The Webcam Model’s Secret


I was a simple girl that had everything going in the right directions, in life. A good paying career, a nice house, and a sexy boyfriend. Too sexy. My Leo. Leo and I had been dating for two years and nine months. Me and Leo has had a lot of ups and downs in the short time I’ve known him, but I have never stopped loving him. Even after discovery his latest secret.

A few months ago, I and Leo were going through a tough time in our relationship. Naturally our sex life together became rare. Regardless of his slim, but chiseled body I was not in the mood for sex, however; I did miss his nine inch sausage filling my insides up.

Leo became even more distant towards me, for he was always a sexual beast claiming my body as he pleased. I suspected that he was cheating on me with another woman, because he always seemed to leave the house around midnight.

“Baby I’m going for a midnight workout. Don’t wait up.” Said Leo, as he quickly hopped out of bed.

“Again Leo?” I responded with a knowing look.

“Well it’s not like we have plans tonight. God knows you are not going to sucking my dick!” He shouted as he grabbed secret gym bag (That I was not a loud to touch) and slammed the door behind him.

Despite Leo’s unexpected rage. I couldn’t help but to feel lust at his mentioning of his dick. I couldn’t help but to fantasize about him angry shoving his nine inches down my throat, causing me to gag on his manhood. I then started to miss the musky smell of his giant balls. It was the manliness smell in the world.

Sadly the thought of him cheating on me at that this every moment pissed me off. Another her woman tasting his monster cock was too much for me, as I then plotted ways to get back at Leo for betraying me.

I want to cheat on him with another man, but I had kürt porno no attractive male friends. None of them could come close to matching Leo and his small muscular body and power cock.

My pussy then began to water at the thought of my naughty boyfriend. I needed to climax now. RIGHT NOW. Suddenly I remembered a webcam porn site I used as a young, horny teenager. I quickly opened my laptop and found the site. So many sexy male performers filled my eyes. I came across one performer with the name Leo Perez. His profile picture was blurry, but it did resemble my handsome Leo a bit.

I laughed at the thought of it actually being him. But I wouldn’t help my curiosity and horniness. So I clicked on his profile, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my Leo. He was in an hotel room alone, naked, slowly jacking off.

I felt a mixture of emotions, but mostly I was overwhelmed with excitement. This was the most sexiest thing in the world. My sexy, manly, muscular boyfriend stocking his massive dick for people to see. Another thing I should mention is that this site is mostly used for gay men, mainly the reason I stopped using it as a teenager. Leo’s chat room was filled with gay men, telling him that his cock was beautiful and that his balls were so full of juicy hot sperm.

I could feel my pussy pulsing with water as I read this. Leo would then occasionally take his hands away from playing with his cock and balls to reply with a simple thank you.

I couldn’t help but wonder why Leo would be on a gay webcam site when there are plenty of straight sites. So I decided to read his performer’s profile bio. It stated:

“HI I’m bi curious and I have always been curious about trying stuff with another guy. I can get more detailed if you message me.”

I could believe it. I was so mad, so horny. I couldn’t believe my boyfriend has been hiding those from me, but then I thought about it more. Then thought of him sticking his fat cock up another man’s tight ass would make me explode.

I decided to pay for a one on one came session with my boyfriend. Just him and me.

“Hello WhiteBarbe101,” Leo types to me as he strokes his dick. “Are you a woman?” He asks.

“I can show you better than I can tell you,” I responded, getting fully undressed.

“Oh really?” He types. “So you have cam to cam?”

Without responding I activated the cam to cam interface feature, and his face froze with shock of seeing his girlfriend fully naked rubbing her clit to his secret bi curious webcam show.

“Baby I can explain…” He started.

“Shut the fuck up, and stand up so I can see your full body!” I said with power.

He slowly stood up and gave me a flex show.

“Yeah I like what I see. Now pump that cock for me and explain these fantasies about men,” I commanded, as I fingered my pussy deeply.

“Fuck yeah, bitch!” He forcefully groaned, as he jacked off ferociously. “I want to jam my horse dick up a man so badly, I want to make a man feel my manhood, bitch!”

“Leo you could have told me.. ” I said in between a moan. The mentioning of his curiosity caused him to be taken over in ecstasy. His giant balls bounded up and down as pre-cum oozed from his mushroom tip. I started biting my bottom lip in excitement.

“Quite bitch! And turn around and get on your knees.” He ordered.

“Yes” I responded, as I did as I was told.

“Yes what?” He questioned. His voice was low and serious. I had never heard this tone of voice from him latin porno before.

“Yes sir”

“Good, bitch. Now open your ass cheeks for me.” He demanded as more and more pre-cum leaked from his dick.

“I want to fuck your ass, baby, while a guy licks my ass” He continued. “That would be so fucking hot. Fuuuuuuck yeahhhhh” He roared. Still fingering myself like never before, I wasn’t sure how long I could last before squirting. I then noticed his private gym bag was in the floor next to him.

“Baby what’s in that gym bag of yours?” I questioned. He smiled widely as he revealed the contexts of the gym bag. A giant dildo in the shape of a cock almost as big as his.

“Wanna see me use it, bitch?” He roared. His cock was throbbing with excitement.

“Yes sir. God yes baby.” I begged rubbing my pussy likes crazy. My nipples were also begging for attention as well. So I placed one breast in my mouth and began sucking.

Leo laid flat on the floor and spread his toned legs as far apart as possible and began to finger his asshole, almost matching my movements.

“Fuck I’m such a whore” Leo moaned.

“Yeah you are.” With that Leo removed his fingers from his entrance and replaced it with the dilo. His face was overwhelmed with pain and pleasure.

“So good.” He moaned almost to quite to hear. He pushed the artificial cock in and out of his tight, muscular ass slowly. As he began to quicken the pace he was overwhelmed with pleasure.

“You like that, bitch. You like seeing your cock whore boyfriend get fucked?” The dildo was now deep in his ass. Leo was jamming in it as far as he could before he would remove and slammed it back in. “Fuckkkkk yes my ass! He screamed.” As the pleasure was too much and he came all over his chest and face without touching his cock.

“Oh my God, baby. DAMNNNN!” I roared as my pussy exploded with my interest jucies.

“Damn girl” was all he could respond as he began to lick the cum from his face.

After that experience a lot of new sexual situations followed.

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