two-bedroom apartment were closing in.

In some ways, it was good that he wasn’t alone. Vash, his roommate, wasn’t bad company. She liked the same video games he did and was a superb cook. But being trapped with someone for long periods of time, even if they’re a friend, can unearth sentiments that would have remained buried if they only saw each other at night and occasionally on the weekend.

Jack set several bags of groceries down around his feet. He agreed to do the shopping for both of them, in exchange for Vash doing the cooking. He made it a point of pride of being able to haul both of their stuff for the week in one trip. With not enough to do and plenty of time, he’d been working out as best he could. His arms going from limp noodles to wiry muscle had been one bright spot in the whole lockdown. He’d had to cut his light brown hair himself, favouring a simple buzz cut to keep maintenance to a minimum. His usual attempt at business casual when off of work had slowly devolved into jeans and t-shirts, which he justified by the fact that nobody but Vash could see him. And, really, who was he trying to impress?

Vash’s door was closed. That wasn’t unusual. Sometimes she video chatted and needed the privacy, sometimes she needed to hunker down and work, but most of the time they left it open with one another. He knocked on the door.

“Yo Vash,” he said, “I got your foods. Couldn’t find bokchoy so we’ll have to make do. Can you give me a hand putting this away?”

He waited. Silence. She hadn’t gone out; her phone was still in the charger and she never left without it. Maybe she was napping. It wasn’t a big deal. He could sort out the groceries himself.

The moment he finished shelving the pantry goods, Vash shuffled out of her room. Raven black hair framed her cherubic face. A collar with a red pentagram pendant in its usual place around her neck. He often wondered if she slept with it on, but he could never bring himself to ask. She wore one of his hoodies from back when he’d been heavier; the fabric clinging to her plentiful curves in…interesting ways. Something was off, though. Her black leggings looked rumpled, like they’d been in a pile for a while. She was also flushed, a hint of redness to her pale cheeks. Odd. Perhaps she’d been working out.

“Just in time,” he said, laughing, “I’m almost done.”

Her shoulders fell. “Damnit, sorry.”

“It’s cool, it’s cool.” He slung the hefty bag of potatoes under the counter. Mission complete. “Pay me back with dinner, yeah?”

“Kinda shitty expecting the woman to cook,” she said with a smirk.

“Hey, I offered! But someone’s gotta pick up the foodstuffs. And with the potatoes and the big thing of vegetable oil, well, it’s not like you have the same upper body strength as you had before you-” He cut himself off. “Shit. Sorry, wasn’t thinking.”

Vash shook her head. “It’s not like I’ll vanish if you bring up you knew me before I transitioned. But…yeah. E sucked out my dudeness like that magic ball from Space Jam. It’s probably easier if you get the heavy stuff.” She bent down to get the heavy saucepan. Jack averted his eyes, lest he catch himself staring at her ass. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear that she was finding more excuses to bend over now that she had a proper rear end to display.

“I can’t believe you.”

“What?” she asked, “I can’t be irreverent about my own identity issues?”

“No, I can’t believe you’d use a Space Jam reference.”

Vash snorted. “Plebeian. What meat did you get?” He rattled off the selection. “Chicken then. I have an idea.”


After catching up over some excellent schnitzel, they wandered their way back to their rooms. Jack had some emails to scribble out replies to. He had to set a hard limit on what times of day he would work on things. The Quarantine was blending time together. Days flowed into one another with only the rise and fall of the sun to note the passing. Which, admittedly, is what a day was. But Monday looked like Sunday, Tuesday felt exactly like Thursday. A Time Soup, from which life couldn’t escape.

Barely one pointless reply later, he heard a noise. It sounded like a stressed spring. Odd. Further writing, further noises. A squeal of springs and a creak once every few seconds. It would speed up, then slow down. But there wasn’t a clear pattern. Distracted, Jack tried putting a cause porno behind it. Something in the walls? A cable or a pipe or something. His work could wait. If he didn’t find the cause of this, he’d be too distracted to do anything about it.

He knocked on Vash’s door, reasoning that she might hear it too since it was coming from the wall in between them. No response. He knocked again, harder. Again, nothing. Frustrated, he tried the doorknob. It wasn’t locked. They had kept each other’s privacy, mostly, but this was bugging the hell out of him. He could apologise later. Jack opened the door.

The first question that was answered was why Vash couldn’t hear him. A pair of fancy noise-cancelling headphones clamped to her head of would have made it hard to notice a bulldozer coming through, let alone a knock on the door. Aside from those, however, she was naked. For the first time he saw the complete scope of the tattoos on her back: a curving, artistic version of her full name rearranged and given magical intent. It was gorgeous, if a little sinister in appearance.

The second question answered was the source of that creaking noise. It was coming from her office chair. He could see, from the side, that there was something purple on the seat. Vash bounced on the object, her hands gripping tight to the armrests for support. His brain moved like molasses to interpret what he was seeing. Perhaps he didn’t want to. Shocked to inaction, he stood watching his roommate fuck herself onto a dildo for far longer than he should have.

Whether it was a crack of light from the kitchen or simple intuition, but something alerted Vash to his presence. She jerked her head around. Eyes wide, she squealed in surprise. Diverting her attention must have made her lose her grip, as she fell back down onto the chair shoving the rest of the toy inside her. Rather than make her yelp in pain, however, her eyelids fluttered. Her half-hard cock squirted weakly against her expansive pale thigh. Her outrage turned to a pathetic mewling, and there was no hiding the fact that she’d not only been caught masturbating, but she’d just orgasmed from anal in front of her roommate.

He grabbed the doorknob and slammed it shut. That was a private moment and he’d been intruding on her personal space out of a misplaced curiosity. He shouldn’t have opened the door, he should have just put on headphones and ignored the creaking noise. He castigated himself. Of course she’d been masturbating, what else could the noise have been?!

Knowing the fury was going to rain down onto him sooner or later, he fetched a beer from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table. They were going to have to talk about this, and he’d have to find a way to apologise for being an intrusive ass.


He went back to that moment for she saw him. The bouncing of her supple flesh, the muffled noises she was making when she slammed down on the dildo. He’d accepted her transition with minimal bumps along the way, he tried his best to not treat her any different from the way they’d been before. But in all this time since, he hadn’t even considered the possibility that his roommate was that hot!

The can in front of him was almost empty when she emerged from her room. He’d never seen her blush that much. Wrapped in a towel, she’d pulled her hair back into a messy ponytail. He could still see the slight glisten of sweat on her skin.

“Hey,” she said. Her voice almost caught on the word, making her cough and try again. “I…umm…should we talk?”

“If you want,” Jack replied. He held out his hand to the seat opposite him. She settled down into it. Her towel briefly loosened, and he caught sight of a nipple before she readjusted herself. Another flash of shame. “Listen…I wasn’t thinking. I heard a noise and I…it’s totally normal, what you were doing. I mean I mastur-“

“Stop, stop, don’t say it,” she said, holding her hands over her ears. The towel slipped again, but at that point she decided covering herself was a lost cause. “Ugh, I’m going to be reliving that moment for years.”

“Sorry.” Jack shook his head. “It was a dumb move on my part, I should have just ignored the noises I was hearing. I should have put two and two together.”

“Noises?” she asked, then after a beat, “Oh. Fuck, was I that noisy?”

“Yeah, a bit. I mean usually you have music playing while you, erm, work, but…”

Vash slapped her forehead. “It must have automatically turned off the speaker when I plugged in the headphones. Christ, I was so pent up I forgot to check.”

“Pent up?”

“Yes, Jack, women like sex too. I can usually get enough casual dick on the regular, but quarantine is messing with me.” She put her head in her hands and let out a slow, miserable groan. “You must think I’m a freak.”

“No!” he shouted almost automatically. “I don’t think you’re a freak, I never would. I’m just…Christ this is awkward.”

Vash chuckled mirthlessly. “You’re not the one who came from anal in front of their roommate.”

They anime porno sat in silence. Jack offered her a beer, which she gladly accepted. They drank for a while, chewing over the current situation. Once Vash cracked open her second can, she spoke again.

“Look. I say we ignore this altogether. We close our doors, open them, and pretend that this incident never happened. We’re just two roomies who are pals.”

“We could…yes, that would be good. I’ll be a lot less curious in the future.”

“And I’ll try to be…okay I don’t think I’m going to get less horny, but I’ll try to confine myself to appropriate volume levels and times. It’s just been difficult,” she rubbed her forehead. “Too, too difficult.”

Jack grimaced. “Are you sure you can’t, just, y’know…go out to get some?” he asked. An awkward line of questioning for sure, but they were already beyond the pale.

“I don’t wanna endanger anyone to catch some dick, I’m not that much of a hornball,” she said. “What I need is someone to fuck who I don’t have to worry about. Someone I…no, it’s ridiculous.”

“What?” he asked.

Vash took a long pull from the beer before tenting her fingers. “I have a modest proposal.”

“I don’t like Irish food.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you?”

“Make what easy?” Tension built in his chest. He could see the 50 ton question waiting to drop on them both and didn’t know how to stop it. Or if he even wanted to.

“Ugh, you idiot. I am horny, you are horny. We are trapped in the same place for the foreseeable future. You don’t think that, maybe, perhaps, we could…” She rolled her wrist, inviting him to fill in the blanks.

“Ah…” Jack said. He nursed his beer.

“If you’re not attracted to me, that’s okay,” Vash added, “I know we’ve been close but I don’t know, like, how close.”

“You’re hot!” he said reflexively. Caught between walking that back and doubling down, he sided with the latter. “You’re super hot, okay? Your transition has been incredible and I’ve watched you get more and more happy with your body and it’s been awesome. And I would, I mean, I wouldn’t be against doing stuff. With you. It’s just that I need some time to think. I don’t want to ruin what we have right now, y’know?”

She waited a beat before nodding. “I think I do. Don’t wait too long though. Quarantine isn’t ending anytime soon and I’m only getting hornier.”

He gulped.


He returned to his room. As soon as he closed the door, he pressed his back into it. How had he gotten into this mess?

On the one hand, he was horny too. Though he’d been slightly more discrete about his needs, the lack of sex in his life had only been exacerbated by the health guidelines. Overlooking Vash’s regular visits from partners was one thing but now whenever he saw her he’d remember that terrible, wonderful moment when she looked at him while orgasming. Part of him wanted to forget…but another part wanted to see it again.

Jack cursed himself out. He couldn’t think of her like that…could he? The last thing he wanted to look like was a horny weirdo who made shit awkward for both of them. But what was the harm? If she was down for it, that is. Was she?

He spun around in circles, doubting just about everything under the sun besides how good it looked to see Vash orgasm in front of him. Nervous tension kept him from getting back to work. All he could do was aimlessly refresh websites, trying to parse his next move.

A knock at his door. He sprang up, nearly falling over in the process. Smoothing out his clothes and his hair, he opened the door.

Vash leaned against the doorframe. She was wearing a black blouse with a plunging neckline, frilled black skirt, and fishnets. Her nails were painted similarly, as were her lips and eyelids. The only spots of colour was the red from the pentacle around her neck.

“Hey,” she said. Her voice was…different. He’d heard her voice a hundred times, but this was something else, like a femme fatale cheat-code to his libido. He swallowed to clear his throat.


She held her skirt between her fingers. “Wanna fuck a Hot Topic Goth?”

Silence. Then he cracked up. “Fucking…you’re not making this tension easy to maintain here.”

“Shut up and kiss me nerd,” she said, and stepped toward him. Put up or shut up. Now or never.

He decided. Pressing his mouth to hers, he seized the initiative. Slow motions at first, getting the feel for how it felt to be doing this. They’d been friends, roommates, not…partners. But it felt good. This felt right. He could taste her lipbalm. Black Cherry, of course.

She kissed him back, hard enough to push him back into his room. His pants were down in a moment from a joint effort, though she caught his fingers when he made a line to do the same to hers.

“I just got dressed for this,” she said, “You fuck me in the fetish clothes.”

“Fair arap porno enough. Get on your knees, then. I have something to show you, given that I’ve seen yours.”

Vash glided to the carpet, her long lashes flashing up at him. Despite it all he saw traces of some inexperienced girl begging to be claimed. A woman getting over her head, soon to be corrupted. God she was good.

“Like this?” she asked, pulling his cock from his boxers. She broke character momentarily to admire it.

“Yeah. You were ordering in fuckboys when you could be enjoying big dick on tap,” Jack said, “Better make up for lost time.”

She obliged. Even flaccid he was double her size, though he wasn’t limp for long. She knew just where to lick, using one hand to keep him in place while she tongued his head. His muscles tightened. It had been far too long for both of them. Vash teased out the oral until he was hard enough, then pushed herself onto him. His dick disappeared past her lips. Jack grunted.

He pushed into her mouth on his own, the rough surface of her tongue extracting enough sensation from a single thrust to make his knees weak. Pulling back again, he saw that she was leaving black lipstick marks on his cock.

“Fuck,” he wheezed, “How are you so good at this?”

Vash replied by flicking her tongue along his underside. “I know what makes dicks tick.”

She clamped her hands onto his tight ass and pulled him in again. Jack wondered who was using who in that moment, but it didn’t matter. It felt too good to stop. They joined in rhythm, his length sliding in and out of her warm, wet mouth. Shallow motions merely kissed at the back of her throat, testing for a gag reflex that was proving tantalisingly illusive.

A harder push sent the rest of his seven inches inside her. Wet slurping noises were music to his ears, and he retracted quickly enough. Spit slid out the corners of her mouth as she grinned around his fat prick. He never wanted this to end. They took turns. One moment he was grabbing her messy black hair into handfuls and facefucking her, the next she was sucking the very life out of him as he tried desperately to stay standing.

It was on one of the latter instances when he felt his balls retract. He was about to pop. Vash knew it too. Her suckling and gagging noises grew louder, her motions more frantic.

“I’m…fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he warned. She replied by taking him to his hilt all at once, overwhelming him in a single motion. Vash pulled back quick enough to catch the first shot of spunk on her tastebuds. Jack groaned through his orgasm, pumping his prick into her waiting mouth. A stray rope caught her in the chin, but almost all of it gathered behind her teeth. She opened wide to show it off. Then, when she was sure he was drained entirely, she gulped it down noisily.

“Mmm…I’ve been wondering what you tasted like for so long~”

Jack stumbled back, tripping onto the bed. He lay flat on his back, staring up at the ceiling as he came down from the best head he’d ever received.

“Holy…fucking…shit,” he said, chest heaving to catch his breath.

“I take it you enjoyed yourself?” Vash asked, standing up and wiping the last of the spent cum with her hand. She made a show of licking it off.

Jack could only laugh. “I should fucking say so. I had no idea what I was missing!”

“Good,” she said. Without another word, she slid between his legs and straddled him. The act of pleasuring him had given her skin that same glow he’d seen when he’d walked in on her fucking herself. The black mascara brought out just how much desire she could show with just her eyes alone. “You’re on the hook now. You have to get me off.”

“I…it’s my first time with a trans girl,” he admitted, “What do you like? How can I get you off? Off the bat I can tell you my blowjobs won’t be nearly as good as yours.”

She snorted. Lifting up her skirt, she revealed her own dick had been placed in a black chastity cage. “I don’t need you to touch mine. It barely works anyways. Hormones. But…” She eased herself down onto his softened cock, rubbing her ass against him to convey her point, “I have something else that might be of interest.”

“So I’ve seen. Can I officially tell you know that watching you fuck yourself with that toy was hot as hell?”

“Yes, and it’s appreciated. Though if I knew I had an audience, I would have kept the moaning like a dying farm animal to a minimum.”

Jack shook his head. He stroked her cheek, her hair brushing against his fingers. “Your voice is beautiful, Vash.”

For all her seemed jadedness to intimacy, that unsolicited compliment caught her unprepared.

“Thank you.” She looked away to blink something out of her eye before getting back to the matter at hand. “Now what do I have to do to get your dick to come back to life?”

“Give me some time, girl. You just made me empty both barrels pretty hard. But keep grinding on me and we’ll get there soon. What about lube?”

She giggled. “You don’t think I’d seduce you without preparing to go all the way. I lubed up before I knocked on the door. If you didn’t respond, I would have fucked myself into oblivion. Maybe in the shower this time. Less audible depravity.”

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