The Mistress , The Masochists


My name is Paul and I’m a 29 year old man with a great job in advertising. I’m 5’11 in good shape, have black, short hair and a real boy next door look. My girlfriend of over ten years is Jennifer and she is a year younger than me, has the most gorgeous olive, Latino looks, long chestnut coloured hair and is permanently smiling in public. We are the perfect couple I guess, we never really argue and are deeply in love. The only thing is we are both extremely masochistic.

We got into bondage and BDSM early in our relationship and it has been a huge part ever since. We have both tried switching and dominating the other but it has never really worked and it wasn’t long before we started visiting a professional dominatrix. It started to become the focal part of our relationship yet both of us were more and more happy and content with it and wanted harder and harsher challenges, so we moved from one Mistress to the next, always seeking the next level of thrill and domination. We wanted to be sexually and mentally dominated and humiliated, to be totally degraded as a couple and objectified and we were willing to pay top dollar for it. After all we both had good jobs and could afford to finance our fantasies at the weekend. Then, last month, we heard about Mistress Lucy. A couple we knew from the scene told us about her and promised us they had never, ever met someone so harsh and domineering. We had to contact her when we heard that.

She had moved here from the West coast last year and had the reputation of being the harshest and most dominant Mistress in the business, she charged big money but we met that and paid for the harshest night of our lives.

When she allowed us into her dungeon we were taken back by how small and petite the woman was. She was Asian, in her thirties and had long, jet black hair and actually smiled a lot as we spoke about our fantasies and paid for the session but as soon as she had ordered us to strip and tied my girlfriend up her whole demeanour changed and she became the most dominant, evil woman either of us had ever encountered. This is an accurate account of what we can remember of that day and keep in mind we had paid for this, we had brought it on ourselves!

Jennifer’s chest hung cruelly forward. Minutes earlier her nipples had been forcibly pierced and a thick metal ring put through each then a 10kg weight hung on a chain from them both. With her hands bound together then hooked over a hook in the ceiling of the dungeon, her beautiful, naked Latino body hung helplessly as gravity served to torment her. Her eyes were blurred with tears as she watched the scene on the other side of the dungeon.

I stood naked with his wrists handcuffed behind my back in the centre of the room, each of my ankles chained to metal hoops on the floor, spreading my legs apart slightly. Before me, clad in a magnificent PVC cat suit was Asian goddess Mistress Lucy. She licked her lips as she appraised the slave fuckmeat in front of her. Without warning she brutally kneed me in the testicles, eliciting a howl from the bottom of my throat as I sunk to my knees on the cold stone floor. Lucy sized up the body before her before measuring an equally vicious kick right into my Erenköy Escort groin, this time I squealed like a pig . There would be no mercy for me, however, as Lucy just lifted her heavy, high-heeled jack boots and stamped down on my crushed cock and ground into it like she was extinguishing a cigarette. Luckily for me she left my punishment at that for the moment.

“Slaves!”, Lucy shouted “Get in here and prepare this worthless specimen.”

Stepping over my helpless form Lucy slinkily walked over to Jennifer, as some men ran into the dungeon, whose eyes were wide with shock at how her boyfriend had been emasculated so quickly.

“Well Slut, I don’t think he’ll be fucking you any time soon do you?”

“Y-You Bitch”, Jennifer bravely stated (her favourite act the captured young woman who defied her captor and was broken down).

Lucy just laughed.

“You have no idea Jenny, no idea. But you will soon.”

Lucy ran her leather gloves slowly over Jennifer’s shaking body, pausing to tweak each of the nipples with their load. She stroked down to that amazingly curvy ass and plucked a long, thick dildo from Jennifer’s arsehole that she had forcibly rammed up there over ten minutes ago.

Lucy smelt the tip.

“Well, well your ass may be sweet but it stinks like everyone else’s. Now suck it!”

She thrust it at Jennifer’s mouth, my girlfriend only just managing to shut her mouth in time. Momentarily angered Lucy spat full in Jennifer’s face. She soon regained her composure and coolly nipped her victim’s nostrils between her thumb and finger and cut off her air. Eventually Jenny had to open up and Lucy drove the shit covered dildo into her mouth with glee and used duct tape to keep it in place.

Lucy playfully pulled on the weights as she turned to see if her male victim was conscious and ready for the next part of her plan.

I gasped and groaned as I came aware of my current position. I was on hands and knees with ankles and wrists shackled to metal rings embedded in the floor. I longed to curl up into the foetal position and have a long peaceful sleep where this was only a nightmareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….I screamed as I was violated. As I had come to Lucy had strapped on a thick, black dildo, got on her knees behind me, winked evilly at my restrained fiancée then thrust the plastic cock right up my asshole. Mistress Lucy rode me like a wild animal degrading and debasing me. With her left hand she took a firm grip of my hair and pulled back hard, with her right she pulled viciously on the twine noose her slaves had tied in a slipknot around my bruised balls. Lucy’s punishment was too much for me and I broke down sobbing as she raped me like this in front of my horrified girlfriend.

Eventually Lucy withdrew and she smiled at Jennifer and said “Just wait until you see what I’ve got lined up for you Bitch!”

Mistress Lucy stood proud before the broken form of her latest male client and playfully poked me in the face with her still attached strap on dildo.

“You’re my Bitch now Paul, and you’ll do as I say unless you want more of the same.”

I nodded slowly.

“Good. Suck my black cock Bitch!”

I did Acıbadem Escort so wordlessly and eagerly.


Lucy then snapped her fingers and one of her slaves brought over a video camera.

“Now look into the camera and say “I like sucking black cocks.”

And I did so, I was totally broken. And as I did Lucy smiled a vindictive smile and said.

“Oh good, because this is Clyde and this is Arnie and their big fans of submissive slut boys like you. Boys show them how BIG fans you are!”

They were only clad in tiny loin clothes anyway and those were easily discarded to reveal two huge, thick, veiny, stiff black cocks, pointing straight at me. And within seconds I was being spit-roasted as I took their cocks in my two holes as Lucy filmed the wild sex orgy taking place before her with every intention of editing straight from my forced admission to this scene. Jennifer looking on in anguish as her man was reduced to Mistress Lucy’s fuckslut slave. The two muscular black men each had dicks over 10 inches in length and my body jerked wildly from the pummelling it took. My mouth and ass struggled to cope with the pounding they were taking. Both men simultaneously pulled out and spunked their massive loads over my face, humiliatingly covering me in their sticky white cum. I could feel it in my hair, in my eyes, nose and bubbling in my mouth.

Lucy zoomed the camera in on my humiliation as Clyde and Arnie withdrew from the dungeon. She strode over to Jennifer and slapped her hard on the cheek, this stunned my girlfriend and she barely reacted as the Asian Queen bitch ripped off the tape and removed the dildo from her mouth. As Jennifer spluttered, her captor unhooked and untied her arms. Jennifer collapsed to her knees awaiting what would happen next What happened was Lucy picked up a bucket of ice cold water and flung it over Jennifer’s face and body.

“Right you fucking slut I want you to crawl over to your loved one and lick all that lovely cum off his face.”

Jennifer barely reacted so Lucy produced an riding crop and gleefully goaded her slave with the words.

“Come on cunt, drag your worthless carcass over there or I’ll whip your cock suckers ass so bad.”

Whimpering Jennifer dragged herself towards me, the weights stretching her breasts painfully out. It was a slow process and throughout Mistress Lucy strode next to her with her high stiletto’s inches from her nose. Eventually she made it and as I lay in a post -rape haze Jennifer licked the two rapists cum off her boyfriends face as the evil Lucy videotaped the whole event.

Once that was complete Lucy took the weights off Jennifer’s tits and allowed her to rest on the floor. I was dragged off by two slaves and had my hands tied behind my back and stood on a stool, a noose was then passed around my cock and balls, meaning that if the stool were kicked away I would be hung by my balls from the ceiling!

Lucy smiled as I started to realise my situation. She turned to contemplate Jennifer.

“Well Slut, while Paul had two admirers you’re the lucky one, you’ve got ten!”

She snapped her fingers and ten guys entered the dungeon. They were all big men (in Göztepe Escort every sense) and all were extremely aroused and as Lucy withdrew to stand next to me and film the ensuing scene they swiftly fell upon my girlfriend like lions on their prey.

For nearly two hours Jennifer was fucked senseless. Each and every man fucked each of her holes hard and fast. She was ‘airtight’ (a cock in her main 3 orifices simultaneously) much of the time and towards the end of the ordeal she took multiple cocks in the same hole, including double anal penetration and an amazing three cocks in her mouth simultaneously. Lucy captured it all on film. She also captured loose cum and fluids in a large glass vase and as the final man took his leave from the room Lucy unzipped a zip at her crotch and pissed into the half full vase. She took it over to the stunned Jennifer and proceeded to pour it down her throat until she choked and gagged on it. Lucy poured the remained over her face as she filmed the scene with her other hand. I could only look on as my girlfriend was treated in this extreme domination. Lucy attached a dog collar around Jennifer’s neck and connected it to the wall then put ball gags in both of her prisoners mouths then left us for some time.

For the next hour or so I stood there, precariously balanced on the stool and Jennifer knelt on the cold floor. We shared looks but neither of us dared to speak. The looks were enough, we were both in bliss this had been the best yet, it was so extreme, so kinky and I knew both of us would never be able to go back to the lame domination of the past. This had cost us a lot of money but it had been worth every penny.

When Mistress Lucy marched back into the dungeon she looked happier with herself than before. She undid Jennifer’s leash and positioned her head at my crotch.

“No we’ll see how much you love your boyfriend bitch! In exactly three minutes I am going to kick the stool from beneath his feet, thereby hanging him by his balls. You have those 3 minutes to suck him off and make him cum, if you fail to get him to climax in your mouth he hangs! The time starts now!”

Suddenly my vision and senses seemed to sharpen by about one hundred percent. I felt Jennifer’s mouth wrap itself around my cock and eagerly begin to suck and lick it to full stiffness quickly. Lucy smirked and circled us, indiscriminately hitting us with her riding crop as she did so. She gave us no indication of time passing but as my beautiful girlfriend gobbled on my cock I saw the glint in Lucy’s eye and knew I was in trouble. Then I thought I was saved, I felt my balls tighten and churn and prepare to spew their load. Just as my white baby seed came forth, Lucy kicked the legs of the stool and I lost my balance. For a millisecond I kept my balance then my weight took me over and I plunged down, my cock wrenched from Jennifer’s mouth just as cum shot out over her tits. Then the rope went straight and my balls took my full weight. Jennifer and Lucy looked at me for a few moments before Mistress Lucy cut me loose, the pain just enough for me to enjoy but not too much to permanently hurt me.

It was an hour later before the two of us were showered and dressed and prepared to leave, thanking Mistress Lucy profusely for her services and taking the video tape of the session from her and already making plans for how to get more extreme for our next session. For the moment our masochistic tastes had been sated but it would not last long.

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