The Perfect Girl


Many thanks to Kirk2004 for editing my piece. I owe its completion to him.


Stop it! I scolded myself. I was doing it again, and not so subtly either. But you really couldn’t blame me. The sight I was staring at would provoke anyone’s undivided attention. Across the room sat Anna – Anna Green. I gazed at the other girl following her golden ringlets down her long neck, over her shoulders, and resting comfortably on her chest. Her face was cherubic – round, white, and feminine.

She rose out of her seat and walked towards the door. I watched her backside as she turned away from me. It was rumored that she was a model and that did not surprise me. Her legs were long and lean, yet her ass was round and tight. I had to be careful; I hadn’t come out yet, and I wondered if the blush of my cheeks would give me away. Her body was really a work of art; I traced the seams of her jeans from her ankles up to her thighs, and then the intricate detailing on each back pocket. I felt my breathing quicken.

“If only she wore more revealing shirts,” I thought to myself. “I’d never pay any attention in history.”

Today was special, though. It was Anna’s eighteenth birthday. I was not too close with the vixen, but decided it was appropriate to get her a gift.

Unfortunately, I am not so selfless. My motivation was purely intrinsic. I had hoped that because of the present, I might get physically and emotionally closer to Anna.

As the bell sounded, I exclaimed, “Hey Anna, wait!”

The blonde slowly turned around, her hair twirling and then resting back on her flat stomach. I reached forward, near trembling, and handed her the little blue box.

“You got me something from Tiffany’s, Laura?” Anna exclaimed in shock. “This is simply too much.”

With that she stepped forward, grasping me with her long delicate arms. She came so close, her breasts were pressing against the upper part of mine. Taken aback, I hesitated before returning the hug. It lasted a long time. A little longer then it should have.

Anna drew back slowly staring into my eyes.

“Thank you,” she told me sincerely, leaning foreword and gently pressed her soft, full lips to my cheek.

She pulled away, taking my hand into her slender one. With her other hand, she reached into her pocket, pulling out a black pen. I flinched as she transcribed her address, 57 James Way, on the back of my hand.

“Come over around 9, okay?”

“Sure,” I stammered in response. “I’ll be there”

Always punctual, I arrived at 8:58. There were no other cars there, but I guess people were running late. I knocked on her tall oak front door. I heard a scampering down the steps, the metallic turning of a lock, and the creak of the old door being heaved open.

There she stood, clad in only her bathrobe, her wavy blonde hair glistening with water. She leaned Bycasino across the threshold, and gently kissed my cheek again, lingering and soft. I saw her smile, her breath condensing as it rose upwards. Despite the cold, I instantly felt warm. I was distracted by the heat growing between my legs. A fire was ignited.

“Thanks for coming, Laura. I’m really glad you made it.”

“Oh, Anna, I’m so glad you invited me,” I said, my eyes betraying me and drinking in her beauty.

“I’m so sorry. I just got out of the shower! Please come in and help yourself to a drink in the kitchen while I get dressed.”

“No need to apologize. I’m just glad I can help you celebrate your birthday,” I responded.

With that, she turned and scampered up the steps.

I followed her ass, sashaying back and forth in her robe all the way up the stairs before I had enough sense to close the door behind me. I was legal, but under 21, I decided a drink would be appropriate now, so my nerves wouldn’t get the best of me. What was I doing here? Alone. Was it obvious that I had sexual feelings for her? Why did she kiss me? “Calm down, Laura.” I chastised myself.

I walked pass the foyer into the kitchen. It was homey yet elegant; much like Anna herself. Thinking of her, I let my hand graze over my left breast, instantly arousing my aching nipple. I opened the fridge to find a tall bottle of champagne. I searched through her cabinets until I found the glasses. I poured two, not knowing where the other guests were.

“Hey there,” she purred.

I turned around, a glass of champagne in my outstretched arm. I nearly dropped it. Anna was leaning against the doorway; her damp wavy tresses reflected the light like gold. The form fitting low cut black dress hugged her lithe body. I stared at the curvature of her upper breasts. Nestled between them was the necklace I got her, a simple silver teardrop.

“Beautiful,” I murmured.

“I love it!” she replied clutching the silver.

I decided to be bold, daring.

“I…I wasn’t talking about the necklace,” I replied.

I saw her radiant smile flash. Then she regained her complete composure. She stepped towards me.

“You think I’m beautiful,” Anna whispered.

Gaining confidence, I replied, “Oh come on, you know you’re gorgeous.”

She stepped closer to me, pinning me back against the couch. I sat down.

“I know I’m gorgeous, Laura…” She straddled me. “I just like it when you say it.”

With that she cupped my face, bringing her soft, full mouth to mine. Her plump bubblegum lips sucked gently on my own. I slowly navigated my hands down her slender back to grab her ass. She then quickly bit my lower lip, resulting in a pulse of affection, which I translated into squeezing her ass cheeks.

She giggled against me. Feeling dominant, I lifted her and lay her down on the couch. Bycasino giriş I briefly paused, her glowing skin, her blonde locks nearly reaching the floor. I then leaned forward, dodging her pursed lips.

I brought my mouth to her ear.

“Take off your dress,” I hissed.

I then took her earlobe in my mouth and bit it. Anna cooed as she sat up. In one swift motion, the black dress was in a crumpled heap beside me, and she was left in only a teardrop necklace. I couldn’t take in her beauty all at once. It was a sensory overload.

“God, you are beautiful,” I said feeling a wetness below.

From her long, unblemished legs, to her taught abdominal muscles and twinkling naval piercing to her pert breasts and tiny coffee areoles with nipples the same color as her bubblegum lips, I was mentally at a loss. She was perfect, a Venus in a world of mere mortals.

She hesitantly smiled at me, searching my face for a sign of expression.

I leaned forward towards her ear and whispered, “You’re perfect, Anna, perfect.”

I then slid my left hand down her abdomen to lean firmly on her upper abs. I felt a quiver run down her body. I played with her earlobe, nibbling, licking, and sucking. I kissed a hot trail down her neck to her collarbone.

Anna groaned. I felt her move one arm to the junction of her legs. I beamed inwardly and continued my gentle assault on her body.

As her gasps increased in pitch and frequency, I found her right breast. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, watching the sheen of sweat between her luscious orbs. I watched her left bicep pulse as it indirectly manipulated her clit. She was almost there. Her whole body was glistening and heaving. Her ribs formed a staccato against my hand.

Suddenly she wrenched my head toward her, smashing my lips against her own as her climax began. Anna screamed into my mouth as she rode her wave of ecstasy. Her whole body quaked beneath me.

She rested her head against my shoulder as she regained her composure. I absent-mindedly fondled her hair.

“No one else was coming, were they?” I finally asked.

“I got all I wanted for my birthday from you, Laura.” She replied.

I beamed.

“But now it is my turn to return the favor.”

I couldn’t let her do this. “I don’t want you to do this as a payback,” I respond, unsuccessfully conveying my sorrow.

She leaned forward, her face centimeters from mine. “I know how much you enjoy aesthetically pleasing vistas,” she whispered. “How is a visual of my naked body lapping at your dripping pussy?”

With that I was sold.

“Get naked,” she slyly commanded.

I fumbled with my sweater and jeans. Nervous anticipation made my hands quiver. Anna must have sensed my hesitation, because I felt arms tug upwards on the arms of my sweater. It was almost off; the collar was Bycasino deneme bonusu resting on my nose when her assistance stopped.

I then felt wet lips pressing against my own. I could see nothing, just feel her tongue caressing my own. I then felt hands clawing at my bra straps. I moved to help her.

“You move, I stop,” Anna growled.

I was motionless as she planted hot kisses down my exposed neck, shoulders, and breasts. I felt my left nipple being engulfed in a warm velvet tunnel. With every flick of her tongue, my cunt dripped in anticipation. I groaned with pleasure.

She giggled as she lovingly assaulted my body. I was powerless against her touch, incapable of seeing her figure against my own.

“Let me see,” I pleaded.

“Only if you take off your pants,” she responded.

I unclasped the button and slid down the zipper. Then I felt the sweater being lifted over my eyes. I blinked to see her two luscious tits in front of me. I couldn’t help but lean in and lick one nipple.

She smiled as I felt her warm arms encircle my neck. I simply couldn’t get enough of her lips. They were wet electricity, and my pussy was burning with passion. Anna kneeled down to the floor, raking her pink fingernails gently down my abdomen. I quivered, red with anticipation and desire.

I felt her cold white teeth nibble at the side of my leg. A string of my black thong was trapped in her mouth. She smiled as she slid it down the rest of my body, tossing it aside with a devilish grin.

“You are so hot!” I gasped.

“Shut up and sit down,” she replied, her smug smile dictating my every move. I fell back to the couch, her arms prying my thighs apart. I bucked my hips forward, begging for the attention of her tongue.

And there it was. A tentative lick down my slit. It really was a beautiful sight, a nude goddess holding her golden mane back, her porcelain skin, and candy-colored lips on my most sensitive region. Anna then delved her tongue deeper. She was in my inner folds. She must have tasted my cum by now. She laughed as I yelped with pleasure.

Suddenly she stopped. The warm sensation was gone; I was left cold and vacant. Then I felt a cold liquid drip from my mons, past my clit, and down to my asshole. My eyes flashed, to watch her bite her lip as she emptied the contents of the champagne glass on my cunt.

Before I could open my mouth, hers was all over me. She licked, sucked, kissed, and then the waves began. Wet, rolling, and crashing, I must have been howling with pleasure. All I saw was Anna expertly maneuvering between my thighs. She continued lapping up what she had created until I was too sensitive to let her continue. I drew her jaw up towards mine. She pushed my hand away and kissed gently, teasing my lips with hers.

We continued our grazing as she slowly dressed me. As she pushed me towards the door, I couldn’t get enough of her lips. I reluctantly turned and jumped down the three steps into the rain. She rested seductively on the doorframe, still flushed.

“Can I call you tomorrow?” I asked her.

“You could call me tonight,” responded my temptress.

And I did just that.

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