The Wedding Ch. 01


The characters in this story were introduced in another series “Cancelled Date Night”. This story is designed to be self-contained so it is not essential to have read that series first.

However, if you care to get a more rounded view of the characters and see what led to the events of this series then you should read that story first.


Dave was starting to get anxious. Sarah had been distraught on the phone, she was barely coherent through the drunken slurs and tears but Dave knew her well enough to know that something was very wrong.

That call was two hours ago, he’d tried calling back but got no answer. He called the hotel where she was staying but there was no answer from her room. He frantically searched their house for the numbers of any of the other girls at the bachelorette party but found nothing. All he could do now was wait for Sarah to get back in touch. Dave was not a patient man.

Another half an hour went by before there was a knock on the door. Dave sprinted into the hall and opened the door to find two disheveled woman on the other side. His girlfriend, Sarah, was barely conscious, drunkenly mumbling to herself as she desperately clung to her best friend, Colleen.

Colleen had changed a lot in the year since Dave had last seen her, the hormone therapy was really starting to produce results, but not so much that he wouldn’t still recognise her. Both girls were drenched from the torrential rain outside, their fancy cocktail dresses almost fully transparent from the wetness but Colleen appeared to be much more sober.

“Give me a hand here would you?” Colleen asked, desperately.

Dave quickly jumped in to support his teetering girlfriend and helped get her inside.

“Is she ok?” Dave asked as the stumbled through the door.

“She’ll survive, she’s just hammered.”

Dave had always been self-conscious about the fact that he was never strong enough to effortlessly pluck Sarah up in his arms like you see in the movies but between him and Colleen they managed to get the incapacitated girl upstairs, undressed and into bed.

Not another word was exchanged until they had tucked Sarah in. They left her gently snoring and tiptoed out of the room. On the other side of the door he noticed Colleen shivering in her wet dress.

“Do you want some dry clothes?” he asked

“If you wouldn’t mind. Some of Sarah’s sweats will do.”

Dave snuck back into the room and grabbed a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a tank top from Sarah’s gym bag.

“Here you go. You can use the bathroom down the hall if…”

“I’ll be fine here.” she said, then with a nervous grin she added, “It’s not like you haven’t seen it all before.”

Dave was caught off guard by this comment and stuttered embarrassingly for a few second before mumbling a reply,

“Well some things have changed since then…”

His eyes drifted subconsciously to Colleen’s chest as he said this, her breasts seemed as if they were going to rip through the soaked, thin material covering them.

Sarah noticed his gaze and she dropped her eyes sheepishly.

“Yeah, I suppose.”

Dave realised where he was staring and quickly looked in a different direction. There was nowhere to look that was going to make this less awkward so he decided to turn his back and give the girl some privacy.

This was the longest conversation the two had had in nearly two years and the first time they had seen in each other in the year since Colleen had moved across the country. They had never been extremely close, Dave only knew Colleen through Sarah, but there was a time, one fantastic night two years ago, when Dave thought the three of them would be getting much closer. Unfortunately he was mistaken, he didn’t know how or why but something after that night drove a wedge in between himself and Colleen and even damaged Sarah and Colleen’s bond though the two girls would never acknowledge that anything was wrong.

Colleen cleared her throat.

“Eh…Do you’ve a bag or something for my dress.”

Dave turned around to find her fully changed. He had to stop himself staring in disbelief at how much better Colleen filled out Sarah’s clothes now.

“Yeah I’ll grab you something from the kitchen.”

He jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen, composing himself as he searched for something to hold the wet clothes. He found Colleen waiting in the hallway when he returned with an empty plastic bag.

“Thanks.” She said taking it, “I should probably go, I asked the taxi to wait.”

“Aren’t you going to tell me what happened? Sarah wasn’t due back for another two days…”

The worrisome quiver in his voice wasn’t subtle. Colleen averted her gaze as she answered.

“I’d jojobet rather not talk about it. I really just want to go home. You can ask her tomorrow.”

This did nothing to settle Dave’s unease but Colleen was out the door before he could press her about it. The unease followed him to bed where he lay awake for hours next to his unconscious girlfriend, going through every possible horrible scenario she could have encountered that night before drifting off.

He awoke to the sound of dry-heaving coming from the ensuite. Dragging himself out of bed he found Sarah hugging the toilet bowl and groaning in discomfort. Dave knew this wasn’t the time to bring up the previous nights events, instead he got her showered, helped her back to bed, fetched her a glass of water and some pain pills then went downstairs to cook her favourite hangover breakfast. He climbed the returned to the bedroom half an hour later with a big dirty fry and a strong cup of tea for them both. Sarah beamed with gratitude as he set the tray down in front of her and then quickly devoured the meal.

When they’d both finished eating and Sarah was feeling more alive, she snuggled up next to Dave. Her still damp hair was cold against his chest as she lay her head on him letting her fingers trace lazy patterns across his stomach.

Finally Dave felt it was appropriate to bring up what was on his mind.

“So are you going to tell me what happened last night?”

He felt her whole body tense up next to his. Her fingers stopped tickling briefly though she restarted quickly to try and cover it. She answered without lifting her head off his chest.

“What did she tell you?”

“Colleen? She wouldn’t say anything. She said I should talk to you.”

“We…we just had a fight. A stupid drunken fight.”


“Does it matter?”

“Well I’m a little concerned to be honest so I’d like to know.”

“Oh don’t worry sweetie. It was just a stupid drunk argument. I’ll tell you later, I promise. But thinking about it is ruining the mood I’m in.”

She stressed the word “mood” and looked at him seductively as she said it. He knew she was just trying to get him to drop the subject but honestly most of his concerns were quelled when he found out it was just a drunk fight and nothing to do with him or their relationship.

“OK, as long as everything is good with you.”

She gave him a sly grin before kissing him deeply while her wandering digits slipped under the waistband of his boxers. She stroked his hardening cock with her palm a few times before pulling it out of his underwear.

Sarah began by pumping slowly as Dave groaned into her mouth. He tried to return the sensation by sliding a hand into her lace panties but she playful manoeuvred away from him. Dave was persistent and kept trying but each time Sarah slipped away from his grasp, giggling in between kisses.

Eventually she climbed on top of him, straddling his waist she started to grind against him. With each grind her panties grew damper, the moist fabric glided along his shaft and drove Dave wild. He desperately clawed at Sarah’s top and panties but she was steadfast in her teasing and wouldn’t let him remove anything. Instead he had to make do with mauling her through the thin fabric of her pyjamas.

Sarah’s removed her lips from Dave’s and started a procession of kisses length of his neck and along his chest, stopping only briefly to suck on his right nipple before continuing down to his crotch. She licked along his hip bone and playfully kissed the inside of his thighs while gently massaging his balls.

Dave couldn’t take much more. He sat up and attempted to gain some control of the situation but Sarah immediately pushed him back onto the bed and mocked him by tutting and wagging her finger, her sly grin spreading even wider. Just as he was about to object she dived down and engulfed his cock. Her lips stretched over the shaft as her tongue curled around it, slipping effortlessly along its length.

Dave lay back and groaned loudly in appreciation as Sarah alternated between sucking, licking and kissing his cock. She increased the depth and pace of her sucking, occasionally letting her hands take over while she caught her breath.

There was so much saliva coating his shaft that it had started to drip down to his balls. Sarah used one hand to gently rub the lubrication around his sack using it to massage his balls and thighs.

Dave could feel himself getting close. His groans became louder and more desperate, Sarah noticed and raised her eyes to him. He meet her gaze and gave her ‘the look’, a signal they’d developed over the years to indicate when one of them was about to climax. jojobet Giriş Sarah understood and started to ease off, she let Dave’s cock fall from her lips and switched to slower paced strokes with her hand as she manouvered herself into a position for Dave to start returning the favour.

Or so Dave thought. Sarah had started crawling up along his body, her ass swinging from side to side with each leg movement. He had assumed she was coming up to receive some oral of her own, as was a common routine, but she stopped climbing when her hips were level with his. Straddling him, she sat upright and gave him a menacing look, her hand still slowly beating his cock.

Unsure of what she was up to, Dave again tried to take control of the situation and reached for her still panty-clad pussy. Sarah batted his hand away. He looked at her confused, desperately trying to hold off his impending orgasm.

“Sweetie…” he gasped, “You need to stop…”

“No.” she replied in a sultry voice.

“But I’m about to…”

“I know.”

Dave didn’t have the breath to argue anymore so he just lay there looking at her sexy, mischievous grin. Sarah began to grind on him again as she had earlier but this time she took it a step further. She pulled her panties to the side and slid Dave’s dripping cock inside, not into her pussy but up against it, then let her panties snap back over before resuming her grinding.

The effect was amazing, Sarah’s soft, moist lips engulfed the underside of Dave’s shaft, sliding along it while simultaneously pressing it firmly against the damp, silky fabric of her panties. The contrast between the two different textures felt incredible and Dave wasn’t able to hold on any longer. As his groans turned to grunts, Sarah guessed what was coming, she gripped his shoulders tightly and started to buck strongly against his crotch.

With a short scream, Dave came. His torrent of cum, having nowhere else to go, filled Sarah’s panties, her grinding slowly spreading it over his entire cock. Sarah collapsed onto his chest, not bothering to remove his cock from her panties, she lay her head across him and nuzzled at his neck.

After a few moments of recovery Dave mustered the last of his energy to start giving Sarah her turn. But as was he trying to move her into a better position she said;

“Stop sweetie, just relax.”

“But you haven’t…”

“I know. But I’m good. I just wanted to show how much I love you.”

“Oh…OK. I love you too sweetie.”

“I know you do. But thanks…I really needed to hear that.”

If Dave hadn’t been in a haze from such a powerful orgasm that comment may have worried him but as it was he barely noticed it. The two fell into a sated snooze for the rest of the morning.

The hen night didn’t come up again for a few more days. Dave was just on his way out the door when Sarah came in from work.

“Hey sweetie,” she said, giving him a peck on the lips, “where are you off to?”

Dave lifted up the hangers in his hand.

“Dry cleaners. I figure this is my last chance to get my one decent suit cleaned before the wedding.”

Sarah, who had been hanging up her jacket, paused and stiffened up but Dave was almost out the door and didn’t notice. Sarah nearly let him leave but called out just before the door shut.

“No sweetie wait. Dave! Come back.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Just come back in here for a bit.”

Dave closed the door and put his suit down delicately.

“Something wrong?”

He walked over to her but she wouldn’t look at him.

“No…I just don’t think we should go to the wedding.”

“What? Why?”

She didn’t answer.


She finally looked up at him, her eyes were welling up. She still wouldn’t answer.

“This is about the hen night isn’t it?”

A single tear started to roll down her cheek as she nodded slowly. Dave grabbed her and hugged her tightly, he could feel her sobbing into his chest.

“What happened that night baby?”

Still no answer, just muted sobs against his jumper. He walked her over to the couch, the two sat down and Dave waited for Sarah to pull herself together before continuing.

“You’re going to have to tell me. It’s gone too far now and I’m starting to get quite worried. I know you two had a fight but you can’t expect me to just accept that we’re suddenly not going to your best friends wedding without elaborating a bit on that.”

“I know. I know.” she eventually replied, her voice croaking from the sobbing which had not fully abated yet.

She started slowly, her head hanging, eyes focused on her fidgeting hands.

“OK so the hen night was a bit of a bust. I was the only one who turned jojobet Güncel Giriş up. Turns out Colleen hasn’t been settling very well in her new place. Anyway I said ‘Fuck it, we’re here to get hammered, anyone else would just slow us down anyway’, that seemed to cheer her up for a bit so I got as much booze into her as I could while she was in good spirits. It was a little naive though, after a couple of drinks she got pretty emotional so we got a few bottles of wine and headed back to the hotel room.”

Dave could tell where this was headed, it was the stereotypical wedding jitters fueled by alcohol story but he didn’t interrupt Sarah she was obviously building to something. She sniffed away some tears and continued.

“It all came out then. How after the threesome with us it all seemed so clear that she needed to start working towards her sex change but then she lost so many friends and family when she started dressing full time.”

Dave’s heart skipped a beat. He and Sarah had barely talked about the threesome since it had happened. Back then he went through a rough period of confusion and self-doubt over enjoying sex with a crossdressed man. Sarah seemed content to write the night as a once off fun experiment and forget about it so Dave was wary of mentioning anything to her in case she became suspicious of his growing feelings for Colleen. So he bottled it up and became quite depressed.

As Colleen started to undergo her transformation Dave only become more attracted to her increasingly feminine form. Fortunately, Colleen seemed to have an issue with him and started avoiding him, her eventual move gave Dave the chance to push his feelings to the back of his mind where they faded, yet they never entirely disappeared.

“She started crying then and gave me the whole sob story.” Sarah continued, “How she cut most of her friends out of her life and fucked off to the other side of the country to get away from all the shit. How difficult it had been for her to make new friends or trust anyone. How she still wasn’t completely comfortable as a woman. And finally how she wished she’d had me there to help her through it all and give advice.”

Sarah paused for a bit, her voice was shaky when she started again.

“I…I guess that set me off. She’d abandoned me, fucked off without an explanation. I barely hear from her for a year and then tells me she wished I was there the whole time. Like it was my fault that I wasn’t! I flipped. Told her that if that’s the way she treated the people who tried to be supportive of her then it was no wonder nobody showed up to her hen and I was a fool for showing up.”

“Sweetie I don’t think she meant…”

“I know, I know. I went way overboard. I couldn’t stop myself. I stormed off then…”

She paused again, longer this time.

“Then what, sweete?”

She finally looked over at Dave but quickly dropped her gaze. She shrugged her shoulders and stuttered.

“…Kinda gets blurry then. I just went back to the bar and kept drinking. I suppose she must have found me at some point, I vaguely remember being in a taxi with her but that’s it.”

Dave didn’t know what to say. Colleen had obviously really hurt Sarah but Sarah seemed to be feeling bad about how she reacted. He had been dreading going to the wedding and seeing Colleen getting married to some guy but he knew Sarah would never forgive herself if she missed it, he had to persuade her to do the right thing.

“I know you’re hurt and angry now sweetie but that will pass in time. You know yourself that in a couple of months you’ll have forgotten all about this fight but missing out on your best friends wedding is something that will stick with you forever.”

She looked at him guiltily.

“You don’t understand…that’s not everything…”

“I know. I know I don’t know the intricate details of the fight and I don’t expect I’d understand even if I did. You obviously don’t want to tell me the rest for whatever reason and I’m not asking you to, some things need to stay between friends, especially things brought up during heated fights. But think about this, is whatever happened worth losing your best friend over? After all the shit you two have been through, is this how you want to end it?”

Sarah stared at her feet for a long time before quietly uttering a soft, almost inaudible, “No”.

She was sobbing quite hard as she turned to Dave and buried her head in his chest croaking;

“Thank you baby. I love you so much.”

“It’s OK. I only want you to be happy.”

“Just…please remember that, I love you.”

“Em…OK, I know baby.”

Dave left the conversation with an odd mixture of emotions. He was proud and happy that he managed to work things out and help Sarah but he was even more nervous about the wedding and to top it off he was a little disturbed by Sarah’s final comment. He didn’t question it though, she’d been through enough and it was more than likely just his over-active paranoia.

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