The Mistress of Holt House Ch. 02


As he was led eagerly away by the young maid, he looked back with some disappointment as he was taken from the woman he most desired; she smiled and blew a kiss at him as though he had just attended an appointment about a decorating job with her, he smiled unsurely back – she seemed so nonchalant about what had just occurred -he watched her beautiful bottom wiggle as she bent to open her writing bureau. His cock bulged in its new home.

He realised for the first time that he was now the property of a woman and with his cock confined and he being on a leash to a lowly maid gave him a deep sense of erotic pleasure.

Belinda led him up several flights of stairs to her room in the attic, she had kept a sweet smile of satisfaction all the way up and he had been transfixed by the view of her delectable and youthful thighs and bottom as they ascended; he could still not believe what had happened to him; his life had gone from the odd chance of the quick enjoyment of hand relief over a lurid book or cheap newspaper article to direct contact with the very flower of a magnificent and mature lady. Now he was the slave of her maid.

She took him into a toilet opposing her room and the ones next to it.

“We must make sure you can pee.” She said giggling, “I need to clean you as well; you must always be fresh when invited to a lady’s bed.” She stood and watched as he leaned over the pedestal and leaked his urine from the cage; it dribbled somewhat, but he could manage it. She stroked his bottom as he did so, which hindered him a little as this made his cock want to grow in the confinement. When he’d dripped out the last, she walked him to a conveniently positioned basin over which he could hang his cock and balls. She cupped his balls and the cage in her soft hand and bathed him in warm soapy water.

She giggled as they both looked at the reflection in the ornate looking-glass suspended on the wall; he could now witness his humiliation and he noted how beautiful her erect nipples looked as they poked from her creamy white delicate breasts. She caressed his balls with one hand as she sponged his trapped penis with the warm liquid, making it bulge against the restraining cage.

“You really are a nice obedient male, aren’t you? I shall enjoy my part in your training; tonight you will understand denial for the first time. You will do for me what you did for Madame.” She smiled sweetly in the reflection

“I had a very good view through the keyhole; she knows I always watch her with gentleman, she likes me to learn from it.” She dried him off and led him out into the corridor.

“Those are Lottie and George’s rooms; they’ll be very pleased to meet you when they come back from their summer leave – I’m sure you’ll like them too. Miss Charlotte Pendleton and Georgina Grantham are both orphanage girls taken in by Miss Rendlesham; Lottie will boss you wonderfully but George is quite timid and you will find her in your bed seeking refuge from the ghosts she imagines!” She led him into her room, which was not as per what you would imagine of a Victorian maid’s sleeping quarters; it was very spacious with dormer windows, fancifully decorated in purples, lilacs, and pinks. Soft and luxuriant rugs covered the floor, thick drapes hung from the windows, and her large double bed was bedecked with soft satin and silk pillows; it was more boudoir than berth. She smiled and tugged on the leash urging him to a position central to the foot of the bed, about four feet from it.

“I want you to kneel there and await my command” she said in as authoritative a tone as she could muster. As he knelt she turned and wiggled her bottom in his face, then paced slowly toward the bed, showing him her sex as she climbed slowly onto it on all fours. She turned and sat nestling amongst the mass of soft pillows.

“I want you to tell me how you really feel about women; are you keen to see us take over the roles of men? I think a female Prime Minister is a nice thought.” She said laughing, knowing this could never happen; “what sort of women do you like most? Blonde, brunette, auburn?” He thought for a moment as he viewed the sweet young maid naked amongst the silks.

“I like all women; red-heads have always turned my head though, I have to admit.” She sat up in the bed.

“Lottie and George will both be pleased then; Lottie is a soft auburn and George is truly ginger. We always tease her about it. Mrs Carmichael, the cook, likes to spank her simply because she is ginger. She says that all ginger girls are spiteful and a spanking helps keep her in check. George isn’t so keen on it though.” She pulled her legs up at this point and slid her slender fingers up and down her sex.

“Have you ever been spanked or caned by a woman?” She said in a provocative tone.

“No; well, not since school anyway.” His cock bulged in the cage at the thought. She smiled knowingly.

“Would you like to be spanked or caned by a woman?” She sighed softly as she stroked Erenköy Escort at her sex.

“I’m not sure; I like the idea of it-the threat of it thrills me- but I’m not sure about the pain.” He said honestly. She giggled and smiled wickedly at him.

“You’ll learn to like it; you’ll have to! Some of the ladies Miss Rendlesham is busy writing to will cane you for breakfast, dinner and tea! Some have had a bad time of things at the hands of men and will make you pay dearly for it. I’ve seen men punished by Miss Rendlesham too; she may cane you whilst we girls watch. She likes to humiliate like that, though it’s always enjoyable for us as we are allowed to stay and watch the male rewarded afterwards.”

She started to moan softly under her breath;

“I want you up here now. Come and lie face down in front of me.” He stood and got onto the soft inviting bed and lay face down; his face was very close to her and he could smell her sweet arousal. His cock pulsed in the captivity of the cage which was not too uncomfortable, though it did squeeze down on his balls in this position. This served to remind him that he was enslaved by the women and he enjoyed the feeling in an erotically perverse way. She stroked his hair and pulled on the leash, lifting his head to look into her mischievous eyes.

“You’ll lick me to satisfaction now, but you shall have no reward. I want you to think of that while you service me. You are to learn that your position in life is to serve women and we will choose when you are to be rewarded. I have the key and could easily unlock you, but I shall not. I want you to think of how your cock would rub and slide nicely on my silk sheets if it were free. I want you to think of how nice it would be to give up your cream to the sheets as you pleasure a dominant female with your tongue. When I’ve had my pleasure you will be allowed to hold my body throughout the night, but your manhood will remain locked and unsatisfied. You will learn to be a better man for it.”

She slapped his cheek to assert her dominance over him, slid slightly forward and pushed his face down into her luscious sex. Her scent and taste was delicious on his lips and tongue, his nose sniffed away automatically as his mouth was engulfed in her beautiful warmth and sticky wetness. He lapped and sucked within her sweet folds as he explored her womanly flower with his tongue seeking out her youthful nectar. She pulled her legs back and whimpered in ecstasy. His cock felt like it would be shredded by the constrictions of the cage, which occasionally bit at his scrotum as he writhed on the bed. He truly knew denial, but felt the better for it already; serving a woman submissively and knowing he would not be allowed satisfaction made him tingle with erotic pleasure.

She squealed in ecstasy and thrust her legs skyward as she triumphed in a glorious orgasm, fortified by her dominance over him. He lapped and swallowed her juices as he milked the last elements of orgasm from her. She pulled him up and shuffled down next to him in the bed. Her eyes were watery as she thanked him and kissed his messy lips, giggling girlishly. Her hand went down to his crotch and he felt her little finger rubbing what little part of his restricted glans was available.

“Poor, poor, boy! No milking for you tonight. But you still enjoyed that did you not? I promise you, I will have you again at some point and I will have you spend on my sheets whilst you lick me. I shall have to cane you afterwards for making a mess though!” she sniggered, as she squeezed him tightly.

The promise made his cock all the more painful, though he was consoled by the affection of the soft and warm girl; fresh from her orgasm she now wanted to mother him rather than dominate and he took in the scent of her hair as they dropped off to sleep in the comfort of her bed.

The next morning, Belinda led him down to his first breakfast with his new mistress. She curtsied and gave Miss Rendlesham a broad grin before leaving. Miss Marcia came over to her new acquisition and kissed his forehead before placing a bundle of letters in front of him between toast rack and teapot.

“I would like you to post these into the pillar box down on the corner whilst I prepare for a little trip out today; I know I suggested you’d do some work for me today, but I felt you could do with some rest after last night. I want to take you somewhere which will show you what can be achieved by someone of your talent. We will visit a friend’s house on the way back; I know she will be pleased to meet you, and you her. I am anxious that the letters are posted by your own hand; that way there is poetic justice in that you personally will have had control over your destiny in summoning the ladies I have written to.” She poured him and herself another cup of breakfast tea and sat next to him; it was as though he’d always been there. As they finished their breakfast she passed him the bundle of letters.

“You Göztepe Escort take these and post them, I shall be ready when you come back.” He left by the front door and skipped down the steps to the street. Though Sunday, there was still a fair amount of people out and about, the good weather having brought them out. He found the red hexagonal pillar box easily enough and looked at the letters before posting them through the mouth of the box. He had thought of what the maid Belinda had told him about some of the women, and had looked at the addressees to try to put characters to the names, then with some trepidation had dispatched them and was now at the mercy of the Royal Mail. Miss Marcia Rendlesham was right in that he had controlled his own destiny; her act of making him post the letters further emphasised her complete control of him.

When he returned, a cab was waiting by the house. She was ready as she had suggested on his return. She looked him in the eye and smiled.

“You posted the letters?”

“Of course, you asked me to; I was pleased to carry out that simple task for you.” She smiled all the more and took his hand;

“Come, let us have another nice day in each-other’s company.”

They got into the cab and as they sat there she squeezed his hand and looked at him with some satisfaction. They went first to a vast museum which was packed with artistic paraphernalia; she mused over some of the artefacts there and commented on how the efforts she had witnessed being completed by him were in essence at least the equivalent of what was displayed there; she knew he was an asset to her for more than the intimate reasons he had displayed the night before. He too was gaining inspiration from the experience, but the assistance he could offer her with his public artistic talent paled into insignificance when he thought of what he would be allowed to offer her on the personal side of things.

He could not help but notice how passers-by deftly eyed her; she was a magnificent woman and he was proud to be hers. She obviously felt the same way about the personal situation as well; when in a secluded gallery where classical nudes were depicted, she stroked his crotch to feel the cage which confined part of the property which was now hers.

“I hope he’s not too uncomfortable in there; we shall let him out tonight as promised, but first there is somewhere else I must take you before we visit my friend.” She whisked him away and they caught another cab which trotted off to a street which was filled with shops and outfitters. The cab driver looked a little puzzled when they alighted there; as it was Sunday, the street was deserted. Likewise, so was he. She smiled as the cab departed and she walked him down the empty thoroughfare, and then turned into an alley with a side door to an outfitter’s.

She rang the bell four times in uniform amounts of time. Shortly after someone knocked on the inside of the door four times; Marcia repeated the task – the door opened and in they went. A prim and attractive looking woman looked furtively out from the door then closed it again.

“Ah, Miss Rendlesham, and a friend! Let’s go down to the stock-room.” The woman smiled saucily at him as she led them through the outfitters shop with its grey and drab suits, coats and hats on show.

“He’ll look good in all sorts of things.” She said as she opened a door at the end of the shop and they went down a flight of stairs to the basement. She opened another door and they entered a brightly lit room which was at least twice the size of the shop above them. All manner of costumes, uniforms and accessories were on show. The walls were covered with canes, whips, crops and all manner of chains and manacles. There were sections for Nurses, Headmistress’s, governesses and varieties of capes and hoods; it was like some erotic fancy dress outlet.

Marcia and the woman smiled at each other as she picked up a cage identical to the one he was wearing. The woman smiled at him with deep satisfaction, knowing he was wearing the one Marcia had purchased last week. The look made his cock bulge instantly.

“It’s so nice to meet yet another male who knows his true place in life. You must let me borrow him when new lines come in; it’s so much more satisfying to see them posed by a genuine submissive – he’s cute, I would so love to tease him in various outfits- I’d give you generous discounts of course.”

“We’ll see.” Said Marcia as she looked at some silky oriental costumes “he is going to be very busy with my friends and I over the coming months; we’ll need to order lots of outfits for him.” The shopkeeper smiled and squeezed his bottom.

“I take it this will involve his feminisation with at least one of the outfits?” she said both teasingly and enthusiastically.

“Oh yes.” Replied Marcia as she looked him in the eye.

“I intend to walk him out in public dressed as a woman; I want to both humiliate him, and Acıbadem Escort have him experience first-hand how men treat us. It will give him a full understanding of why it is necessary for him to be punished by females and he will enjoy that punishment so much more.” He swallowed hard and his cock pulsated in its confinement; the idea scared him a little, but he loved the idea of being controlled by women. He knew he would thoroughly enjoy the deep sense of humiliation he would endure.

“Oh, before I forget.” Said the shopkeeper “the other accessory you wanted when you purchased his cage has arrived.” She strutted off to a counter and returned, passing a smooth ceramic object to Marcia; it was egg shaped at one end, tapering back and flat at the other with a brass ring at the base.

“Wonderful!” Said Marcia she hung it in her finger by the brass ring and waved it in front of him.

“We shall fit it here and have him wear it to my friend’s house; he can tell her how it feels.” He was bemused by the conversation and had no idea what the two women meant. The shopkeeper looked at him with a deep sense of satisfaction and self-gratification at what she would now tell him.

“What you see before you is an anal plug. It will be greased and you will have it inserted into your bottom by your mistress. It will be a nice tight fit, and will give you the most exquisite reminder that you are owned by the woman who has placed it there. It will constantly stretch your anus at all times fabricating the sensation you experience when in fear of a caning etc. It is the perfect companion to your cage, and I will present madam with a little link chain which will run from the ring on the plug to your cage; this will tickle your scrotum adding that final pleasure and will symbolise the unity of ownership by Madame of all that was once yours.”

He was not sure at all that he would like this, but knew he had no choice in the matter; the woman’s speech made him all the more aware of his position and he went meekly to an available changing room as his dominant mistress took his arm and led him in.

“Strip!” Said Marcia, as the woman gathered some outfits that she had previously ordered for him; now she had seen his dimensions she expertly found the appropriate sizes for him. She dropped them into the large changing room and then sat on the seat by the mirror and smiled at Marcia as she produced a small pot of lubricating grease from her pocket and passed this to Marcia.

“Lay over the lady’s legs; I’m going to plug your bottom.” He could see she was in one of her wicked moods at the moment. He lay naked over the woman’s legs and she gave his cheeks a rudimentary spanking, laughing as she did so.

“Oh, if only all men were submissive like you! Life would be heaven!” He saw Marcia approach; the woman held his legs down with one of her legs and spread his cheeks with her hands.

“You must relax and not tense and we’ll have you nicely plugged before you know it.” She said giggling.

“There’s nothing quite as rewarding as plugging a male who’s already been caged and is about to be feminised.” His cock was fit to burst in its mean confinement as he felt Marcia’s soft hands on his rear; he whimpered a little as he felt the cool enamel plug being pressed home-it hurt like hell at first as his anus was stretched by the alien object; the shopkeeper tickled his ball making him jut his arse backwards, and Marcia pressed the plug firmly home.

The shopkeeper passed the silver chain to Marcia who linked it from the brass ring to his cage as promised. The shopkeeper smiled with wicked satisfaction; she was the most ardent of dominant women and loved to see her products put to good use. She suddenly remembered an upcoming event with which she could tease this submissive male.

“He’ll need a shorter chain if he’s to be ‘modified’ of course; I take it you will attend Lady Barbara Hapsley’s event in the week-there’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing a modification?” Miss Marcia smiled back at her.

“Oh, I’m well aware and we shall attend. I want him to witness first hand just how devoted to a superior woman a lowly male can be; it will be a lovely surprise for him.” She touched her nose to emphasise that she did want him to know, anticipating that the shopkeeper was feeling at her most wicked and would have delighted in telling him what ‘modification’ entailed. The two women looked down at the newly plugged male and smiled in anticipation of witnessing his face at Lady Barbara Hapsley’s event. Miss Marcia gently pressed on the plug once more to ensure he was retaining it properly. He squirmed, half in discomfort, half in pleasure and wondered what a modification was.

“There! Now will know your place every minute of the day. You will truly know the meaning of humiliation and submissiveness to womenfolk by the time we get you home this evening; let’s dress him now.” He stood for the first time and felt his sphincter clench against the smooth and now warm porcelain plug which served to stimulate his attempted erection within the cage. The shopkeeper smiled contentedly as she knew he would now respect every woman, every moment of the day. She cupped his balls, making him clench all the more.

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