Turning Fifty


My name is Maggie Malone, and this is my story.

It all starts as most stories do innocently enough. April 1st, all fools day and it turns out I was the biggest fool of all. Life wasn’t perfect I knew that, but all and all I thought it was damned good. I had three great kids, a loving husband and like most of the world, not enough time. I was about twenty pounds fatter than when I got married but still sexy as hell. Life was good.

I was at the time, the vice-president in charge of Human Development for C.E.O. World Wide Industries. The corporation was again downsizing its employees in the name of the God profit. I wasn’t worried about me. After all, I had successfully survived several down sizing. I was beginning to think myself almost irreplaceable. By day’s end, I found out how wrong I could be about everything. My world had turned up side down.

The company reorganized me right out of the door. My husband, we were celebrating our twenty-five anniversary on April 1st determined his anniversary was the perfect day to announce he was leaving me for his twenty-five year old secretary. My oldest son called to announce he was marrying the love of his life. Reason for celebration right? Maybe but the love of his life was a guy named Arnold. My daughter called to say they were moving to Brazil for a year and the youngest called to announce he was starting a new job in Seattle Washington in one week.

Normally I handle adversity well, but normally I had friends and family surrounding me with love and laughter not this year. We had just moved to New York City less than six months ago to be closer to my husband’s job. We had the apartment here and a house in Connecticut.

Talk about time to reorganize and get your life together.

First, I ate the entire stock of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in my freezer. I then drank all the scotch in the place and ruminated upon what in the world I had done to deserve all this mess. Deciding not one damn thing and not being the type to spend a lot of time brooding. I sat down to figure out how to fix it.

First, I moved back to Connecticut.

There I took the time to read my contract including the fine print. The result of all my diligent study. I got a great settlement from my former company including a guaranteed pension, all my stock options and sixty months salary while I looked for a comparable job.

I went to Las Vegas and got an amicable divorce. I got the house, the cars, the securities, and life time health insurance. He got his sweetheart and the city apartment.

I traded the huge house for a cute two-bedroom condominium and even bought a cat. He was an Egyptian Minx no tail and a very sexy purr. He liked his space and I liked his independence it worked. I traded the big car for a Mercedes convertible and I was ready to face the world again.

Once, I had my lifestyle secure financially at least. I started to work on me. I joined a gym and went three days a week. I even traded my sedate French twist with gray wisps in for a short haircut in a shade of red almost as great as the original. The three days a week at the gym helped and soon, I was wearing clothes that hadn’t been out of my closet in years. Good thing retro was in.

It was just about then that an old collage friend called and invited me out. Ronnie never invited anyone out. She never paid and so would wait until you called her. I smiled and figured “What the hell I wanted to see the new restaurant she was raving about and agreed. It would be worth the bill”

“The Matador” newest restaurant ümraniye escort in town required reservations at least three weeks ahead and so Ronnie surprised me when she said Friday night at eight and that she would meet me there. She also mentioned I should dress. What did the lady think I would show up in shorts and a halter top? Now I really had something to prove.

Normally the naturally pale type I usually wore very colorful very feminine clothes. I went with my new hair color; I opted for basic black. This basic black had style. An original from the sixties it had a high neck but the front was slit down to my navel and held together by ribbons. There was no back, it ended just before what the law, and your mother always told you good girls kept covered. It was perfect.

Ronnie met me in the bar and I was impressed with the décor and the service. I also was impressed with the clientele coming and going. This looked like a good place to pick up single men and I blushed at my thoughts. Ronnie must have been thinking along the same lines. She smiled leaned over and whispered “Which one do you want to take home?”

I thought about it for a minute and said “what the hell. The tall distinguished man with the beautiful gray hair at the bar. The one who has been watching us for ten minutes? How about you?”

Ronnie smiled and held up her hand a young sweet blonde man in his twenties came immediately.

“Stuart meet Maggie,” She smiled at me. ” Stuart is my toyboy all I use him for is sex and he is fantastic.” All I could do was grin and think how Ronnie. What was there to say?

Ronnie got up at a sign from our waiter. He took us to our table and it appeared that the gentleman from the bar had joined us. Ronnie smiled “My birthday present to you. This is Frank Holiday, my boss. He’s paying for tonight. You can fuck him or not that isn’t part of the deal.”

I blushed and Frank scolded Ronnie and told them to go sit somewhere else while we became better acquainted. I didn’t remember him at all although he told me he had seen me at several parties and now that I was single, he wanted to get to know me better before all the other single men found me. I was beginning to remember how bad dating really was.

Frank carried the conversation for minutes while I wondered how I had gotten in to this mess. I finally remembered and laughed. He wanted to know what was so funny. I told him.

“Ronnie called and invited me out. This is my birthday and my official first appearance as a divorced lady. Suddenly it just seemed funny.” He pulled me to his side and kissed me as I hadn’t been kissed in years.

“Happy Birthday Maggie and may there be many more kisses before tonight is over.”

I began to remember lust. It had been a while but he had set my heart fluttering and was making my panties wet. All signs that made me think it was an auspicious start to the night.

Three bottles of wine and a great dinner later he told Ronnie not to worry about me when they wanted to leave. Seems he would see me home. My thoughts were whose home and what did I want to do once I got there.

We were alone and the music had started. Frank took me out onto the dance floor and holding me close we danced to a romantic rendition of Strangers in the night. He sang in my ear corny but effective the chills ran up and down my spine. The hand that was caressing my ass as he pulled me tight against his growing erection was causing me goosebumps of a different kind. One thing for sure Frank was out to get laid tonight.

Giddy pendik escort from the wine I slid my hand down our bodies and lightly grabbed his growing cock. The soft growl encouraged me and I gently ran my fingernails up and down its length. Looking up into his beautiful gray eyes, I whispered “I think it’s time to take that home. What do you think?”

Frank nodded and kissed me gently as he whispered, “You won’t be sorry.”

We were out of the restaurant and in his car in minutes. He did take time to caress my breasts to an aching hardness I had almost forgotten. It felt wonderful and I said so to him. He smiled as we left the parking lot. Frank drove with one eye on the road and one hand on the wheel. The others he devoted to me. Soon his hand was teasing up my leg and pushing aside my panties toying with a very hot, wet, and needy pussy. My long dormant sexuality was waking up with a vengeance.

I handed him my house keys as I started to unbutton his shirt. By the time the door was open, he was unbuttoned, unzipped and ready to be naked. He solved my problem by pulling my dress up and over my head. Stopping he sank to his knees and his wet mouth worshiped me kissing and licking all my skin as he divested me of my bra, panties and slip. Done he picked me up and carried me to the couch he could see from the door. Spreading my legs apart, he buried himself deep inside me and all I could do was moan in sexual pleasure. This man not only would eat pussy he apparently thrived on it.

I tried to reach him to return some of his pleasure and he tied my hands together with his belt whispering ” your all mine enjoy.”

Writhing under his hands, no possibility of equality here I gave in and gave up, and he took me to heights I had never been. Finally when I begged for a rest he stopped. Covering me with his body, he kissed me sharing the taste and feel of my juices, which covered him. I always thought I must taste terrible because my ex never would do me. I was wrong I tasted a little tart but sweet. I asked Frank if I was right and he pushed me away and went after me again when I peaked once more, he asked: “Does that answer that silly question?” I nodded and asked, “Please let me suck you. I want to taste you and feel you now.”

He sat on the couch and pulled me up turning me over, this left me with my head buried in his crotch a perfect spot. I showed him my tied hands and he laughed and untied me.

I grinned back as I slowly sunk my open mouth onto his shaft. Inch by Inch it went deeper and deeper until I could reach out and lick his family treasures. Frank’s groan of pleasure was my approval my hands cupped his shaft and my fingers played with his tightening sack while my busy tongue was lapping up all the precum it could manage. He tasted delicious. I was looking forward to the main course when I felt his hand swat me, just as a sharp crack rang out in the room. I jumped and he slid deeper into my mouth as I moaned. Normally I would have shoved someone out bodily who tried that but somehow it felt right the warm tingling sensations were causing me to itch where it would take Frank to scratch. Frank hit me again and I speeded up my attack. Just as his talented fingers found my wet and very hard clit, he came. I was bathed in stream after stream of white hot cum. I sucked and swallowed but some got away and dribbled down my chin to coat my breasts. I felt his hands massaging it into my skin.

I wiggled around until I could sit up and smiled, picking me up he said one word.


“Down the hall bostancı escort first door on the right.” I answered.

I kissed him and the next thing I felt was my body and his hitting the bed as he shoved deep inside me. He felt wonderful I wrapped myself around him and scratching lightly up his back suggested in my sexiest drawl.

“Fuck me hard baby”

He did.

He had an amazing recovery for a man who had to be at least my age. My ex was good for once a night and then lights out and it was time for bed. Frank having just cum down my throat and all over me was hard as ever and his powerful strokes were sending me back up the ladder of sexual delight. My hands exploring his back and wonderful tight ass managed to reach his tightening balls just as he unloaded into me causing me to climax from the powerful hot juices he was coating my insides with. After so many years of a sexual desert, this night was turning out to be nirvana.

Cuddling afterwards we talked. Recently divorced himself he had only been out once before tonight and I was the first woman he had bedded since the divorce. I was flattered and asked him “why me?”

He propped himself up on his elbows and proceeded to show me. “Darling the first time I noticed when I saw you were those perky tits, the second your aura of repressed sexuality. You were obviously one hot lady with a man who didn’t understand how to keep her happy.”

Nuzzling him back, I laughed. ” I had been so repressed. I didn’t even know it. You have brought me more fulfillment in one night then I had in the last ten years.”

His answer “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” I groaned not sure if I could handle any more. He assured me I could and suggested a shower.

The shower was hot and he smiled at the sight of the two showerheads. He reached for the soap and the shower handle wetting me down and following with the soap. “Let me wash you my pet and I melted at the thought of his attention and stood still and enjoyed the shower and all that came later.

He was so gentle and sweet that my temperature must have risen several degrees by the time he rinsed me off. I know that after he had the soap gone and he followed the rivulets with his tongue my blood pressure went up another twenty points. This man was insatiable and generous. He was also strong because if he had not been holding me up when my climax hit me I would have fallen flat on my ass.

I washed him and found that he could indeed get it up again as picking me up he shoved it home and took me under the pelting water. It was only when it started raining ice cold water that shrieking and giggling we turned it off and headed for the warm bed.

Time stood still after that as we both slept. It was just turning daylight when I felt soft wet kisses down my spine. I moaned in what I thought was another hot dream and then woke up enough to remember I was not alone.

We made slow sweet lingering love nothing like the great hot sex we had the night before. It filled other parts of my mind and body I had forgotten about. The melting together of one man and one woman into for just a short time one better person. The clear understanding of what each required to be complete. The final moment when you walk the firmament above together as your bodies yield to abandonment and total joy.

The alarm went off much too soon. Frank needed to be to work early and was worried about my reputation. Leaving me curled up in bed with another killer kiss he left.

Would I see him again? Was this the start of a new life for me? Hell! I don’t know and don’t care. If I do that’s wonderful if not in one night he reminded me I am woman, I will survive and there is a big world out there to conquer waiting for me once again.

Copyright July 2002 No reproductions without author’s approval

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