Edges Ch. 02


Roni sipped her wine and pretended to read and watched Jesse clear away dinner and clean up. He didn’t do the dishes because he was her sub. He did them because she was a much better cook. She saw him glance at the wooden case on the coffee table in front of her and smiled to herself. It was beautiful, the wood inlay as well done as the shining metal inside it. Jesse was having a hard time fighting down his curiosity, it had been growing since the box arrived by messenger that afternoon. She wouldn’t let him open it, leaving it sitting in frustrating visibility all evening.

Finally he came and sat on the floor beside her and his eyes strayed to the box and back to her face. “Was there anything else this evening, Ma’am?” He looked so hopeful she almost laughed.

“Anything else? Like what, love?” She kept her eyes on her book and did her best to keep a straight face. He was so fun to tease.

“Mistress, what’s in the box?” Jesse smiled at her and ducked his head to look up through his lashes, playful and coy.

She laughed. “Ok, ok. You’re right, brat, I do have something in mind for tonight.” She set down her book and looked at Jesse, her eyes twinkling through her serious expression. “Go prepare the room.”

Roni watched as the tension in him changed, his smile changed, his breath deepened. His look at the box as he left held something new, excitement and an edge of fear. Roni smiled, and watched him go. He would open the room, light the candles and lamps. She preferred natural lighting when she worked him, but she liked it bright enough to see him well, so one of his tasks was to clean and fill the oil lamps in the room. He would be lighting them now.

He would remove his clothes and fold them neatly. He would set out her favorite oils and make sure the toys and ropes she used most often were ready and waiting for them. By the time he knelt in the center of the room to await her Jesse would already be humming with tension, his body tight, his skin alive waiting to be touched. His fear and desire would have him breathing fast and shallow.

Roni took her time as she dressed for him. She slid on the high cut silk panties. She pulled on the thigh high boots. She braided her hair back to keep it out of the way. She added the black leather arm guards that wrapped around and snapped. Silver wire wrapped her nipples and curled in graceful arcing patterns in circles as large as her wide aureoles, and a silver chain ran from one to the other. More silver chains fell to the ring in her naval, and circled her waist. She wore nothing else on top.

When she was ready, she retrieved the box from the living room and went to the playroom. The softly flickering yellow light greeted her at the door, and the sight of her love kneeling waiting for her brought a deep breath to her lungs before she stepped inside.

He was calm, though the anticipation fairly crawled through him. Jesse was always like this until they got started, then he sank into it until he took more from her than any other sub she’d worked with. Roni hoped he knew how special he was to her. She tried to tell him, often, but she wasn’t sure he really knew. She set the box on the table near her chair and picked up the leather cuffs he had laid there to await her.

This room had taken them a long time to put together as she had envisioned it. The beautiful inlaid hardwood cabinets and trim, the fireplace, the swivel recliners, and of course the hardware, all exactly as she wished them. It spoke to her of sensual pleasure.

Roni walked to Jesse and stood in front of him. He didn’t move as he knelt with his legs spread wide, back straight and head up proud, his eyes lowered before her, his hands clasped behind his back. “Wrists.” She buckled the wide leather cuffs around them as he presented them to her, and linked them together. “Stand, love.”

Jesse stood, well practiced in moving without his hands. Her eyes ran over him until she finally drew a deep breath and brought herself back to her plans for the evening. The small smile twitching the corner of his lips caught her eye. He was enjoying her eyes on him. Brat. She smiled to herself and reached out one finger to tip his head up, and looked in his eyes. Then she kissed him, slowly, thoroughly. Her hand slid back into his hair and gripped him by it and she held him to the kiss until she felt his mouth was entirely hers. He moaned softly as she finally released his lips and stepped back.

“Jesse, do you submit to me?” Roni asked him formally, eyes on his.

“Yes Mistress.” She watched goosebumps travel down his bare arms.

“Jesse, do you wish me to use your body as I choose?”

“Yes Mistress.” His voice was tight, breath rapid as he answered her.

“Jesse, do you remember üvey kız kardeş porno your safe word?”

“Yes Mistress. It is starlight.” Jesse had never yet used it. Roni wondered if he would tonight. Probably not, but one day she would push him that far.

“Come here, love, and sit on the table.” She brought the box over and set it down while he worked himself onto the table. It was a rather amusing process with no hands, and Roni watched as he hip walked himself back. Finally he sat securely next to her, and she smiled at him, then opened the wooden case. She watched as he caught his breath at the sight.

The three knives nestled in the velvet lining of the box. All three were leaf shaped, with hilts carved in leaf wrapped stems cupping the base of the blades. The center one was long, the blade wide, larger than Jesse’s hand, the hilt also long, the carvings subtly arranged to fit the hand and assure a precise grip. The double bladed steel shimmered in the light, the marks of its folding like flowing water. The next knife, snuggled to one side, was very narrow, with a fine point. The third was about 3 inches long, an inch wide, and double bladed, like the first two. It was an unusual set, designed to her specifications, and made beautiful by the art of their maker.

Roni enjoyed the look on Jesse’s face for a moment as he stared at the shimmering steel. “Lay down, Jesse, on your belly please.”

He stretched out, eyes remaining on the knives as long as he could. Roni strapped his wrists and ankles down in the attached leather shackles, then threaded a leather belt up through slots in the table and strapped his hips down as well. His body was tense, even his breathing sounded tight, and she ran her hand firmly over him as she walked around the table. “Easy love. You know you’ll enjoy this. You trust me, I know you do. You’ve proven it over and over. Relax Jesse. You look so lovely.” She murmured to him and touched him until she felt him slowly ease into the table, his breathing steady.

She changed her touch and let her short nails drag lightly over him. He sighed. She walked around the table counter-clockwise and let him focus on her touch. “Very good, Jesse, very good. This will be very nice. You’re doing fine.”

She picked up the largest knife, and ran the cool metal down his skin, just caressing him with the smooth steel, letting him feel it. He tensed again, then slowly relaxed as she walked around him. “Good boy, that’s it.” Roni loved his reactions, loved pulling them from him. She knew Jesse was enjoying the little thrills of fear, feeling the sharp blade on his skin. She paused at his side and lifted the blade, to draw the tip lightly down the length of his spine, watching him try to arch against the hip belt as she did.

His back muscles flexed beautifully and she ran her hand down them. Her touch soothed him back down. It was time to begin warming him, and Roni smiled as she gripped the long hilt carefully. She judged the angle of the blade and exactly how the knife fit in her hand at that angle, made sure it wouldn’t slip without her noticing.

She smacked it down on his back, making him jump, letting the rebound take it safely away from his skin. Roni began using it as a paddle, working her way down his back, over the rise of his ass, down his thigh. Soft slaps, barely enough to sting, in a steady regular rhythm as she walked around him. He moaned slightly and laid very still as she made the first circuit. She started around again. This time she slapped harder and watched his pale skin turn pink. Jesse always pinked up so nicely, and the weight of the steel paddle worked well. She slapped it down the same line as before, preparing the skin all down one side and up the other.

Once more Roni circled him. She slapped harder now and he flinched now and then, little noises as the blade smacked down in sensitive areas that were already tender. She paused and smiled as she looked down his body. There was a lovely streak, palm wide, from the shoulder to the calf on each side of his body. She bent and kissed his cheek, his shoulder. She enjoyed the warmth of his skin and his taste on her lips.

She started again, still with the large blade, and set the edge against his skin at a backward angle and scraped, lightly abraded his already pink skin. She drew the sharp edge of the blade down his body. Jesse tensed slowly at the prolonged traveling contact. His hips tried to strain up, his body wanted to curl as the blade burned down his skin. “Oooh, Mistress…” Roni was glad of the hip belt as he moaned. She kept the blade moving, made sure he didn’t manage to buck back against the edge and cut.

Around again, slightly lower, she scraped the rest of the xnxx porno pink stripe. She enjoyed the sight of the broad red path glowing down both sides of his body. He moaned and moved his hips, arms tense in the restraints. Roni ran her hand down his skin, feeling the heat in it as she set aside the large blade.

“Something different now love. Are you ready?” She murmured into Jesse’s ear and kissed it lightly, nuzzling his neck.

Jesse drew in a deep breath, and another. His body slowly relaxed as he adjusted to the burn down his back. Finally she heard his voice. “Yes Mistress. I’m ready.” Roni smiled and stroked the top of his shoulder softly before she reached for another blade. The long thin one fit in her hand just as nicely as the first had, but she switched grips until she held it like a pen. She took a deep breath herself, ordered things in her mind, then set the tip to his shoulder.

She began writing. The sharp fine tip of the blade left white streaks in his red skin that almost instantly raised into welts. Jesse gasped and writhed in the restraints as she moved down his back. She wrote in smooth arcing letters. She lifted the knife and slapped his ass firmly. “Jesse. You must lay still. Tense and pull with those parts of your body that I’m not working on if you must, but where the knife is must be still.”

He gasped, his breath hard as he slowly relaxed down to the table before answering. “Yes Mistress. It’s so intense, so sharp…yes Mistress.”

Roni smiled and set the point of the knife back where she had left off, paused a moment to read what she had already written, and began again. The point of the blade slid along his skin, the script varying a bit as the angle changed. She paused as she finished a line and gave him a moment to breath, then lowered the point to his skin and continued to write along the length of his body. She used the upper half of the red path she had prepared and worked down, then back up the other side in slow careful stages.

Jesse was panting by the time she reaches his shoulders again. The sharp, consistent pain of the blade moving on his skin was hard to ignore as it moved. She took a moment to stroke his shoulders and lean down to kiss his neck as she moved around the head of the table. Then she started again. The second round she scored into the lower half of her reddened canvas, the knife moving more smoothly as she grew accustomed to the touch required. Roni paused after each line and admired the welts risen from the first time around. She ran her hand lightly over it and enjoyed the heat and texture of the risen skin. Jesse moaned, his body moving, pulling against the belts, but he managed to direct the motion to areas she wasn’t working on. Roni smiled as she watched him. She loved his responsiveness.

The knife moved again as she worked her way around his body. The words were engraved in his skin in a bas relief of red, bright against the pale background of his lovely body. Finally it was done and Roni smiled as she ran her fingers along the letters. She walked around him and read it over. Jesse’s skin twitched under her and he whimpered quietly, the light touch must feel like fire on the welts.

Roni took a soft cloth and some soothing oil and smoothed it along her project. She felt Jesse relax slowly under the touch. Then she unbuckled the restraints, one by one.

“Roll over Jesse.” She watched as the words slowly penetrated and he responded. He winced a bit as his back rubbed then settled against the table. She placed his wrists and ankles back in the restraints and fastened them. Then she picked up the third blade.

Roni smiled and let her eyes wander over him. She loved looking at Jesse, loved to touch him, to make him respond to her. She loved the look in his eyes when it got intense for him. She began idly running the blade over him, following her eyes and fingers, tracing the lines of his body. He moaned, a different sound, one more of pleasure. She slowly worked her way closer to his groin. Finally she began very lightly tracing the blade around his balls, up and down his cock, caressing him with it. Jesse tensed, then his hips relaxed a bit and he trembled as his cock twitched and swelled, the blade softly sweeping up and down the shaft.

He moaned again, and Roni smiled. She was feeling her own desire rising, knowing she was very wet after indulging herself on his skin. She pulled her knee up to the table and climbed up, straddling his hips. Jesse’s eyes opened and he smiled up at her. Roni slid the blade under her silk panties and sliced them off and he grinned. Then his eyes rolled up again as she slid herself along his length, her wetness coated him and she moaned slightly herself at the feel of him sliding between zenci porno her lips.

Roni rose up and slipped him inside her. Her eyes closed as she savored the feeling of him gliding deep, stretching her open. She sat down on him and took him fully inside. Then she began running the knife along his ribs. She liked playing with his nipples, the sharp point denting them in, the edge gently abrading as she flicked them. She left fine white lines down his chest and around his belly with the tip. He moaned, eyes open as he watched her. She shifted her hips and began to rock them on him. She didn’t lift, just rolled over him, made his cock move inside her. She ground her clit down on him and felt her breathing speed up.

“Oh, Mistress, that’s so good.” He pulled at the restraints, his hips tried to lift under her, his eyes were wide as he strained. Roni moved on him, rode him slowly, pulled her pleasure from him as the heat built in her groin. The knife tip bit slightly, reminding him to watch his movements.

She watched his face. “Do you like this, Jesse?”

“Oh yes Mistress, you know I do.” He panted and his belly quivered under the blade.

“You like my new toys?” Roni loved making him answer her, making him tell her what she did to him.

“Fuck yes Mistress, oh please Mistress don’t stop!” Jesse moaned, his eyes rolled up again as she moved on him and traced the knife along his collar bones.

“Do you want to cum, Jesse?”

He whimpered. “Yes Mistress, please…”

“How bad, Jesse? How bad do you want to cum?”

“Oh fuck please Mistress let me cum, please, please I need to cum.” His head rolled on the table, his hips jerked and quivered under her.

“Do you want me to cut you, Jesse?”

His eyes flew open and he stared at her, suddenly still. He licked his lips and sucked in a shuddering breath. “Yy-yess, Mistress. Please.”

Roni smiled down at him, tracing the tip of the knife in figure eights around his nipples. “Ask me, Jesse.”

“P-please Mistress,” he moaned and his head rolled back as she moved on him. “P-please cut me.” He was whispering, but she heard him.

“Jesse. Are you listening to me?” She watched his face until he looked at her again and answered. “When I cut you, you can cum. Do you understand?”

“Yyess Mistress. P-please cut me Mistress. Please…” he moaned and she watched his face as his control slipped again and his eyes rolled back. Gods she loved watching him.

She moved faster on him, her own eyes closed as she sought her pleasure. The knife laid flat on his chest, her palm over it. She felt herself nearing her peak and drove herself down on him, held him tight inside as he moaned, his hands fisted tight as he fought for control.

Roni arched back and groaned, and slammed him deep once more, twice, again. Then she looked down at him and picked up the knife. She tapped his rib below his right nipple with the hilt until his eyes opened and he looked up at her. Jesse’s gaze was wild, breath harsh and rasping, his whole body shaking as he held himself back. Roni turned the knife in her hand, her eyes locked on his, and rose up on his cock as she slowly drew the blade across his skin under his right nipple, letting the weight of the blade and the sharp edge bite very shallowly into his skin.

Jesse’s back arched and he cried out and came inside of her as the bright bead of blood welled up and rolled down his side. Roni set the blade aside and rode him hard through his orgasm. Their moans wound together until she collapsed on top of him and held him. Their breathing ran together. He shuddered under her and she shook with him as the aftershocks rolled through them both. Slowly she reached up and released his wrists. He wrapped his arms around her as they rested.

Eventually Roni rose and let herself down from the table. She released his ankles and helped him to sit up. She stroked his face and kissed him softly. “You were wonderful, Jesse. Are you ok, my love?”

“Yes Mistress, I feel very good.” He smiled. “You always make me feel so good Mistress.”

She hugged him tight and held him for a bit. Her hand softly stroked his back. He winced slightly as her hand brushed the welts there, and she moved to stroke along his spine, smiling. Then she stepped back and looked at the blood smeared between them. The small cut had already stopped bleeding, but should be cleaned. “I think we need a shower, love. Do you think you can get the towels and start the water?”

Jesse smiled and slid down from the table carefully. “Yes Mistress, I’m fine.”

“Good love. I will be right behind you, as soon as I put these away. I want to wash your back and that cut before we rest.” Roni smiled and watched him walk toward the door. Her eyes traced what she had scribed into his back:

My touch takes your breath and the air leaves me.
Your skin flames under my hands and mine skin burns.
Your heart races to my demand and mine aches with the feel of you.
You are held in my bonds and I am held by your soul in my hands.

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