Trying Something New


Written after falling for the beautiful Madison Hinton, the “Bitch with a Dick”.

I have no clue as to what led me into this club tonight, but I’m here and I’m going to enjoy it, even more so while gulping down my third Long Island. I had to remember to go to the club’s second bar as to not be considered a drunk. I was a social drinker, and tonight, i planned on being very social.

It had been a couple week since I’d broken up with my girlfriend. We’d been together for a bit over two years and it took just as long for me to realize that the parts of her that were broken, i couldn’t fix, so, i let someone else handle that issue. She called me a week later asking me if she could date this stripper she’s feel in love in. I wished I’d never answered the phone, but before cursing her out and showing any emotions, i took a huge breath and let it out with a ‘sure’. The bitch was insane.

So hear I stand, drinking the same drinks I could have made at home myself without the hefty upcharge and the club’s cover charge. I needed to get out though. Working from home made the regular hermit- like behavior associated with a breakup even worse. I was ashamed to say this was the first time I’d been out of the house since the breakup.

On my way to the second bar I noticed a beautiful woman in the middle of a group of people. She wore a magnificent silver dress that sparkled when she moved. This beautiful bitch looked like a disco ball and was surely the life of the party just the same. Her milk chocolate skin looked lickable and perhaps I was too drunk, but I decided if I got the opportunity, I’d tell her just that. Thick in all the right places, she filled out her dress perfectly. Shit. I was staring right at her for way too long, but before I looked away, she met my gaze and bit her lip. Damn.

I continued my trek to the bar and plopped down in the first available stool I could find.

“What can I get you sweetie?” The bartender yelled over the music, something new from Siya.

“Long Island. No ice. One shot Crown.” She looked at me peculiarly, but must have noticed the “I’m going through something, Bitch.” look on my face and went to making my drink.

Ten minutes later I’d received my drink and consumed half of it, began and ended a conversation with a woman sitting by me who’d now joined the other club-goers on the dance floor. Due to my high tolerance and the meal I decided to eat before coming out, I was only a bit tips, but I still had to do a double take when “disco ball dress” girl sat in the stool beside me. She answered my gaze with a smile and after telling the bar tender what she wanted, stuck out her manicured hand and introduced herself.

“Hello, my name is Lauryn, with a ‘Y'”

“Hello, Lauryn, with a ‘Y’. I’m Aunda. I peeped you earlier. I love your dress.”

“I know. I mean, not that you love my dress, but that you peeped me.”

Damn, now she probably thinks I’m a stalker. I smiled awkwardly and busied myself with sipping my drink.

A moment later the tender came with her drink and along with it, took the opportunity to mack a bit. I must say it was hilarious to watch. Lauryn obviously wasn’t interested.

“Yo! Should I even drink this. You could of put a date rape drug in her or something. Here, taste it.”

“What? Ma it ain’t even like that. I’m just saying your fine as fuck and I’d like to get to know you.” Unwavering, Lauryn tipped the straw to the woman who rolled her eyes and reluctantly took a sip.

“See! All good. Damn, Ma.” Lauryn laughed, switched the straws and proceeded to drink her Blue Motorcycle. I couldn’t help but laugh too. She turned towards me and rolled her eyes at the bartender, who was now on the other end of the bar assisting another woman.

“Now istanbul escort she was too much! Hmm, I prefer my women a bit more soft. And I love a lady in red.” she said before cutting her eyes in the opposite direction.

Just to be sure I looked down at my red Bodycon halter dress. Oh shit! She was talking about me. I looked opposite her direction to hide the smile that was forming on my face.

“This is my song! Come on dance with me. You gotta have a dance partner to step with! Please, Aunda?” How could I deny this beautiful woman. I sucked up the last bit of my drink before nodding my head “yes”.

She didn’t hesitate to drag me onto the dance floor, looking back at me with the biggest smile ever so often.

Holding my hand, she guided us deeper into the center of the crowd. I reluctantly followed, hoping we’d reach our destination so my head could stop spinning. We shortly did, right smack in the center of the dance floor. R. Kelly crooned about stepping in the name of love and i couldn’t help but follow her lead. The silver dress she had on attracted the attention of everyone around us and my red dress added to the scene. We kept up with Kells’ every word and I couldn’t help but smile, I was actually having fun.

The song ended and was immediately followed by something smooth and naughty by Miguel. I had to give it to him, the DJ was on point! As couples drew closer together, the awkwardness of my situation began to show. I’d just met my dance partner. Surely she’d want to sit this one out. Not even. Her eyes gave way to her motive before her body could make the first move. Fuck bedroom, she had “fuck me now” eyes and the wetness beginning to drip onto my thong persuaded me to reply favorably when she moved her hand to my waist and pulled me closer to her.

“I think you were looking for more than just a dance partner, Madame,” I whispered in her ear.

“I honestly was, but let’s just say I found a whole lot more. You’ve got some moves and I’m loving the view of your body.” She whispered back before letting me spin in front of her.

I landed with my back to her and took the opportunity to grind my ample, round ass into her pussy. I hopped every movement let her know what I wanted to do to her if she decided to come back to my place or welcomed me to hers. I wanted to make her as wet as she’d made me, if not wetter. Her reaction was a bit more than expected, however. A hard bulge pressed between my ass cheeks and made me jump forward and freeze. What the hell? Was this femme strapped in the club? Was she a stud playing games? Was this even a woman?

The questions I had were endless and my confusion made me dumb to the world, standing completely still in the middle of the dancing crowd. She took the opportunity to grab me around the waist from behind.

“I can explain. Let me explain.” She whispered into my ear. An explanation was the first thing I needed, but the last think I was trying to hear.

“Let me go, I need some air!” I mumbled aggressively before prying out of her grip. I’m not even sure she heard me and I didn’t really care. By the time I’d made it past the bouncer and outside she was only paces behind me.

“Aunda, wait! Please!”

I’m sure the myriad of women waiting in line must have thought we were a couple in the midst of a small feud incited by some happening in the club. I wasn’t about to give them the satisfaction of ogling the drama. The last thing I needed was an audience so I continued to walk.

“Come over here” I said, motioning across the street towards the parking lot. Once we reached the lot, i let her have it.

“What the hell was that? Like, do you do this often? Come to the club fooling bitches. Please explain what the fuck is escort bayan going on. Like, right now!”

Lauryn gave me a whole lesson on being a transgender lesbian. She also informed me that she had not and would not be getting reconstructive surgery anytime soon. It was a lot to take in and by the time she was done she needed a drink and I needed a blunt. Puff, puff, no pass. Everything, however, was a lot clearer to me and I thought it would be rude to cast her off as I’m sure she’s been done before. She was a beautiful woman and from the conversation at the bar, I liked her personality.

“Wow. That was a lot, but ok. I guess I understand now. Look, I’m kind of over the club thing. Do you want to come to my place for a drink or something?”

A sly grin crossed her face.

“Not like that, ma’am!” I laughed. Finishing up the night with drinks and convo with a new friend may not be too bad. Plus, i felt comfortable and doubted she’d try to kill me or anything when we got there. I prayed not.

She followed me to my home in her car. On the way we stopped at a gas station for supplies for the evening. Lauryn picked up a bottle of wine and I, some pineapple cigars. I was serious, although I understood Lauryn’s situation, I still needed something to help me relax from her revelation.

Once we arrived to my apartment complex I directed her as to where to park. My neighbors could be a bit possessive over their parking spaces and I didn’t feel like dealing with anyone knocking on my door in the middle of the night. I’ve heard it’s been done before.

“Wow, this is a nice neighborhood. I’ve heard of this place, but have never been over here. I’ll have to add it to my apartment search list.”

I smiled and looked for my key in my purse. I’d become victim of the huge purse fetish and found a pair of flats, a flashlight, and another purse before finding my keys in the large bag. I’d have to make time to clean the thing out tomorrow.

“Welcome to my place.” I introduced while opening the door for us. It was obvious what i loved to do during my free time. The apartment itself was rather basic with large open rooms, but the various D.I.Y. items proved I was no stranger to Pinterest or the local thrift stores. Amidst the colors everything went very well together.

“I love it! Very comfortable too. Where can I put my shoes and bag?”

I directed Lauryn to a bench near the door and took the cigars and her wine to the kitchen. When I came back she’d made herself comfortable on the couch and was watching television. Some movie on HBO.

“You’re welcomed to make yourself a drink. I’m going to change into some sweats. In fact, do you want to change into something. I really don’t like people leaving after they’ve been drinking, so you might as well get comfortable.”

“Um, ok. That’s fine. Aunda, you are really sweet. Most people run for the hills once they find out. Thank you for being a friend.”

“Girl, no problem. It just caught me off guard” I said honestly. I prided myself on having an open mind and I’m glad I didn’t come across as anything else. There was too much division in the LGBT community and I didn’t want to be apart of it. I directed her to where the cups were and grabbed the cigars of the counter.

“Um, Lauryn, I’m going to just tell you up front. I smoke. Like, I’m not weedhead status, but every once in a while…”

“Girl, you’re fine. I do a bit too.”

“Ok, cool. I’m going to go change and roll this. Let me know when you’re ready for the clothes.”

“Ok, will do, girl.”

I went to my room and prayed Lauryn wouldn’t stiff me for the few dollars in my purse. Lord only knows why I even invited her over, but I did. I was trying the “out of my comfort zone” thing Kadıköy escort as it relates to making friend because in the 18 months I’ve lived here, nothing else has worked. She seemed genuine enough, well except for the trans thing, but I could handle that.

After getting on my clothes I hopped on my bed and prepared to roll. Busied with my work I didn’t notice her in my door frame.

“Hey, Aunda, can I get the clothes?”

“Sure, they’re right there.” I said pointing to the shirt and sweats on the dresser, but before I could tell her where the bathroom was she’d already began removing the silver dress. In between her thick hips lay a triangle of lacy purple fabric covering a rather large bulge. I’d be lying if I said the sight didn’t do something between my own legs.

As she lifted the dress past her curvy middle two bra’d DD-sized breasts were in revealed. The feeling between my legs grew. What the fuck was happening to me?

“Uh, hey, how are you?” I hadn’t noticed Lauryn had removed the dress completely and noticed me staring.

“I’m sorry, but um, girl you’ve got a body. Like, damn!” I laughed hopping she believed my truth but also wouldn’t fear I’d try to rape her in the middle of the night. She was just what I looked for in a woman. Her body was extra thick in all the right places. In fact the only difference between her and a woman I might bed would be the addition between her legs. Usually, that was sold separately. I couldn’t deny that the sight of her was getting my pussy wet. Really wet.

“Why, thank you,” She chuckled, “I’ve spent a lot of money and time getting myself this damn fine!”

Not until she mentioned it did I give thought to the fact that her breast probably weren’t real.

“Are they implants?” I said, gazing again at her beautiful breast in a bra that matched the thong she had on.

“No, actually fat transfer. Makes them more realistic and causes less complications. Come feel them if you want.”

After giving the second newly formed blunt one final lick, I hopped off the bed and walked towards her. Hey, she offered. Lauryn was right, her breast felt amazing. There was no seam or obvious bubble beneath the skin and when touched they jiggled just enough.

“This is about to be dumb as hell. But is the nipple the same as well?”

She laughed and responded, “Yes! It’s all me girl. Here, take a look.”

Before I knew it she was unclasping her bra and two beautifully round, supple, breasts greeted me, complete with a rich brown, unmarred areola in the center of each. Her nipples were slightly hard.

“Go ahead and touch, you know you want to. I was hoping the night would end with you doing so anyway, just for a different reason,” she laughed. I did too.

I began by rubbing my thumbs across her nipples. They hardened more, daring me to continue, I did, just to watch them grow. As I took in the sight of her breasts while squeezing each of her nipples just slightly between my thumb and index fingers, I noticed movement between her legs. I redirected y focus and noticed the bulge in her panties had grown larger and was threatening to release itself from the fabric. I looked up at Lauryn to find her eyes shut tightly and lips pursed as if she were trying to hold back a moan. I released her nipples and cupped her right breast. Unsure of my own sanity, I raised the orb to my mouth and licked the nipple. She moaned.

Wanting to avoid any awkwardness I continued rather than look up at her, adding some sucking as well. What the hell was I doing. This woman had a dick that was growing harder the more i fondled her breast with my mouth! Was I actually going to go there?

“Oh, wow. I’m out of line. I’m sorry. Ugh, the clothes are on the dresser. I’ma go start smoking this.” I’d share the second one, but this first jay was about to be a puff, puff, no pass. I rushed out of my bedroom before she could even get a word in.

~ Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think and don’t forget to stay tuned for Part Two!

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