The Monster in My Bed


***characters are all over 18, and consenting***

Enjoy ­čÖé


I crawl in my bed alone, nightlight on to keep the shadow monsters under the bed, my favorite teddy clutched to my chest. Daddy won’t be home for quite a while, and I know he’ll expect me sound asleep when he arrives. He always does when he has late business dinners. As I lay tucked tightly in my satin sheets, the soft material intoxicating against the exposed skin of my legs and hips. Twisting my toes and feet in the luxurious sheets, staring at the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. My fingers slowly leave teddy as they trail down my t shirt… grazing fingertips softly over my hardening nipples and down my torso to the small amount of lace that is my panties. Keeping my fingers outside of them, I softly circle my clit, and run tender fingers down over the lips of my pussy.

“God, Daddy would not be pleased,” I thought to myself, but not wanting to stop… reluctantly though, I do, and squeeze my thighs tight together.

“Maybe, if I listen really hard, I’ll hear the garage door…and the cut of the engine of his truck…and the door opening…and his feet padding down the hallway as he (yawns) walks to his room to remove his suit and tie and put on…”


I wake with a start as I feel a palm clasp over my mouth tightly. I squirm and try to get away but a strong arm embraces me quickly and tightly. I feel the brush of fingertips along my lace panties, skirting them down and off my legs and feet depositing them somewhere below. The feel of soft kisses and nuzzling facial hair calms me slightly, the grazing teeth along my earlobe and jaw stirring me deep in my tummy making me feel hot all over. The tell-tail sound of a zipper and denim being pushed and fumbled around is screaming in my hypersensitive ears. A small grumble of a curse tells me exactly who my assaulter is, and I fight him just to do it.

His hand squeezing tighter on my mouth I bite at him, “baby girl calm down, Daddy’s got you, baby” he growls in my ear, forcing me to my stomach.

The games are over. My slight shock and sleep induced delirium have my senses on high alert, and I go stock still. He has me pinned under him. I’m going nowhere… nor would I want to. I start breathing harder, my desires heightened by his obvious desire to dominate me completely. A knee between my thighs spreads them just enough and he buries himself to the hilt deep in me. Releasing a long held moan, I pant and squirm against him as best I can in my confined space between the bed and his body.

“That’s my good little slut, take my cock, this is exactly where you belong, restrained and for my use, my favorite little fuck toy, mmm fuck” he growls and moans against my neck.

He knows me too well. We both know what that does to me. Immediately I start moving my hips against his thrusts. Squeezing and milking his thick cock, cooing into his palm.

I feel his muscles start to tense, and I know he’s close, my silent observation confirmed by his soft command, “cum with me, baby girl. Cum hard around Daddy’s hard cock.”

That’s all it took. That pushed us both over the edge in near perfect unison. I moan and whimper against his strong hand, feeling him soften as we lay together. Erenk├Ây Escort Feeling his hand move from my face, stroking lovingly through my hair, over my side, pulling us to the side and pulling me against his chest.

“You’re such a good little slut for Daddy, baby,” he croons softly against my hair, “but now it’s time for you to go back to sleep… I’ll be back in a bit to claim more of what’s mine.”

He kisses my forehead and climbs from the bed, shutting my door softly behind him as I too softly ask him to stay…


I lie awake waiting; counting down the time, trying to contain my excitement. The feel of his weight on me still an essence on my sensitive skin. The fullness of his thick cock buried deep inside me, now feeling empty with the lack of his presence. My mind wandering from the counting I was attempting to keep track of, unable to do so with the feel of his hot cum slowly leaking out of me. Reaching down to touch it, my palm brushing my clit softly, sending a jolt of electric Pleasure through my veins. My breathing shallows, and I jerk my hand back quickly with a gasp and quiet nervous giggle … knowing how much trouble I could get in for touching myself no less Cumming without Daddy or his permission to do so. I curl up in a tight ball and close my eyes. Attempting sleep for the first time since his sensual assault; Taking deep slow breathes, just like he taught me to do after a nightmare … only this time, I’m waiting for my dreams to become reality. Waiting for him to fill me once more…


The turn of the knob wakes me from my light slumber this time. Peeking up over the covers as he walks in, seeing that he’s returned in only his boxers. he slides in bed with me, pressing soft kisses to my cheeks and forehead. Slightly confused by the difference of approach, I enjoy the tenderness of his touch. Trailing my fingertips down Daddy’s torso, teasing and playing with his hip bones. I prop myself up and kissing along his ribs, running my tongue lightly over each one; Nipping the skin softly when I reach his hip bone. Moving to straddle one of his legs, I wraps my small fingers around his shaft. The sensitivity of earlier in the night rushing back like a storm. My palm squeezing him softly, a feather light flick of my tongue on the tip of his shaft before running the flat of my tongue from my fingers and back to swirl it around the tip once more to fully take him in my waiting anxious wet mouth.

“Oh fuck baby,” Daddy growls, his fingers knotting in my hair, hips jerking up and his cock twitching in my mouth.

“I fucking adore you babygirl,” he moans to me as he lays his head back against my pillows. Apparently I picked correctly for what he wanted, because he seems rather pleased with me at the moment.

So I wrap my lips around his thick cock and push him further into my mouth and throat, squeezing my hand to the same rhythm that I bob my head. I whimper softly as he tangles his fingers in my hair, taking control of our tempo. I look up to watch him, seeing how he’s responding to my caresses. A hard suction and a few flicks of my tongue to the tip get his attention. I plead with my eyes for him to use my mouth, and I know he understood by the G├Âztepe Escort involuntary buck of his hips. I used this to take him deeper into my throat, moving my hand that I had wrapped around the base of his shaft, turning my head side to side once my lips are against his body hoping to reach the places I can’t lick and suck. I swallow against his thick shaft, squeezing tightly on the sensitive skin in my throat.

God Daddy tastes so good-

he jerks me out of my erotic thought as he pushes my head hard down on him, driven by his lust and need to cum fucking my mouth and throat with little restraint.

A low growl escaping his throat, “good girl.”

I moan, the vibration sending a tremble through his cock and moving out over his body he groans, and roughly whispers, “Mmm fuck, you thirsty little slut, go on and grind that cunt on Daddy’s shin, ride it while I take your throat.”

I take my command and do so with gusto, my soaking pussy sliding along Daddy’s leg with ease, rubbing and lubricating my clit with perfection.

“Oh that’s such a good little slut for Daddy, yes baby choke on my cock while you make yourself cum all over me.”

Mmm his words send a strong shiver through my body and I whimper on his cock. Looking up at him hoping he knows how much I love to service and serve him. He lets out a final groan and pushes my head down hard, instantly causing me to gag and tears to spring from my eyes. His cum jets down my throat, a hot intoxicating shot of his ecstasy. I squeeze and milk him of every last drop, selfish and desperate not to let any slip from between my lips.

As I swallow, he lets the pressure go off my head, softly stroking my hair, “god, Kitten you are the best baby, the sweetest little girl to your Daddy.”

I smile as I lick him clean, and crawl up to rest against his chest. He’s stays longer this time. Telling me of his meeting, the rest of his day, but he gets up before I’m ready.

He pulls his boxers back on and kisses me softly on the lips and along my jaw whispering against my skin, “baby you’ve been so good for Daddy tonight. I can’t wait for the next round, my sweet sweet girl.”

And with that he leaves me in my bed once again, alone and grumpy that he’s going. I flop over on my side with a huff, squeeze my eyes shut, and soon falling into a soft whirling dream of Daddy and all his delicious antics.


“Daddy!!” I scream, as my assailant yanks me from my peaceful slumber. But of course when I look down, and what’s got my ankles, its not the monsters under my bed, but my favorite monster to let in my bed. Daddy grins softly, kisses his palm, seconds before it lands hard on my left butt cheek. His fingertips dig hard into the soft flesh of my hips, as he pulls them up and back to him, so I’m kneeling at the foot of my bed. His fingers are immediately between my legs, squeezing and pinching at my clit. I feel his thick hard shaft brush against the back of my thigh. I start to wriggle, knowing full well what is coming, and knowing I’m in no way prepared.

“This is going to hurt, but this is for Daddy, not me,” I repeat the mantra slowly and deliberately.

He grabs my hips and leans over me whispering, “Baby, I want you to Ac─▒badem Escort remember, at any point you do have the choice to safe word.”

Oh shit!

This is not good. Daddy never brings up safe words, which means this is going to be very bad. Daddy leans up and positions my hips to his liking. All in one motion, he sinks balls deep in my already wet pussy. His fingers wrap back around and squeeze my clit between his fingers.

Three strokes in, his tone still even, “Baby, you’re going to cum for me in 10…”

Why did he have to start at ten??!!


Oh my god I can’t wait this long…




God yesss…



Oh fuuucckkk…



Holy crap Dadddyyyyyyy…



1… “Cum for me”

He’s the only man that has this power over me. He’s the only one that can make me cum just from the demand to do so. I flood his hard cock, thoroughly soaking him and most of the surrounding blankets. A featherlight touch slides up my thigh, through my dripping ecstasy. He runs his finger up to my tightest place, circling and slowly pressing it inside me.

Once he’s satisfied, he slowly pulls his hard cock out of my soaked pussy and positions himself, “last hole babygirl.”

He presses his chest to my back, his arm wrapping around my shoulders, causing his forearm to wrap in front of my throat. He pulls back slightly, causing a gasp as his arm tightens the pressure against my throat, his weight on my back not allowing me to catch a full breath.

He places my teddy right in front of my mouth, with a whispered, “bite down, baby.”

Then all at once, he pushes forward. Our bodies jolting together, his fingers squeeze tight on my clit as he pushes into my ass with deliberate strokes. Digging my teeth into my teddy I squeal and whimper at the intense combinations of pleasure and pain. As he slowly moves in me and opens me up to his girth, the pain subsides and all I feel is full. He moves two fingers deep into my cunt, pushing hard on my g spot as he picks up speed taking the last of what’s his.

“Good girl, take it all like the little cock slut you really are. You play at being a cute little thing but I know that this is what you really crave. Taken, broken, and put back together. I can see your little cunt leaking and soaking the sheets under you baby girl. You feel so fucking good…”

His words are my undoing, I start to move against him, and moan softly with every thrust.

Mmm he feels so good, I can never get enough of Daddy

A muffled grunt pulls me back, as Daddy mumbles, “kitten daddy’s close, cum with me, when I say ok, baby?”

My moan was plenty response, and he starts pounding into me harder, forcing screams instead of moans, and “fuck daddy’s” instead of cooing.

“Cum hard for Daddy, kitten. Cum for me now.”

And together, we joined orgasmic bliss and his hips pressed against my backside, arm tight around my throat, trembling and moaning in unison.

As our breathing slows, he loosens his grip on my throat, and rolls us to the side, still buried deep in me, with his fingers still slowly working my pussy, soft mewling sounds all I can manage to produce.

“Thank you kitten. You make Daddy very happy. Do you need anything?” He softly whispers against my hair as he nuzzles against me.

“No Daddy, just don’t leave…please?” I purr softly.

“I’m all yours tonight baby, and for as long as you’ll have me. I love you babygirl.”

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